BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #185 – The Christmas issue – Top 10 Holiday Musts!

Boytoons Magazine #185 cover

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s that time of year again.  Man, it came fast this year!  I guess it always does, but somehow, the Holiday Season always manages to sneak up on me.  Go fig!   Well, what would this time of year be like without the annual BOYTOONS MAGAZINE Christmas issue?  God only knows!  Why, the world might implode without it, I tells ya!  LOL!

So here we go, boys and girls.  I hope you’ve all been extra special naughty and nice this year, ‘cause this years’ list is simply stuffed with fabulous goodies – -in no particular order as always!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. #1 - The 2010 Fanboys of the Universe Calendar.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. #1 - The 2010 Fanboys of the Universe Calendar.

#1 – The Fanboys of the Universe 2010 Calendar.

Folks, I have to tell you, there is simply nothing sexier than a studly comicbook fanboy lying nekkid on a bed of Marvel and DC comics! Oh man… you feel that?  Them’s your knees getting’ weak! LOL! You wanna have a great 2010? Then pick up your very own copy of the “Fanboys of the Universe 2010 Calendar”. You can get yours from the Fanboys of the Universe website (which I love by the way!) and drool over these hunky hotties every single day of the new year!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Sauna Slumber", the new Manga by Humbuged.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Sauna Slumber", the new Manga by Humbuged.

#2 – “Sauna Slumber” by Humbugged

God knows, I have been longing for this day since I first laid eyes on Humbuged’s incredibly sexy artwork.  Finally, Hummy’s treating us to a Manga starring the all-too-delicious Keric.  “Sauna Slumber” is available for download via the StudioRai29 website, and it’s print-ready.

While Keric tries to relax in a sauna, a mystery man comes in and gives him an intense orgasm.  Do you really wanna miss this?  I got it.  It’s AWESOME!  Get yours today Humbuged fans!!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. The Anti - Heroes Deck of Cards.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. The Anti - Heroes Deck of Cards.

#3 – A deck of dicks – The Anti-Heroes playing cards.

Folks, if you’re into playing Strip Poker, or any other naughty card game, this deck of cards is for you.  Created by JC Etheredge, the official Anti-Heroes deck of 54 playing cards is nothing short of awesome.  These cards are beautifully printed, and each one features an incredibly hung hunk hornilly drawn by JC.  This deck of dicks makes a fabulous stocking stuffer… and trust me when I tell you it’s the best fun you’ll ever have playing Dirty Clubs!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Tori Amos "Midwinter Graces"

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Tori Amos "Midwinter Graces"

#4 – Winter Graces by Tori Amos.

What would the Holiday Season be without a soundtrack?  This year, I choose the lovely and wildly talented Tori Amos and her beautiful new Holiday album “Midwinter Graces” to keep me company while I take a page from Mrs. Claus’ book and wrap presents and bake gingerbread cookies! LOL!  Tori may be a little out there, but only in the very best ways.  Her voice is exquisite and her music is enchanting.

This collection of Holiday songs, some originals, some reimaginings of old classics, puts a terrific new spin on Christmas Carols, and welcomingly freshen up the holiday repertoire.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Sworn #1" by C.J. Evans and Silvano.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Sworn #1" by C.J. Evans and Silvano.

#5 – Sworn #1

Okay.  Maybe I’m tacky, I dunno!  I mean, I know that Sworn #1 is a Class Comics title!   And maybe it’s crass for me to plug one of my company’s books in this issue, but seriously folks, if you have not tried this fantastic comic… well… shame on you!

This comic is brilliantly written and illustrated by the creative duo of CJ Evans and Silvano and it’s one of my fave Class titles to come out this year.  It follows the adventures of Calais and Slammer, two sexy young super-powered dudes who fall in love.  Trouble is, they’re sworn enemies.  Sworn #1 is steamy, sexy and beautiful… and makes a fantastic gift for that special someone in your life.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season One on DVD.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season One on DVD.

#6 – The Clone Wars – the complete first season on DVD.

Oh Hells yes!  This right here has made my Holidays!  LOL!  You know I am a Star Wars nut, and I have happily embraced the Clone Wars series.  The animation is simply amazing.  Everything is rendered with such love and attention… you can’t help but admire every scene.  The stories are usually quite fun, and the Clone Wars Season 1 manages to deliver excitement and character development in a way that frankly, the prequels never could.  If you’re like me and have always wanted to see secondary characters like Kit Fisto, Plo Koon and Luminara Unduli in action, you’re gonna love this.

Also the behind the scenes specials are awesome.  You can really tell that the creators of the show love what they are doing, and love to share that with you.

My only criticism… WHERE THE HELL IS SHAAK TI?!?! Ah well, thank GOD for Ahsoka!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Under the Dome" by Stephen King.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. "Under the Dome" by Stephen King.

#7 – Under the Dome by Stephen King.

