Hi everyone.

AWESOME news — 4 Class Comics titles have been nominated in the “Best Comic/Comic Art Book” category for the 2012 TLA Gaybies!

I gotta tell ya, we are up against some pretty stiff competition! Also nominated are the one and only Tom of Finland and  the superbly talented Michael Kirwan. Naturally, we want to wish EVERYONE nominated all the very best of luck!

The Class Comics titles that were nominated for the 2012 TLA Gaybies are:

Angelface #2 by Benoit Prevot,
Deimos #2 by Patrick Fillion and Logan,
Lost Kingdom #1 by Javi Cuho and Silvano,
Naked Justice Beginnings #2 by Patrick Fillion and Jacob Mott.

You can vote for them as many times as you want! Feel free to spend the day repeatedly voting for each one, or selecting your favourite of the four and focusing solely on it. We wouldn’t want to lose by splitting the vote!

While you’re on the page, there are some other categories with nominations by friends of Class Comics! Make sure you consider voting for your favourite from any of the following:

Woke up in a Stange Place by Eric Arvin in BEST SPECULATIVE FICTION/FANTASY
Seasons of Love by Michael Breyette in Best Photo/Art Books
Best Gay Erotica 2012 by Richard Labonte and Larry Duplechan  in BEST EROTIC FICTION or
Hot Head by Damon Suede BEST EROTIC FICTION
Spring of the Stag God by J.C. Hernson in BEST E-BOOK

Everyone nominated really appreciates your support! Voting ends March 31, so head on over! Remember to vote early and vote often at the 2012 TLA Gaybies






BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #204 – The Christmas Issue!

My goodness!  Is it really that time of year again?  LOL!  Yup!  The Holidays are here once again.  Normally, I am all aglow with Christmas Spirit… but this year, I’ve hardly had 2 seconds to even realize that Christmas is back!   Fraser and I are moving.  Yup!  You don’t often hear of folks moving during the Holiday Season, but I assure you, it does happen.  Come January, we’re getting new digs.

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1680 X 1050

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1280 X 1024

Normally, I do a big “Top 10 Holiday Must List” for the BTM Christmas issue, but since I’m in such a wacky state of mind this year, I thought I would simply offer up my Christmas 2010 drawing and revisit past Holiday illustrations as fun computer screen wallpaper designs. Rather than draw something festively raunchy, I thought it would be nice to go with a nice, serene ensemble piece. I hope you enjoy my Class Comics Christmas Choir Boys.  I sure wouldn’t mind seeing them caroling at my door!  LOL!

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1280 x 1024

I’m also posting an illustration of my pal Leon’s characters, Amron and Sabell.  I penciled the image for Leon this past summer, and he inked and colored it beautifully and surprised me with the finished piece.  Given the spirit in which this image came together, I think it makes a lovely Holiday addition to this issue.  For more beautiful art by Leon de Leon, check out his DeviantArt page right here!

Amrom and Sabell. Pencils by Patrick Fillion. Inks and Colors by Leon de Leon.

I do love Christmas, and although this year is a rather unusual one, at least Fraser and I will have a few days off to celebrate the Holidays with my folks at their home.  That will make it seem a bit more normal to me… and it’ll prepare me for all the packing and upheaval that January will undoubtedly bring.

Season’s Greetings to all of you, dear friends.  I wish you all the best the Holidays have to offer! Love, Peace, Joy, and Health to you all!

Holiday Hugz + Candy Cane Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All Class Comics characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
Amron and Sabell © Copyright 2010 Leon de Leon.  All rights reserved.

Trip VS Vandal… unfinished sketch! A post a day – Day 8

Good evening my fine friends!

It’s no secret that my favorite Naked Justice: Beginnings character is  TRIP! There’s just something about that sexy, muscled, hairy, manly daddy that makes me weak in the knees!  The way Jacob Mott draws him is enough to send me into a drooling, lusting fever!  HA! HA! HA!

Vandal manhandles Trip in this unfinished and unused pencil sketch by Patrick Fillion.

