BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #165 – Christmas in June!


I just finished reading Eric Arvin’s latest erotic short story called “Kid Christmas Meets Snow Globes”, and absolutely had to tell you all about it.  June may seem like an odd time to release a story about Christmas, but let me tell you that this tale is perfectly scorching hot and a terrific summer treat.
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A few issues ago I wrote about 3 art Blogs that I particularly enjoyed.  It was a lot of fun to chat about the artists who own and operate these Blogs, and today I thought I might talk to you all about four other Blogs that are definitely worth note!

On this issues’ cover is a beautiful piece of deliciously naughty art by an exceptionally talented artists named Nikism.  This fantastic illustrator is Japanese, so you will have to forgive me if I have some of my facts wrong — sadly I do not read Japanese! LOL!  But the language barrier should certainly never stop you from enjoying the incredible art presented on Nikism’s Blog.


Always beautifully colored and fantastically illustrated, Nikism’s art is major league eye candy!  I love Yaoi.  I love Manga.  And Nikism’s work is somewhere perfectly wedged in the middle.  The work is incredibly erotic and it is well worth checking out the older posts for a look at all the images available on the Blog.


Next on my list is a Blog called Absinthe Studios: Superhero Slash. The name of the Blog really says it all – it truly is a place where you can go to see your favorite mainstream heroes raunch it up in style.

Ever fantasize about the Vision groping the Falcon?  Or what about Booster Gold fingering Blue Beetle’s more than willing rump?  It’s all there – and more!  Absinthe Studios is owned and operated by Gene and he is responsible for all the wonderful hero fan art so deliciously displayed.  I tell ya, there is something there for everyone.  Gene has drawn dozens of our fave comic book characters doing the nasty, and it’s a pleasure to peruse his wares!


Now I want to tell you all about the Blog of one of my fave artists’ from the Y!Gallery – Absolutbleu!  Bleuboys is a fairly new addition to the Blogosphere, but it’s everything you could hope for from Absolutbleu.  It’s an amazing display of this fantastic artists’ vast talent, and better still, it’s a sort of “behind the scenes” look at this work.

Bleu treats us to some info about the images as well as his thought on his artwork, which is always a lot of fun for a fan to lap up –trust me – being a fan, I speak from experience. LOL!  Bear in mind, Bleuboys is relatively new, and there aren’t a ton of postings yet, but Absolutbleu is a very prolific artist and I have no doubt that more wicked posts are on the way!


And lastly on my little list of must see’s is Silencio’s Gay Geek Art Blog.  Most of us know who the amazing Silencio is.  His artwork is exceptionally striking and instantly arousing, both for the imagination AND the loins!  Silencio has recently created his Blog as well, so like Absolutbleu’s Blog, more posts are forthcoming, but it is truly well worth taking the time to check out what is already there.

One of my personal fave illustrations from Silencio is his amazing fan art of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5TRES, TRES HOT!!!  If Silencio doesn’t make you weak in the knees, I will be very surprised indeed.  This artist makes everything look so easy and I guaranteed his flawless art will entrance you immediately!

So there you go, my friends.  Four veritable gems that I hope you will all enjoy, and certainly four incredibly gifted artists whose brilliant work is truly worth following.

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

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