Okay.  So it weighs a ton.  But it’s a brilliant read.  Why does King Rock so much?  Simple.  He’s not a pretentious asshole.  He’s a regular Joe who writes for us regular Joes, and that’s part of why I absolutely adore him.

“Under the Dome”
(which incidentally, King started working on several years before the Dome in the Simpsons movie ever happened) is full of characters you would never want to be trapped anywhere for too long with.  From country bumpkins to corrupt councilmen, the little town of Chester’s Mill, Maine is trapped under a mysterious invisible barrier.  What happens when food starts to run out?  What happens when generators give out?  It ain’t pretty I can tell you that.  This book may be a work of fiction, but it’s also a fascinating glimpse into the human psyche… and a riveting thriller that’s been my big page-turner this Holiday Season.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. GLEE!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. GLEE!

#8 – Glee Season 1, Volume 1 Road to Sectionals.

Yes. You will have to wait for December 29th to get your hands on this Season’s most addictive new show on DVD… and normally I loather half season DVD sets… but for the gem that is Glee, I will whole-heartedly make an exception.  I F?*%ING love this little show.  It’s wonderfully acted, and the music will make you want to jump onto your couch and sing along!  It’s so much fun, and so very nothing like real life in any way shape or form, that you simply can’t help but get pulled in!  While you’re at it, check out the awesome soundtracks.  Volume One and Volume Two are out right now!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. The Tom Of Finland Comics Collection.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. The Tom Of Finland Comics Collection.

#9 – Tom of Finland: The Comic Collection

Oh Tom, how I love you so.  You know, Tom of Finland is STILL the ultimate master of Gay Erotic Comics, and this fantastic collection of Tom’s Comics is truly a must-have for any creator of the genre.  Tom’s guys were so effortlessly sexy and masculine, and though his comics weren’t necessarily on-going story lines, they are nevertheless extremely engrossing.

Each of five 192-page volumes features eight or more complete stories, including all twenty-six episodes of Kake, Tom`s infamous ultimate leatherman. For boys and girls who like boys who like sexy male art, this attractive package is not to be missed.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Boytoon Adventures #1.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE top 10 Holiday Musts. Boytoon Adventures #1.

#10 – Boytoon Adventures #1

Now I know I am truly tacky! LOL!  This is the second Class Comics title I’ve plugged this season… but folks, seriously – and I am not trying to toot my own horn here, but this book is a must.  I only say this because I am extremely proud of it.  Boytoon Adventures #1 is like nothing I’ve ever drawn before, AND to date, even the readers who were skeptical about it but tried it anyway have all been totally thrilled with it. So if you haven’t gotten yourself a copy yet, be sure to do so.  You might be surprised to discover a book that not only turns you on, but really pulls at your heart strings!   Plus, it’s a very attractive book.  Trust me… It makes a lovely XXXmas gift!

So there you have it, my friends.  My TOP 10 HOLIDAY MUSTS for 2009! I want to wish you and yours all the best the Season has to offer.  I leave you with this naughty Deimos Holiday Wallpaper, my special XXXmas present to you all. I dunno, Gnomes seemed festive to me this year (you can thank IKEA for that!!).  HA! HA! HA! Regardless, big, sexy, naked, hairy-chested Deimos is enjoying them!  He’s actually smiling for once!  LOL!

Have a safe and fabulous Holiday Season folks, and I’ll see you again here very shortly!

Loads of luv to you all,
Patrick XOXO

Happy Holidays Deimos Wallpaper - 1280 X 1024

Happy Holidays Deimos Wallpaper - 1280 X 1024 (Standard Screen)

Happy Holidays Deimos Wallpaper - 1680 X 1050 (Widescreen)

Happy Holidays Deimos Wallpaper - 1680 X 1050 (Widescreen)

Sworn, Boytoon Adventures and all other Class Comics characters are © Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
Keric, Sauna Slumber © Copyright & TM 2009, Humbugged.  All rights reserved.
Anti-Heroes © Copyright & TM 2009, JC Etheredge.  All rights reserved.
All other copyrights held by respective owners and creators.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #167 – Porky #3 is coming to Class Comics!


Hiya Gang!

Okay, can I tell you how jazzed I am about Porky #3? And not just as the publisher, either…!  First and foremost, I am a HUGE fan of Logan and his work, and the Porky series has really turned into an incredibly engrossing super raunchy, intelligently intricate super hero drama.


A lot of stuff is explained in Porky #3 – which goes to press this week along with Sworn #1!!! We learn a little bit more about the evil Controller and what his plans for Porky and his family tree.  Boy, it sucks to be you if you’re part of this little clan of white trashers!

Logan expertly ties events from issue #1 and #2 back to the plot of issue #3, and Porky’s transformation into a super-muscled, super powered being is revealed.


Porky’s dad, Bruce is finally released from Prison… but he soon wishes he’d stayed there!  The poor guy just can’t get a break, and no sooner is he out and about that he falls into the clutches of the Controller.

