Leon de Leon Strikes Again: Enter NAKED JUSTICE!

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE!

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE!

Hi Gang…

Like the title says, Leon de Leon strikes again.  This time, he serves up his beautiful take on Class Comics’ hot and hung red-haired hero, NAKED JUSTICE.  And what a STUNNING take it is.

I just adore Leon’s art ( he also goes by the name Urbanmusiq, and you can see more of his fantastic creations over here!) and he has truly done Naked justice… err, well great JUSTICE.  HA! HA! HA!  This time, Leon sent me a step by step and a cool half pencil half final image, along with the completed piece.  I also thought it would be nice to give you a detail shot of NJ’s gorgeous mug.

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Step by Step.

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Step by Step.

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Half and half!

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Half and half!

So there you have it, folks.  Another supremely sexy piece of male erotic art by a superbly talented artist.  Be sure to give Leon some well deserved love.  And ah yes — over the weekend I will be getting to all the previous comments you’ve recently left.  To say it’s been busy here, especially with the release of Boytoon Adventures #1 would be a HUGE understatement.  LOL!

Big Hugz + kisses to you all, and HUGE thanks to you Leon for this beautiful gift!

Smooches, Patrick XOXO

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Detail shot.

Leon de Leon/Urbanmusiq's take on Class Comics' NAKED JUSTICE! Detail shot.

Naked Justice © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Naked Justice Fan art created by Urbanmusiq.  © Copyright 2009, all rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #179 – The Amazing Kingdom of Dinosaurprince!

Boytoons Magazine #179 cover

My friends, allow me to direct your attention to the amazing kingdom of Dinosaurprince, where virtually dozens of incredibly sexy Boytoons dwell.

For those of you not yet familiar with Dinosaurprince’s Kingdom, let me fill you in a little.  Dinosaurprince is what I call, a true “Patron of the male erotic arts”.  He is unrelenting in his support of established AND emerging artists of gay male erotica, and has commissioned what by now is probably hundreds of illustrations.

The subject of these commissioned pieces range from characters from the Class Comics universe (which you know I love!!) such as Naked Justice, Space Cadet, Zahn and Cam, to characters of pop culture fame.  Think of Disney hunks, video game heroes, and Saturday morning cartoon protagonists.  Also featured are his own original character creations.

Indeed, while Dinosaurprince loves to serve up his naughty visions of Darkstalkers characters (he simply LOVES Rikuo!), he also has a real talent for creating OCs that are unique and very fresh.

A nude Rikuo, commissioned by Dinosaurprince. Lines by Sakuseii. Colors by Aneros.

A nude Rikuo, commissioned by Dinosaurprince. Lines by Sakuseii. Colors by Aneros.

I am of course referring to his incredibly hawt prehistoric boys.  My personal fave, Dimata, is featured on today’s cover, drawn by the monstrously talented Ink B/Adonix!  But Dimata is only one of the many hunks that Dinosaurprince has dreamed up.  They populate his Kingdom with unabashed sensuality and are brought to life by a number of artists with which Dinosaurprince frequently collaborates.

Hercules and Tarzan, commissioned by Dinosaurprince, illustrated by Neo123.

Hercules and Tarzan, commissioned by Dinosaurprince, illustrated by Neo123.

My interest in Dinosaurprince’s Kingdom is twofold.  Obviously, I love seeing the gorgeous artwork he commissions.  I love discovering his original characters through the images he envisions and has translated to paper by these very talented artists.

But what I appreciate most about Dinosaurprince is that he constantly encourages the gay erotic arts community by commissioning up and coming artists and helping them find their artistic voice.  He doesn’t just pay artists to draw his visions, he makes them realize that their art is worthwhile and exciting on a number of levels.  That’s worth more than any fee!

Naked Justice VS He-Storm. Image commissioned by Dinosaurprince.  Art by Neo123.

Naked Justice VS He-Storm. Image commissioned by Dinosaurprince. Art by Neo123.