When it came time to draw some new images for my latest art book, ilLUSTrations, I knew immediately that I wanted to draw Trip.  I ended up sketching a few pieces featuring the studly and fearless leader of the UNRIVALED ALLIANCE, but only completed one image for the book (which incidentally appears on one of my new Boytoons Magazines banners!).

Tonight I wanted to show you this piece that never did get completed, but changed quite a bit from start to finish of the sketching process. Initially this featured Trip getting manhandled by VANDAL, the way he does in Naked Justice: Beginnings #2… but eventually, I erased Vandal, and it ended up being Trip solo with his favorite dildo, Nessie.

Trip gets off with Nessie. Pencil sketch by Patrick Fillion.

In any case, both versions would require a great deal of work before they could actually get inked, but I thought it would be fun to post them as they currently stand… unfinished and rough, rough, rough.  I do love the idea of Vandal having his way with Trip, but in the end I just didn’t feel this piece was good enough for the book. But someday, I am definitely gonna have to draw my take on both these characters getting it on, properly!

See ya tomorrow, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

TRIP and VANDAL © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Meet Iceman Blue, creator of Midnightman!

Meet Iceman Blue, creator of the super sexy MIDNIGHTMAN, Sunday October 24th, at the Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood!

Howdy folks!

If you’re live in the Hollywood area, you will definitely want to head on over to the Antebellum Gallery on October 24th to meet the awesome Iceman Blue, creator of the supremely hot MIDNIGHTMAN.

The Midnightman trade paperback has just been released and it’s hot, hot, HOT and filled with super fun, raunchy adventures. So bring your copy along with you so that Iceman can sign it personally, or if you don’t have it yet, you can pick one up at the gallery directly. [Read more…]

ilLUSTrations and Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 hot off the press!

Hello my friends.

I hope this finds you all doing well.  I just wanted to let you know that my newest hard cover art book “ilLUSTrations: the art of Patrick Fillion” is hot off the press and available for purchase.  In fact, if you order your copy from the Class Comics website, it will be personally autographed by yours truly.  But just so you know, Class only has 200 copies… and they’re already going pretty fast!

Get your signed copy of "ilLUSTrations: the art of Patrick Fillion" from Class Comics today!

The book looks amazing and I really couldn’t have hoped for better.  Published by Bruno Gmünder, ilLUSTrations is a hard cover volume, and it’s 92 pages of incredibly vibrant full color on high quality glossy paper.  It’s a real thrill seeing my Boytoons printed in such a beautiful manner, and I am very proud of the book.  I whipped up several new pieces for ilLUSTrations and it’s especially wicked seeing some of these images in print for the very first time ever.

Bruno Gmünder interviewed me for the release of the book.  Here’s a link to that if you’re interested. It’s a fun little interview in which I talk more about ilLUSTrations and what it means to me as an artist.

I hope you’ll check the book out and enjoy it.  As I say, it’s truly gloriously produced, and I dare it’s possibly the best collection of my work to date

For more on Bruno Gmünder and the gorgeous art books they produce, check out their official website.

Now shipping from Class Comics: "Naked Justice: Beginnings #2" and "ilLUSTrations"

Also hot off the press is the amazing NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #2 with stellar art by the incredible JACOB MOTT! Oh my God, this issue is simply incredible and I think you will all agree that it is even better and even hotter than NJB issue #1.  You can get it in print or as a digital edition, so don’t miss out.  This is some of Jacob’s most beautiful work to date, and I am very proud of the direction the story is headed in.  And you know it’s a hilarious read too, because Donald MacLean is back as dialog doctor, giving the repartee his own fabulous brand of humor.

I’ll keep you posted on Zahn #2, the Mark of Aeacus #2 and Deimos #2 as soon as I get release info.  It’s a slooooow frikkin’ summer at press man.  Grrrr… but what can you do?  Some things are just beyond our control!

More from me shortly!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Naked Justice faces a new enemy called VANDAL in " Naked Justice: Beginnings #2. Story by Patrick Fillion, art by Jacob Mott.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #196 – The Summer 2010 issue!