Meanwhile, Porky’s delicious uncle, Mark has an unfortunate confrontation with that shitty red-neck bastard cop, Mc Cormick.  To say it goes badly for Mark is the understatement of the year!!!


I don’t want to give too much away, but lemme just say I barely touched the tip of the iceberg.  This issue is the tightest and the most exciting in the series so far.  It’s also the most sex-packed, and holy crap, is the sex ever insanely hot!!! He has filled this book with steamy man-sex, and has also expertly managed to weave a brilliant story.  This is a testament to Logan’s talent!


In honor of the release of Porky #3, the team and I have created an official Porky: the series mini site.  As with all our other mini sites, you’ll find a ton of character info, some great goodies, and best of all, a raunchy 5-page preview of Porky #3.  You guys get to see the mini site ahead of anyone else, since we haven’t yet launched it officially.


Now I have some very important news to share with all of you, and this directly impacts Porky #3 and Sworn #1.  Class Comics wants to show our fans our appreciation and help everyone out in these hard times of economic crisis… so we have SLASHED the cover price on these two books from $9.00 to $7.99!!! It’s our way of saying thanks for being devoted fans!  So be sure to quench your Porky fever by snapping this one up, and give Sworn a try while you’re at it.  It’s a terrific new series!

In closing, I want to tell you that Logan has officially launched the latest version of his amazing artist site, so be sure to check it out.  The man is not only supremely talented, but he’s also incredibly prolific, and the site is packed with tons and tons of great goodies and eye candy!


So stay tooned, folks, ‘cause I’ll be letting you know the minute Porky #3 and Sworn #1 go on sale!  Plus, coming up I’ll be talking about more wicked new titles from Class, such as greatly anticipated The Initiation #2, Captain Eclipse #1, Space Cadet #1  and Crash Course #1, to name just a few. See ya then!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Porky © Copyright 2009, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.
Created by Logan. © Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #166 – Sworn is coming to Class Comics!


Good morning my friends…

A few issues ago, I promised I’d start posting about the exciting new titles that are coming out from Class Comics this year, and I thought I’d kick things off with the next two titles we’ll be releasing: Porky #3 (more on this book next issue!) and Sworn #1.

Let me introduce you to the world of SWORN.

Written by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano, Sworn is the epic, homo-erotic saga of CALAIS and SLAMMER, sworn enemies who have fallen in love with one another.  They must keep their love affair a secret from their respective teams and families at all costs.


Calais is a member of the super hero group called the SAVIORS.  The Saviors are led by ARGONAUT, Calais’ father.

Slammer is a member of the super villain team known as the ULTIMEN.  The Ultimen are lead by Slammer’s father, the evil FRAC.

The Saviors and the Ultimen are bitter enemies and engaged in ongoing battle.  The idea that members of each team might feel compassion for one another is unheard of… until now.

Calais realizes that there is more to Slammer than crime, and that beneath the tough-guy exterior lies a heart that is aching to be loved and accepted.  After a heated battle, both young men end up entangled in one another’s arms.  The sex is amazing and electric, and the sparks fly. But what of the consequences of this act?  How long can they keep their relationship secret?


SWORN is a series that melds exciting superhero adventure with fantastically hot sex scenes and erotica.  These characters are as compelling as they are attractive.

The first issue is heading to press really soon, and I want to tell you why I am personally so very excited about this comic.  I think this book is the perfect blending of the superhero comic and gay erotic comic genres.  Finally, this is the kind of title I LONGED for when I was growing up, discovering that I was gay.  It’s a great superhero comic that has complex gay characters that are believable and that you can relate to on several levels. This book accomplishes what the mainstream superhero comic producers have yet to manage.  It gives you the action comic you crave with the kind of gay characters you have always dreamed of seeing included in comics.


And then there’s the oh-so incredibly, intensely hot sex.  For Calais, having sex with Slammer is his first time having gay sex ever… and wow.  You really feel his excitement, his nerves, and his overall joy at finally expressing what’s been inside him for so long.

I have to commend C.J. Evans for creating such brilliantly written characters.  The man knows what he’s doing.  And Silvano brings each and every one of them to such incredibly beautiful life!  Each character has his own unique look, and the costumes and designs in this series are stellar!  This series is off to a terrific start and promises to be an amazing title.


If you wanna know more about Sworn and its cast of characters, check out THE OFFICIAL SWORN MINI SITE.  We’ve just completed it and it has a ton of previews, info and even some cool freebies!

Next issue I’ll talk about the title that will be released at the same time as Sworn #1, the highly anticipated and deliciously raunchy Porky #3.  You guys are in for a DOUBLE WHAMMY of a treat!

Enjoy Sworn’s mini site, and I’ll keep you posted on official release dates!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Sworm © Copyright 2009, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.
Sworn created by C.J. Evans and Silvano. © Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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