Artist BLOCKED no more!!!

Hey folks…

Just wanted to share the good news with ya!  Seems my pesky bout of Artist Block has passed and I am now BACK ON TRACK!!! In fact, I think I have learned something!  Artist Block may well be a good thing after all.  See ‘cause now I am even more inspired than before!

I dare say the truth is in the pudding, because yours truly has just finished the pencils a CRAZY 2-PAGE MASSIVE FELINOID ORGY that will hopefully blow your eyeballs out of their sockets!  LOL!  What you see below is just a teeny, tiny part of that orgy in rough pencil.  Just a teaser, really!  LOL!

Yup, I’m back to it on Felinoids #3 and lemme tell ya, Cam wanted more Felinoids… well, now he’s SURROUNDED by more boy pussy than he could possibly know what to do with…

Thanks so very much to all of you, dear friends, for your kind and most appreciated words of encouragement during my dry spell!  You guys rock beyond the telling of it.

More from me shortly!
BIG BIG Hugz + kisses!
Patrick XOXO

Illustration and all characters © Copyright & TM 2009, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #149 – The Dick Quiz!

Hello dear friends.  Did you miss me?  I sure missed all of you!  It’s great to be back!

First let me just take a moment to wish each and every one of you a wonderful 2009, filled with much love, happiness, health, wealth and joy!  Hopefully you have all had a superb Holiday Season.  For my part, the Holidays were very enjoyable, and after a much needed break, I’m thrilled to get back to doing what I love — dirty comics!

However, I always feel there is a certain price to pay for taking time off from Class Comics.  Stuff piles up while I am away.  My email accumulates, my projects amass and returning to work can sometimes be a jarring experience.  For example, the moment Fraser and I came home this year, we dove into full production mode and got Rapture #3 ready for press.  On top of that, I had several private commissions to complete – not to mention that I had ( and STILL have ) comic books to draw.

But coming back is not all that bad.  This time I had a lot of cool emails and goodies waiting for me.  Dennis, my EXTREMELY talented colorist for Boytoon Adventures #1 drew this gorgeous little Holiday Cam for me which I adore!!!  (Thank you so much Dennis —  he’s beautiful and you ROCK!)

One fan in particular sent me a very cool email. Mike goes on to write “I was bedridden all day after I got my wisdom teeth out so I decided to pass the time by making a quiz for you and your readers to see how well they can recognize the amazing penises of Class Comics.”

I figured it would be fun to share Mike’s quiz with you.  Unfortunately, I was unable to upload his original quiz to the Blog, but I recreated it as accurately as possible, and made it a tiny bit more manageable.

Thanks so much to all of you who sent me all those wonderful and very thoughtful Holiday Wishes and messages.  And thank you Mike for reminding me how much I love to draw cock and give each and every one of my Boytoons their very own unique dick!

So if you feel like testing your knowledge of Class Cock, then by all means, click below to see the quiz.  Otherwise, take care dear friends, and I’ll see ya again very soon!

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BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #146 – Boytoon Adventures #1 Sneak Peek!

Hiya Gang…

I have a lot of new projects coming up in 2009, but none has me more excited than Boytoon Adventures #1.  Plainly put, it’s the most fun I’ve had on a book in a long, long time.  Drawing as Bryce Peters is so freeing and a wonderful diversion from my usual style.

Boytoon Adventures #1 is going to be a trade paperback of 70+ pages, a first for Class Comics, and let me tell you that the book is looking pretty sweet – even if I do say so myself! LOL!  I’ve been receiving the colored pages from the book’s colorist, Dennis in the past few weeks, and the man is doing a terrific job.  The pages are really coming to life!

So you can look plan on seeing Camili-Cat, Locus, Zahn, Ghostboy, Diablo, Flamer, Captain Jung, Disco and the boys of the Initiation in this first issue, but I have also added a brand new story featuring a BRAND NEW CHARACTER named MAKO FINN. I am really stoked about this character and story, and I’ll be sure to share images and sneak peeks with you good people when I have some visuals done.

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this little peek at Boytoon Adventures #1.  On today’s menu, pics from the books’ first 3 stories; “Camili-Cat: The Ruse”, “Locus: The Stow Away” and “Zahn: The Trap”! Enjoy and I’ll see you all back here again very soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat, Zahn, Locus, the Priests of Ajul and all other characters © Copyright 2008 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


Hiya Gang…

I hope everyone has had a great week.  I have some really great news this morning.  My new book, Striptease is back from the printer and now on sale on the Class Comics website.  The cool thing about this one is that is was not supposed to be out until next year, but we had everything finished up in time and figured we’d put it out before Christmas.

In this industry, it’s pretty rare to have stuff done ahead of time!  I think for me, it’s definitely a first!  LOL!

So what the heck is Striptease?  Well, it’s a collection of the one-page mini comic strips I’ve created over the years.  You will have seen some of them in the adult section of my website, but I created a whole bunch of new ones for this book.  There’s a bunch of new stuff in this.

The comic stars a lot of my Boytoons.  Camili-Cat, Zahn, Locus, Lanor and Space Cadet are featured prominently, but there are also some new faces.  Cauldron, today’s cover Boytoon is one of those new faces.  You see, Striptease is a light-hearted fun, with lots of humor and sex… but I wanted it to have some good substance as well, so I created a 3-part Zahn #2 prequel for the book.

That’s where you’ll meet Cauldron, who is similar to Zahn in that he too is an elemental.  Pay close attention to Jonah’s reaction to Cauldron.  I’m dropping some MAJOR hints as to what is really going on in Varda.

