Paddles on Parade!

Hey Gang…

Are you interested in owning some of my original artwork AND supporting a worthwhile cause?  The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture approached me and asked if I could draw some of my Boytoons on wooden paddles that they would then auction off at their Paddles on Parade event.  I drew two — one with Incubus and one with Zahn.  These are one-of-a-kind, handmade paddles.

The Foundation is accepting bids now for these paddles which will be auctioned live at the Gala and online on February 14th starting with the Musician’s Paddle at 7:45pm. You must register in advance (by Friday) to bid online (February 13 is the deadline!).  Here’s a link to the bidding rules.

Check out the Paddles on Parade website for more details, or if you’re interested in attending the Gala in person.

Incubus & Zahn are © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Incubus VS Jon Dazy by Sexacholic!

Hi again, Gang!

I received this video from a fan named Sexacholic, like, months ago… just goes to show how busy the summer has been for me, I never got around to posting it.  Well, here it finally is!  Thanks so much Sexacholic for such a cool creation!  It’s so fun!  Sorry for not posting it sooner… but you know the saying — better late than never!  LOL! :o)

Hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll be back with more hot Boytoons for you real soon!

Hugz + kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Incubus and Jon Dazy © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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