BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #144 – Planet Gay XXX Press #1 is here!

Well Gang, if you like your comics and comic book heroes Gay, and I mean really, REALLY Gay, then you’ll love the topic of this issue!

I am of course referring to a brilliant new comic filled with completely queer, hard heroes with hard cocks and an insatiable appetite for man sex: enter Gravity Faggot’s “Planet Gay XXX Press #1.

Mark Padilla, Johnny Nolen and Diego Gomez are Team Fag, the creators of this outrageously sexy new comic book which features 3 wicked short stories that are guaranteed to get a major rise out of you.  The action takes place on Planet Gay, the sort of place we all wish we could at the very least vacation in (just don’t fall in love with the Robo Daddy unit in your Hotel room!  More on that later!).

The book opens with Silver Fox and Ferret, a dynamic duo with a penchant for fighting crime in costumes that make Naked Justice look overdressed!  These heroes fight for peace in the great city of Queeropolis, and evidently, no evil escapes their lusty grasp!

Silver Fox and Ferret fill the hairy, uncut superhero quotient of the book, and are more than a match for any baddie that should come their way (or pee in their laps!).  In this issue they battle the clearly very nasty Headhunter, who brazenly declares that “Hero Hunting Season is now officially open” after roping up poor Ferret.  With this sexy sidekick out of the way, he’s free to try and Mount Silver Fox.  But that is easier said than done.

The second story in the book features Boaris the Sex Hog.  Apparently, in space no one can hear you squeal!  This story is really going to appeal to the Furry enthusiasts.  It’s populated by characters that will definitely bring the animal out in you.  Seems Boaris is a bounty hunter of sorts, and this time he has his eyes set on a muscular rhino man with an ass just does not quit.

As hot as the first two offerings are, my favorite story in this first issue is the last one in the book.  “Love Machine” features the amazing Robo Daddy, a machine definitely built for major pleasure giving! At the Dingleberry Asylum, poor Gregory Tightbottom is being wrongly institutionalized and rightly groped in every possible way by the horny orderlies. Why is he there in the first place?  Seems Gregory believes that a pleasure machine, the Robo Daddy Unit 31707 has fallen in love with him.  But of course, this is impossible!  Robo Daddy is just a machine – right?

Poor Gregory in nipple deep in trouble!  He holds on to hope that his beloved Robo Daddy will come and rescue him before he can be subjected to extensive psychological reprogramming.  But the outcome of this saucy little tale will have to wait until Planet Gay XXX Press #2!

This title is so much fun, with gorgeous art laced with humor and sex appeal.  The writing is hilarious and very sexy and the book itself is beautifully produced. I for one look forward to seeing what Team Fag will come up with next.  As you all know, I love comics and comic characters, and I love the idea of mixing comics with sex.  It should be pretty damn cool to discover more about Gravity Faggots’ cast of characters and to see where future adventures will take them.

So check out the official Gravity Faggot website to get your copy of Planet Gay XXX Press #1 and see what else Team Fag has in the works!  And for you good folks who love merchandise, you’ll be happy to know that the website has a great shop in which you can find awesome stuff like clothing and other fun apparel.  My only complaint is that their shop doesn’t sell any Robo Daddies!  LOL!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork and characters © Copyright 2008 F Productions LLC.  All rights reserved.

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