You’ll also get to see Dominion and Devilhound in comic book format for the first time.  I’ve drawn them a few times over the years, and even written short fiction about Devilhound, but this is the first time these Boytoons actually appear in a comic.

Feels to me like Striptease has been a long, LONG time in the making, and in some ways it has.  Some of the strips in it date back to 2001 and it’s such a great joy for me to see them all collected together in one book.  Mostly, I enjoyed working on Striptease for the humor.  You people know me, and you know I like the dramatic in most of my stories.  Humor feels good once in a while and is a nice break from the way I typically like to write.

Also I wanted to let you know that Fraser and I just finished the official Striptease Mini Site.  It’s now live for you guys to check out.  My favorite part about this mini site is the character bio section.  It was a blast to put together.  PLUS, there are 4 brand new wallpaper designs for you guys in the goodies section.  I hope you will enjoy them.  They’re my way of saying thanks for your constant support and encouragement.  You guys are all MAJORLY appreciated! :-)

Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer to get your Class Comics through your local comic shop, Striptease is also available through the Diamond Previews Adult catalog.  You can pre-order it now from your fave shop (STRIPTEASE DCD ITEM: DEC08 3877 ISBN: 978-1-897102-42-8)

I’ll be back here very soon with some new artwork for you guys, a huge Boytoon Adventures #1 preview as well as reviews of some really cool new gay comics I’ve just gotten my hands on.

Thanks again for everything, my friends!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork and characters © Copyright 2008 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #127 – The Art of Humbuged!

It’s quite likely that everyone who reads this Blog is familiar with this artist. I’ve discussed about him before, after all. His stuff is so visually striking and he has such a unique flavor to his style. I am talking about the amazing HUMBUGED, of course!

For those of you who are not familiar with Humbuged, you will most certainly be thrilled to discover his work. He’s been creating his artwork for quite some time now, and he is quite well known for his beautifully conceived and colored fan arts and personal creations. And with good reason!

He has created several characters that are simply bubbling with personality and sensuality. There’s Keric, a sexy elf-boy who seems quite naïve about his own sex appeal. There’s Arus, a lusty and sometimes almost kinda goofy monkey boy, (who I personally hope we get to see more of). And then there are Xerude, a hot muscle boy with emerald green hair, and the twinkish Cyl who loves to lust after Keric!

As I mentioned above, Humbuged is also well known for his fan art. His commissions schedule is always full, and if you’re interested in a piece of art, you gotta get to him early – the sign of a well respected and admired artist! Some few months back, Humbuged was sweet enough to draw me his version of Camili-Cat, which graces this issues’ cover. His Cam blew me away! The way he managed to so expertly capture Cam’s essence is completely brilliant. This piece remains one of my fave Cam fan arts to date!

Upon perusing The Humplex, Humbuged’s home on the net, you’ll find more than plenty of succulent eye candy. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Humbuged is not only a prolific and gifted illustrator, he’s also one of those rare artists who can bring animated life to his illustrations. He excels at creating racy and raunchy games that feature his own characters as well as characters from pop culture. His latest character masturbation game features Final Fantasy’s Wakka. I have to tell you, this game not only impressed me from an artistic and technical point of view, but it also totally turned me on! The expressions on Wakka’s face, the way his cock pulsates… and then that superbly animated cum shot. This, dear friends, is why Humbuged is a genius.

You see, being a good artist isn’t just about being able to draw. It’s about being able to observe. It’s all about the tiny nuances and the attention to detail. Those things are vital to being good at what you do. Humbuged is nothing if not attentive to details. This coupled with his intuitive sense of composition and lighting and his instinct for true sexiness is what makes him the killer artist he is.

I’ve embedded his Wakka game for you to experience firsthand (literally! ;), but I would strongly urge you to head on over to the Humplex after you jerk Wakka off. It’s a fantastic Blog, by an artist who is down to Earth, sweet and charmingly unassuming. Plus you’ll find more beautiful Boytoons to feast your eyes on. And hey, all artists gotta make a living. Leave the guy a tip if you enjoy your time there.

Hugz + Kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Keric, Arus, Cyl and Xerude are © Copyright 2008, HUMBUGED. All rights reserved.

All artwork © 2008 Copyright HUMBUGED. All rights reserved.

Camili-Cat © Copyright 2008 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Wakka Copyright © 2008 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

New Ghostboy Fan Art from DHC Underground!

Evenin’ Folks…

Just a quick little posting this evening to say hi and to tell you all that I am really appreciating your support for BTM’s new home. It’s great to see so many familiar faces here ( in comment form of course! ;) and your emails of support are also greatly appreciated.

I’ve been working on a bunch of promo illustrations for the upcoming Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3, which are a BLAST to do. So many new Felinoids… tons of different ones. I am really looking forward to sharing them with you.

And lastly, but not leastly, this evening I wanted to post this gorgeous piece of Ghostboy fan art, which was created by Dominic of DHC Underground. Here’s what he had to say about this piece: “Ghostboy has to be one of my favorites of Patrick’s characters, he’s just cool beans hehe. I had fun with this picture, it’s nice to try different things. Tried to get him as close to Patrick Fillion’s style as I could and here he is!

Well, I for one think he did an AMAZING job on this image. You got my style down verrrrrry closely! It’s almost hard to imagine that I didn’t actually draw this picture! LOL! Seriously Dominic, a beautiful job and a very thoughtful gift. I love it!

If you’d like to see more awesome art from DHC Underground, check out the blog!

More from me very soon, dear friends, including new art and new artists for you to discover! Have a fantastic evening!

Hugz + kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Ghsotboy is © Copyright and TM 2008, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Illustration by DHC Underground.