BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #139 – The Art of Iceman!

It can be tricky for an artist to make a living with their art these days – ESPECIALLY when one draws homo erotic art.  Often artists start out by offering their works up to the public for free.  It helps to build ones’ name and general awareness of ones’ art.  Over time however, as experience is acquired and knowledge of the business side of things is picked up, artists can find ways to make their art more lucrative.

Artists have to eat too. ;)

I’ve known Iceman for a very long time.  I’ve witnessed his evolution as an artist, delighted in his raunchy creations and enjoyed his highly creative scenarios.  It’s been a real joy seeing him come into his own and arrive at where he is today.  With the launch of his new website, Iceman offers fans an opportunity to see what he is truly capable of.  You’ve only to enter his wonderful member’s section to find out.

Yes, this new section is a pay section, but it’s money well spent. What it has going for it on top of Iceman’s wicked illustrations and comics is a creator who is exceptionally prolific.  That means the updates are regular, and just keep getting better and better.

One of the things I enjoy most about the new section is a chance to finally see some of Iceman’s own characters in action.  Iceman is well known for his slash art – those naughty depictions of the Marvel and DC Comics boys to name just a few – but as long as I have known him, I have longed to see what characters he could dream up.  I must say, I am not disappointed at what Iceman has conjured up!

Midnightman, Samson and Apollos are just 3 of his sexy characters that seem more than happy to bend over and shoot their huge loads for our enjoyment.  These characters are all quite different in flavor, but I have to say my favorite so far is the delicious Apollos.  This gorgeous blonde Boytoon speeds around on his wicked-cool air-cycle thingy and does King Levites’ bidding, fighting in the name of truth and love.  Oh yeah — Also, he fucks anything with a pulse.

The bi-sexual elements of the Apollos strip only serve to enhance the main character’s masculine beauty and sensuality.  He is a warrior, yes – but he is also very much a pleasure toy.  Apollos is a perfect balance of the hero and the lover, and this results in highly sexually charged adventures, let me tell you.

Iceman is a wonderful artist and he is also proving himself a very capable writer.  His scenarios are fun and make you want to know what happens next with the turn of every page.

On top of all the web comics, you will enjoy several pin-ups and very naughty games.  I guarantee Midnightman’s ass won’t be quite the same by the time you are done with him – Heh! Heh! Heh!

But fans who do not want to sign up for the new pay section need not despair.  Iceman’s freebies are no less raunchy.  In fact, his freebie section is populated by some of his best Slash and Fan Art.  It’s only his original material that you have to pay to access.

Iceman was kind enough to draw up 2 stunning Zahn illustrations to accompany this issue’s article, and I just love his take on my sexy gay barbarian.  These 2 beautiful illustrations are a fine example of how much this talented and creative artist has to offer. I encourage you to check out his website and dive into the very cool world of the one and only Iceman.

Apollo, King Levites, Midnightman, © Copyright 2008, Iceman. All rights reserved.

Zahn © Copyright 2008 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Justice League characters Copyright © and TM 2008, DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

All artwork © 2008 Copyright Iceman.  All rights reserved.

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