Fan Art by Gninrom and Hallokatzchen!

Hello folks…

Just a quick hello this morning from yours truly.  I have two GORGEOUS new pieces of fan art to share with you.

Locus fan art by Gninrom.

Locus fan art by Gninrom.

Camili-Cat fan art by Hallokatzchen.

Camili-Cat fan art by Hallokatzchen.

Locus was drawn by my pal Gninrom, and Camili-Cat was illustrated by the lovely Hallokatzchen!  These are two supremely talented artists and I think you’ll agree that their takes on my characters are pretty wicked.  Be sure you check out their respective blogs for more of their beautiful artwork and to give ’em both some much deserved love!

I have some great stuff coming up shortly, including more terrific Class Comics fan art, so be sure and stay tooned.

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat & Locus © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

FELINOIDS #3 Sneak Preview! A post a day – Day 5

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Locus and the Gang to the rescue!

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Locus and the Gang to the rescue!

Hello Friends…

I am so close to the end of Felinoids #3, I can taste it!  LOL!  I’ve been working pretty solidly over the past few weeks to finalize the art and dialog… and it’s all paying off.  I think this installment will make a great conclusion to the series, and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I couldn’t help myself today… I just HAD to post a few panels from the book!

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Cam meets Imanno and Xuba.

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Cam meets Imanno and Xuba.

While the book concludes Cam’s search for more of his species (which he pretty much found in Felinoids #2), it does set a few other events in motion.  Cam may well end up with another obsession; something pretty earth-shattering happens to Felicia; and, oh yes – someone is gonna croak!

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Locus and Felicia fight to save Camili-Cat.

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Locus and Felicia fight to save Camili-Cat.

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Lanor and his Felinoid pals are ready for a cat fight!

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Lanor and his Felinoid pals are ready for a cat fight!

But I don’t wanna give too much away too soon! Suffice it to say that Felinoids #3 is (I hope! LOL!) giving you what you have demanded since book #2 came out: More Camili-Cat, TONS of hot Felinoid sex, a cool conclusion to the series, and all of it in mind-shattering full color!!! HA! HA! HA!

Enjoy the sneak peek, boys and girls… and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Cam finds more Felinoids... but he may soon wish he hadn't!

Felinoids #3 Sneak Preview. Cam finds more Felinoids... but he may soon wish he hadn't!

Camili-Cat, Locus, Felicia, Captain Jung, Flamer, Disco, Vonn, Lanor, all other characters,© Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.
Please do not repost without permission. Thanks!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #174 – The Art of Nicolas Brunet


Hello my friends…

If you’re like me and you can appreciate quantity as well as quality, then you’re gonna love this issue of Boytoons Magazine because it features the exquisite art of Nicolas Brunet.

I received an email form this extremely talented artist just before going off on my summer vacation, and I was floored when I checked out his Blog. The amount of work he has posted there is truly impressive – again, both in quality and quantity.  This is an exceptionally prolific creator.  You can literally spend hours browsing through the material he has posted.


Nicolas’s art style and technique varies, and he plays effortlessly with several looks and approaches.  He does stand alone imagery, sometimes original imaginings, sometimes portraits of porn stars.  He also creates his own comic stories and characters, such as the horny hunks of “Straight to…” or the enigmatic Blake Whitworth. His earlier works show a penchant towards the world of Yaoi and Manga.  Again it’s impressive to me how multi-faceted this artist’ style is.


Comics are just one of the many cool treats you’ll feast your eyes on over at his Blog.  Some are in French, some are in English.  Some are black and white and others are in color, but clearly this is a story teller with a strong sense of visual aesthetic and direction who is bubbling with fresh ideas to recount.


Nicolas’ stand alone artwork  is elegant and striking with a hint of photo realism.  The colors are chosen very carefully, and the mood of the pieces is bang on and always sexy!  Plus, he seems quite comfortable working digitally and traditionally.  Some of his artwork is hand painted and very lovely.

