BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #174 – The Art of Nicolas Brunet


Hello my friends…

If you’re like me and you can appreciate quantity as well as quality, then you’re gonna love this issue of Boytoons Magazine because it features the exquisite art of Nicolas Brunet.

I received an email form this extremely talented artist just before going off on my summer vacation, and I was floored when I checked out his Blog. The amount of work he has posted there is truly impressive – again, both in quality and quantity.  This is an exceptionally prolific creator.  You can literally spend hours browsing through the material he has posted.


Nicolas’s art style and technique varies, and he plays effortlessly with several looks and approaches.  He does stand alone imagery, sometimes original imaginings, sometimes portraits of porn stars.  He also creates his own comic stories and characters, such as the horny hunks of “Straight to…” or the enigmatic Blake Whitworth. His earlier works show a penchant towards the world of Yaoi and Manga.  Again it’s impressive to me how multi-faceted this artist’ style is.


Comics are just one of the many cool treats you’ll feast your eyes on over at his Blog.  Some are in French, some are in English.  Some are black and white and others are in color, but clearly this is a story teller with a strong sense of visual aesthetic and direction who is bubbling with fresh ideas to recount.


Nicolas’ stand alone artwork  is elegant and striking with a hint of photo realism.  The colors are chosen very carefully, and the mood of the pieces is bang on and always sexy!  Plus, he seems quite comfortable working digitally and traditionally.  Some of his artwork is hand painted and very lovely.

Two weeks ago, I was sad that I didn’t get the chance to Blog about Nicolas’ artwork before taking off for a much needed summer break.  But I came home to an incredibly beautiful gift from him.  Check out this completely breathtaking rendition of Camili-Cat he created for me.  It is simply superb.


So in essence, the timing of this issue is perfect because I can now show off Nicolas’ extremely thoughtful gift at the same time as I introduce you to his vast talent.  Keep a close eye on this creator and be sure to add the Art of Nicolas Brunet to your faves folder and visit often, boys and girls.  This artist’s future is very bright!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork are © Copyright 2009, Nicolas Brunet.  All rights reserved.
Camili-Cat © Copyright & TM Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

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