AH!  Summer at last. I say “at last” because we residents of Vancouver, British Columbia had one of the cruddiest Junes on record. It poured and poured and poured… and would you believe that on the 4th of July, Fraser was forced to turn on the frikkin’ heat in our house?  Yes I know – MADNESS!

But the sun is finally here, and it’s inspired me to get down to business and put out my official BTM summer issue.  I’ve even been inspired to draw a brand new pic of Camili-Cat for this issues’ cover.  Ah, Cam… how we’d all love to join you in your sexy blue Speedo and play with your BIG squirt gun on that beautiful beach. LOL!  Sadly, most of us can’t, but as consolation, please accept these 2 exclusive BTM Summer Issue wallpaper designs featuring Cam in AND out of his teeny weeny Speedo!

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun (nude variant) - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1280 x 1024

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun (nude variant) - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1280 x 1024

So what other goodies has the Summer brought?  Well, I am pleased to tell you that the amazing Jezza Smilez, proud owner and operator of the fabulous  JEZZ LOADS Blog has done a very fun interview with me.  Jezza’s such a sweetheart.  He didn’t want to cut any of my answers, so he decided to post the ENTIRE interview in 3 separate parts.  Part 1 is currently up! Honestly my favorite part of all of this are the GORGEOUS works of art Jezza created to accompany the interview.  He’s posted the first couple, including his own version of Naked Justice.  Seems Jezza and I also share our absolute love of Storm, and he’s just posted his own wonderful take on Ororo as well.  SUPERB stuff… so head on over to JEZZ LOADS and check it all out.  He asked some really cool questions, and he has a ton of other cool interviews with some other artists of male erotic art. Definitely worth having a peek!

While to many people Summer means things like vacations, the San Diego Comic Con, barbecues etc., for Fraser and I it tends to mean a shitload of work!  HA! HA! HA!  But GOOD work, nevertheless.  I’ve mentioned before that this summer is gonna be a HUGE one for Class Comics, and I wasn’t kidding!  We’ve got a massive and wicked line up of books coming your way.  We kicked things off with the gorgeous ANGELFACE #2, which was officially released last week.  This is a STUNNING book, written and illustrated by the incomperable Benoît Prévot.  If you haven’t picked this gem up, here’s where you can do so!

Class Comics offers Angelface #2 and The brand new Class Comics Universe Heroes Trading Cards as a start to the summer.

Also released last week are the brand new CLASS COMICS UNIVERSE HEROES trading cards. If you enjoyed the Bottom Deck cards from a couple of years back, you’re gonna love these. This deck contains 15 super sweet cards that feature cahracter info and bios.  It comes in a cool resealable, acid-free bag.  Check out these babies right here! They’re exclusives to the Class Comics website and going fast, collector’s be warned!

The official cover to Class Comics' up-coming ZAHN #2. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Speaking of all things Class Comics, today I want to show you the OFFICIAL ZAHN #2 COVER! Even the hunky Son of Winter is in the mood for a hot summer. I am so pleased with this cover.  It’s such a nice contrast to the icy mountain setting of the cover to Zahn #1. But lemme just say that this cover was a BITCH to ink!  LOL!  Still, in the end it was SOOOO worth it.  I am really happy with all the jungle vegetation and Golden Key’s colors really bring out all of that fragrance in the image.  Zahn #2 is coming soon, so stay tooned.  I’ll be sure and keep you posted on release dates etc…!

What would summer be without plenty of HOT HOT HOT Boytoons, huh? A fantastic  place to get yourself a monthly serving of HAWT toon cock is Studio Rai29.  WHY?  Because that’s where you can find a TON of Humbuged’s Monthly Manfuls!  Every time I get one, I think “Holy! That was amazing! How could Hummy possibly top this?”… And inevitably he finds a way to knock my socks off the following month!

Humbuged's Monthly Manful games - great toon entertainment for the Summer!