He is a positive voice in a community whose emerging artists need reassurance that their work has a purpose and a place on the arts scene.  He helps creators feel worthwhile.  That is extremely important.

Trish Elk, Romer and Smilo enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.  Image by Jacy-J.  All characters are OCs, created by Dinosaurprince.

Trish Elk, Romer and Smilo enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Image by Jacy-J. All characters are OCs, created by Dinosaurprince.

So if you haven’t yet visited Dinosaurprince’s Kingdom, I truly urge you to do so now.  You will discover a multitude of fantastic new characters who are always ready to seduce you.  You’ll very likely uncover new artistic talent that you didn’t even know was out there.  And you will most probably find yourself hooked to a Blog whose owner and operator continues to fill with his wonderfully creative, erotic visions, and positive reinforcement of the validity of gay erotic art.

Hugz + kisses
Patrick XOXO

Artwork by Ink-B/Adonix, Sakuseii, Aneros, Neo123, and Jacy-J.

Dimata, Smilo, Trish Elk, Romer © Copyright and TM 2009, Dinosaurprince.  All Rights Reserved.

Naked Justice © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Storm © Copyright and TM 2009, Marvel Characters Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Rikuo © Copyright and TM 2009, Capcom.  All Rights Reserved.

Hercules and Tarzan © Copyright and TM 2009, Disney.  All Rights Reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #178 – Hotcha does Class Comics!

Boytoons Magazine #178 cover

Hiya Folks…

I’m extremely pleased to tell you that we’ve just posted a HUGE helping of super sexy, totally raunchy Class Comics fan art by the incredible HOTCHA over at the Class Comics website!

Hotcha takes on Deimos, Zahn, and Naked Justice, and really puts Locus through his paces.  He created a wicked Locus mini comic in which our favorite lean, green, sex machine is putty in the gangster Slavva’s hands!

Locus Mini Fan Art Comic, written and illustrated by Hotcha.

Locus Mini Fan Art Comic, written and illustrated by Hotcha.

These images that Hotcha so lovingly created couldn’t have come at a nicer time and has put a HUGE smile on face… and in my pants!  HA! HA! HA!  So Hotcha if you’re reading this, I just wanna say an enormous thank you to ya, buddy!  These absolutely ROCK!!!

Seriously folks, this incredible bounty of amazing fan art has to be seen to be believed!  So head on over to Class Comics and check it out! And for more  Hotcha and his brilliant art, check him out on the Y!Gallery!

Hugz + kisses
Patrick XOXO

Deimos. Locus © Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.



Hello folks…

Today I want to talk to you about a comic that I always intended to release in print, but ended up putting out as a digital edition: “Cube DECOMPILED”.

The Cube series is one of my oldest comic creations, and it’s known many incarnations.  The version most fans are familiar with is “Guardians of the Cube”, which has been in print since 2003 and has seen 5 complete issues.  After such a long while, most of those issues are sold out, and I have decided to steer the series in a very different direction (more on that below!).

Jon Dazy explores Diablo's good side!

Jon Dazy explores Diablo's good side!

[Read more…]

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #160 – Naked Justice: Beginnings #1 is HERE!


Well Gang, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY here!  That’s right folks – NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #1 is here!

I couldn’t be happier about how this book turned out.  I had a great time writing it and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous.  For that we can thank Shemyaza and my good buddy Jacob Mott.  The boys did a terrific job on the visuals and their wonderful artistic styles bring this book to life superbly well.  Meanwhile, my pal Donald MacLean returns to this book to spice up the dialog with his own unique brand of humor.  So it’s crazy funny as well as crazy HAWT!

Now you guys MUST check out the brand new Naked Justice: Beginnings mini site.  Fraser, the team and I worked really hard on this sucker.  The mini site contains the usual mini site goodies like free stuff, a preview of the book, character bios and stuff… but what this one has that will really knock your socks off is the official NJB #1 book animated trailer.