Two weeks ago, I was sad that I didn’t get the chance to Blog about Nicolas’ artwork before taking off for a much needed summer break.  But I came home to an incredibly beautiful gift from him.  Check out this completely breathtaking rendition of Camili-Cat he created for me.  It is simply superb.


So in essence, the timing of this issue is perfect because I can now show off Nicolas’ extremely thoughtful gift at the same time as I introduce you to his vast talent.  Keep a close eye on this creator and be sure to add the Art of Nicolas Brunet to your faves folder and visit often, boys and girls.  This artist’s future is very bright!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork are © Copyright 2009, Nicolas Brunet.  All rights reserved.
Camili-Cat © Copyright & TM Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

New Class Access Digital Comics Titles!!


Hi Gang!

So, if you’ve been enjoying Class Access and our Digital Comics, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve released 5 brand new downloadable editions. Now available and PACKED with special features are:

Logan’s Porky #1
Logan’s Pornomicon #1
The Mark of Aeacus #1
HvH’s In the Blink of an Eye #1
Camili-Cat: Felinoids #1 The Special Edition

Why should you want these 5 books?  Well, it’s really quite simple.  You will not only be treated to the amazing comics themselves, but you also get some awesome behind the scenes material, never before seen concept art, script excerpts, artist comments and notes, deleted scenes, gallery art and so much more.


For you Camili-Cat fans, I am really thrilled to announce that the Felinoids #1 Special Edition features a whopping 30+ pages of extras.  And for the first time EVER, the comic itself is in FULL GLORIOUS COLOR!!! It also features part 1 of a never before seen Camili-Cat story called “Future Sins”, written by yours truly and illustrated by Tyler Jones.

You Logan fans will not want to miss the Pornomicon #1 in digital format.  Logan gives you a RARE glimpse into his sketchbook and reveals his plans and ideas for a possible Pornomicon #2.  The amount of concept art this man creates is simply amazing.  Not to mention always beautiful and exceptionally hot!!! Plus the comic itself is SCORCHING HAWT!!!


So check ‘em out!  I dare say you’ll be glad you did!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All Class Access titles © Copyright 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #161 – Boytoon Adventures #1 – An Update!


On issue #160 of BTM, I received a comment from Moonboy, asking if I might give you good people an update on Boytoon Adventures #1!  Moonboy read my mind!  I was planning this issue for a little while and figured now would be a great time to post it.

So… where am I at with Boytoon Adventures #1.  Simply put, I am 3 pages from being done!  WHOA!!!! Bet you didn’t expect that, huh? HA! HA! HA!

Yup!  The book now stands at a whopping 72 pages of story and a few extra pages of pin ups and other goodies!  It looks freakin’ wicked, if I do say so myself.  I’ve put a hellova lot of work into it, and so did Dennis, my colorist on this project.


Dennis’ colors are amazing, and he perfectly nailed the stylized, cell shading coloring style I was looking for. Plus he did a gorgeous job coloring the character pin ups in his own superb style.  Just take a look at the oh-so sexy Diablo on this issue’s cover!  You’ll catch my drift! YUMMY!

There are six separate stories in this first trade, four of which are fifteen pages each, and though they are all drawn in my new “Bryce Peters” style, they are nevertheless an integral part of the Class Comics canon and mythology.


The book holds some very important developments in store for characters like Ghostboy and Diablo… developments that will most likely shock the heck out of you!  LOL!  The Zahn story is also pretty important to his mythology, and will directly impact events in Zahn #2.

You’ll also see Locus, Flamer, Captain Jung, Disco and Camili-CatCam in his raunchiest, yet touching story to date — as well as a few familiar faces from the Initiation.  On top of that, you’ll meet sexy new characters… including my eco-hero, Mako Finn.  Mako’s story is pretty brief, but it’s one that is very important to me.


I am so pleased that Fraser wrote an extremely sexy Initiation short story called “The Match” for this issue that will show you how Zack became the pledge master of his fraternity, and introduce you to the delicious Wade and Topher! MMmmmm — college guys! LOL!  (I wanted to show you some art from “the Match” and from the Mako Finn story — but they are still being colored! Maybe next time! ;)

I actually even had a Space Cadet story planned for this issue, but I decided to save it for the next book – otherwise I could keep adding stuff to issue #1 forever!  It’s that fun to work on – but at some point, a boy’s gotta put a project to bed! HA! HA! HA!


