BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #162 – Goodbye Black Inches Magazine! The End of an Era!


Howdy Gang…

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Well, between the trip to Seattle (which went really well, but also flew by like a whirlwind), a futzed up shoulder and the usual load of stuff to work on, I’ve been a very busy boy indeed.  But I really felt this was important to mention.

This morning I got an email from my friend, the dialog doctor on Naked Justice: Beginnings #1 Donald MacLean.  He came across an article regarding Mavety Media Group, the folks who publish Black Inches, Latin Inches, Torso, Mandate, Inches and Playguy.  I’m sorry!  Did I say “publish”?  Well, that should read “published” — past tense!! :(

Yup!  After being in business since 1975, Mavety has decided to pull the plug on it’s gay publications.  The internet is apparently largely to blame for the demise of their gay mags.  Seems there’s a lot of this happening lately!  First Playgirl went all digital, and now the Mavety titles have gone the way of the dinosaur.

As you all know, I worked for Mavety as a freelance illustrator for 7 years, and only recently stopped creating art for them.  I suppose I saw this day coming.  Still, it’s very sad.  Those magazines were an important part of gay erotica and it’s a real shame to see them go. I’ll miss Black Inches most of all.  It was so cool to have a magazine dedicated entirely to beautiful black men.  It was a true honor being a part of that publication for so long.  I always really enjoyed creating illustrations of hot black men for them (like the one on the cover of today’s issue).

Here’s the link to the article Don sent me. It’s from the BOY CULTURE blog.   It’s quite informative!  It’ll give you more details on the demise of the magazines, and also a really cool overview on how they were initially created by a STRAIGHT man with a vision!?!

Meanwhile, I am trying to get caught up (so what else is new) on everything around here.  I have some cool new stuff to share with you and I’ll be posting more goodies very soon – including a WICKED interview with the one and only Steve MacIsaac, so stay tooned!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Illustration © Copyright 2009, Patrick Fillion.  All rights reserved.

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