Boys and girls…  Seriously!  If this thing doesn’t make you cream your jeans, I honestly don’t know what will!  LOL!  It’s that fabulous!  Best of all, we’ve provided the code to the Trailer.  That way you can embed it into your own Blogs and sites if you want!

Okay, so you all know how Naked Justice and I have had our differences in the past.  I really needed an NJ project that would improve how I view the character and how I approach him.  I’m pleased to tell ya that this book has done that.  I guess I sort of needed to take the character back to his roots and start to explore him again.  This book has renewed him for me.

Naked Justice: Beginnings is really Felix Himner’s story.  It shows us how he eventually becomes the hero we know as Naked Justice.  But he does have help along the way.  I am of course talking about the UNRIVALLED ALLIANCE.


I loved creating these characters and seeing Jacob’s interpretations of them was a real joy!  They’re sexy, they’re powerful and they’re exactly the sort of folks Felix needs to surround himself with if he’s gonna learn how his powers work.

In any case, I’ll stop blabbing now so that you can head on over to the mini-site, and then over to Class Comics to get your copy! LOL!

And folks, lemme know what you think about the mini-site, the trailer – and OF COURSE, the book itself.  This is a bright new chapter in Naked Justice’s life and I can honestly say that you’re in for a Hell of a ride with this mini-series.  Oooohhh – the things I have planned! Mwah-Ha! Ha!

Huzg + kisses,
Patrick XOXO


Naked Justice, Trip, Size King, Glow Worm, Horsefly, Arctic Owl, the Skelad and all other characters © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #159 – Treasures at the Y!


Hello dear friends…

I hope you have all been well!  I really want to apologize for not posting anything new in such a long time!  As you probably guessed, my work at Class Comics has kept me unusually busy in the past few weeks.  But I am NOT complaining, because the reason I’ve been so busy is… Naked Justice!!!

Yup – everyone’s favorite heroic redhead is really getting the star treatment.  To begin with, his new book, NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #1 is just around the corner.  That’s meant a lot of work preparing for the book, including creating a mini-site for the new series and other cool promo stuff.  Basically, we want this Naked Justice series to do as well as possible, so the team and I have been giving it our all.  I’ll have more on Naked Justice’s new book very soon.


Meanwhile, I want to talk about the Y!Gallery.  More specifically, I’d like to tell you about all the terrific Class Comics fan art that’s been posted since the creation of Club Class there and the wonderful people and artists I’ve recently met there.


I have always said one of my most favorite things about this job is that it permits me to interact with so many talented folks.  I love artists!!! And I love to see how other artist draw my Boytoons.


You’ll notice that on today’s cover, I’m featuring a SUPERB illustration of Camili-Cat getting a heavenly blow job by none other than my favorite Darkstalker character, Rikuo.  I almost fell off my chair when I saw this image for the first time!  It was created by a fantastic artist who goes by the name of Neo 123!  This boy’s work is incredible, and his take on Cam is purrfection.

There are of course a lot of other wonderful artists at the Y! who’ve taken time out of their schedules to draw Class Comics characters, and it is always such an incredible joy to see their interpretations.   I’ve posted just a few of the fan arts I’m referring to here today to give you a little taste!


My pal Gninrom even created a special character for me called Maxie Mouse.  He’s the perfect partner for Camili-Cat!  LOL!  What’s cool is that Gninrom drew Maxie in my illustrative style — it’s amazing how close he got to it!  I could very well be an endangered species!  HA! HA! HA!

But there is someone else at the Y! Gallery that I want to talk about here today.  His name is Dinosaurprince, and he truly ROCKS!  Why?  Well, he isn’t an artist himself, but what makes him so special is his absolutely love and unconditional support of the up and coming artists on the Y!  He has commissioned countless artists to draw his visions ( a good many of them include Rikuo! Yummmm!).  In fact, he is the one who commissioned Neo to draw Cam and Rikuo on the beach.


I am always impressed by people who believe in young talent and who go out of their way to encourage.  Dinosaurprince is truly an incredible asset to the gay erotic arts community because at the end of the day, he is there to not only encourage artists, but to support them by commissioning them to do what they love best.