I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I love drawing as Bryce Peters.  It is one of the most artistically freeing things I’ve done in a long time.  The drawings just seem to flow, almost effortlessly, and it’s been a wildly fun and liberating experience putting this book together.

When I first announced this book, some of you expressed some concern over the way I draw dicks as Bryce.  Well, not to worry.  As the book evolved, it seems I decide to draw the penises almost exactly the way I draw them in my classic style.  So you will get those trademark Fillion cocks with my new Bryce Peters animation-inspired style!


Boytoon Adventures #1 is slated for Summer 2009 release and I will continue to update you as we get closer to the official release date.  In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this little sneak peek at some of the interior artwork.

Have a great evening, dear friends.  More from me shortly!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Diablo, Ghostboy, Zahn, Camili-Cat, Flamer, Disco, Captain Jung, Locus, the Priests of Ajul and all other characters are © Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #156 – Heroes in Peril!


It’s no secret – I occasionally like to see my Boytoons in some pretty hair-raising tight spots!  These “heroes in Peril” scenarios, as I like to call them, can be oddly titillating. Over the years, I’ve placed my characters in a number of these scenarios.

From Camili-Cat’s memorable run in with those horny bounty hunters, the Djinns, to Naked Justice’s nut-numbing throw-down with Icecap, and to Zahn’s mistreatment at the hands of the Almesti… peril seems to be a predicament I rather enjoy depicting. [Read more…]

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #153 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello dear friends.

Well it’s here again; Valentine’s Day!  Time to show the love!  Of course, one does not need a Holiday to do that.  It’s nice to do so on a daily basis, in fact.  Without wanting to get too sappy, I’d like to say that showing love daily is more important than making an effort to do so on one specific day a year.

But I appreciate Valentine’s day as much as every other artist out.  It’s an opportunity to dive into our pallet of pinks and reds, and draw sexy Cupids and hunks clad in nothing but chocolate sauce.  Mmmmm! Chocolate sauce!!!

As for myself, this year I thought I would go for something a little different.  So I give you Cam and his bottle of expensive champagne.  You know he TOTALLY wants you to lick ever succulent drop from his nekkid, buff bod!  That tease!  LOL!  He’s my Valentine to all of you this year!

He was made with love… amongst other things… and I do hope you will enjoy him!  ;)

So I will keep it brief for today, but I want to wish you all a very lovely Valentine’s day, to you and your special someones… whether you have found them or not.  And if not – believe me when I tell you, they are out there and it’s only a matter of time.

And if I might make a small suggestion this year… skip over the sappy Valentine’s chocolates and go for the REALLY good stuff!  The Cadbury cream eggs are out waaaaay ahead of time for Easter, and those suckers are the frikkin’ BOMB!!!  LOL!  Treat yourself to those instead!

Big Luv to you all, my friend!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

PS — I thought it would be fun to re-post a past Valentine’s Cupid I drew for ya.  Hope ya like!

PPS — Also wanted to mention that I am a bit behind on answering all your wonderful comments from previous posts, but that I plan on getting to all of them this week.  You know how much I LOVE reading from ya, so don’t be shy, folks! I’m always thrilled to hear what you have to say!

Camili-Cat © Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #152 – 3 Blogs to watch!

Hiya Folks…

Blogs have made life a lot simpler for artists who want to get their works out there but who don’t want to go through the trouble of a conventional website.  In fact, one could say that Blogs have become more accessible than traditional websites. Blogs are the calling card and online portfolios of many emerging artists and their only drawback is that they can come and go all too quickly and easily.

Still, it’s always exciting to discover a new artist’s work, or to re-connect with someone’s work after losing touch with them.  Blogs are great for that.

Today, I want to talk to you about 3 new Blogs that have recently come to my attention.
[Read more…]

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