Dinosaurprince, you truly are a class act!  And everything you do for the gay erotic arts community is greatly appreciated.  We need more folks like you!!! LOL!


If you haven’t checked out the Y! Gallery yet, I encourage you to do so.  I must confess that since my first encounter with them went so poorly, I expected little this time around.  But what I have found is a community that is there to encourage and network and that is always welcoming of new talent and fans of the genre.  I’ve been happily surprised by this, and since re-joining I’ve made some really wonderful acquaintances and connections.


In the next few days, I have big plans for Boytoons Magazine – including a face lift and some really great forthcoming issues.  I’ve delayed posting my issue about the Class Comics line up of titles for 2009 until I had a lot of art and goodies to share with you.  This year is gonna be crazy good for Class – think Logan’s Porky #3, Boytoon Adventures #1, Sworn #1, Angelface #2, the Initiation #2, Felinoids #3 and SOOOOOO much more – not to mention the new Naked Justice: Beginnings with breathtaking art by the amazing Jacob Mott which will leave you begging for more!

All that is coming up soon!  Stay tooned, dear friends.

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO


Camili-Cat, Naked Justice, Zahn, Bob, Deimos and Space Cadet, are © Copyright & TM 2009 Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Maxie Mouse is © Copyright 2009 Gninrom.  All Rights Reserved.

Rikuo is © Copyright & TM 2009 Capcom.  All Rights Reserved.

Today’s artwork created by these fantastic artists:  Vishis, Hallokatzchen, Cruxixion, Lexx, Adonix, Neo 123, Gninrom and Jacob Mott.  All artwork  © Copyright 2009 individual artists.  Be sure to check out ALL of the tremendously talented artists who are members of Club Class.  The selections I made for today’s article are just a sampling of the awesome artwork you can feast your eyes on.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #156 – Heroes in Peril!


It’s no secret – I occasionally like to see my Boytoons in some pretty hair-raising tight spots!  These “heroes in Peril” scenarios, as I like to call them, can be oddly titillating. Over the years, I’ve placed my characters in a number of these scenarios.

From Camili-Cat’s memorable run in with those horny bounty hunters, the Djinns, to Naked Justice’s nut-numbing throw-down with Icecap, and to Zahn’s mistreatment at the hands of the Almesti… peril seems to be a predicament I rather enjoy depicting. [Read more…]

Rapture #3 NOW SHIPPING!

Good morning my friends.  I am so  pleased to announce that RAPTURE #3 is now shipping!  This is a whopper of an issue! It’s so BIG in fact, that we had to add four extra pages to fit all of the excitement between the covers.

The book opens with “The Great Satyr Caper Part 2?. Written and illustrated by yours truly, this story leads Space Cadet into a direction he would ever have imagined.  Plus it gives you more insight into Naked Justice and how he is dealing with the whole Ghostboy disappearance thing.  Let’s just say he’s been better.

Next up is a fresh new Deimos story entitled “The Coin”. Written by me and illustrated by Spubba the Mad.  This is really the final prequel to the Deimos series.  It finds Deimos receiving a mysterious coin that holds some pretty crazy big magic.  Course he doesn’t know that yet… and he doesn’t know what it all means, but you can bet he’s going to find out.

And finally, THIS the one fans have been waiting for… “Walk in my shoes” is the highly anticipated climax to the Ghostboy/Ghostgirl story arc. I wrote it and Eric Mars drew it.  I won’t give anything away about this one but it’s monumental in the life of Ghostboy and drops some SERIOUS hints about his future with Naked Justice.

I tells ya — this issue will send shockwaves throughout the Class Comics Universe! LOL! You can get your copy here!

I know how much you guys like Mini Sites, so you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve completed one for this book too.  To learn more about Rapture #3 and to enjoy some preview pages, wallpapers and other goodies, check out the official Rapture #3 Mini Site!

Rapture #3 and ALL characters are © Copyright & TM 2009, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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