You can get Xerude as a lifeguard, or sample some of Hummy’s newest studs, like Qrestof the waiter, or Leydro the incredibly hunky police officer. And that’s just for starters.  Hummy’s Monthly Manfuls are incredibly well crafted interactive games that allow you to seduce these magnificent toon hunks in a different way every time you play.  And the results are always EXPLOSIVE!  LOL!  Treat yourself… Check out Studio Rai29 for Hummy’s full assortment of Manfuls!

The Summer also means a large bounty of cool action films at the cinema.  Fraser and I took in “Predators” this past Friday, in a desperate attempt to escape a bit of the heat.  Now, I have ALWAYS stood by the Predator films –especially AVP (Alien VS Predator), which I still maintain is an excellent little flick, despite the skewering it received at the hands of the nasty critics.  “Predators” was pretty good – not fantastic – but certainly entertaining!  Still, I hope someday that I will learn my lesson and stop hoping for actual Predator character development!  Silly me!  it will NEVER come at this rate! All in all, it was good fun… and mercifully the cinema was air conditioned.

Lastly, Summer means great music, and this creator of gay male erotic comics is heading out to pick up Kylie Minogue’s latest album Aphrodite as soon as I finish posting this issue.  I’ve read nothing by great reviews about the album, and Erik from the terrific Roids and Rants Blog has given it two enthusiastic thumbs up – and I find that man has impeccable musical taste!

So enjoy the sun responsibly, Boys and Girls, and thanks for reading.  I’ll have more to have more toon-cock-related goodies for you again very soon!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat and Zahn © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
All artwork © Copyright Ink B.

The 2010 Boytoons Magazine Summer issue!

Adventures in Puerto Rico… Happy 2010!

"Adventures in Puerto Rico" by Patrick Fillion.

"Adventures in Puerto Rico" by Patrick Fillion.

You can always tell how much shit has piled up on my desk by how much time elapses between my Boytoons Magazine postings.  (Okay, so this time, there was a big whopping Holiday smack in the middle of everything – and on that note, I do hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Season and having a great 2010 to date.) Despite all of that, 2010 has started rather well, but as per my usual fashion after a vacation, I’m finding it tricky to regain my momentum.

This year for me, the Holiday Season was wonderfully different.  Fraser and I traveled to Puerto Rico with his side of the family for a fantastic vacation.  It was a full week of touring and bumming on the beach with his parents, brother and his brother’s girlfriend.  Fraser’s folks have traveled the world several times over, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to show us the Puerto Rican sites.  Of course, Fraser and I were taken by Fort San Felipe del Morro, but were distracted by many of the gorgeous Puerto Rican men and their beautiful butts!  LOL!

The island of Vieques in Puerto Rico; can you think of a better place to spend New Year's Eve?

The island of Vieques in Puerto Rico; can you think of a better place to spend New Year's Eve?

It was a very memorable New Year’s Eve in Vieques as I discreetly sipped my Diet Pepsi from a Medalla beer can – an attempt on everyone’s part to make me look cool!  LOL!  Best beer I’ve ever had, I’ll tell you that!

Yeah. Can you tell? I don’t drink!

Yes it's true. Puerto Rican's have really beautiful, big cocks. They run wild on the beaches!  LOL!

Yes it's true. Puerto Rican's have really beautiful, big cocks. They run wild on the beaches! LOL!

So aside from lost luggage (Grrrrrrr!) and what felt like a billion mosquitoes (ouch!), the vacation was loads of fun.

Still, home really is where the heart is and it’s always wonderful coming back to one’s own shit… even if it is to face a wall of work to catch up on. HA! HA! HA!

So now, I wonder where to begin.  I dunno about you, but I find Holidays to be at once a blessing and a curse in that they can really be a welcome distraction, but can also throw my creative momentum for a loop.

I am in a HUGE Deimos and Spot mood. Dunno why exactly, but I have been since coming home.  The moment I have a free second to draw again, I believe they’ll my subjects of choice.

Aaaaaaaaallll this to say, Happy New Year my friends.  I’m back… sort of!  LOL!  But one thing is for sure, I am looking forward to an amazing, creative and smut-filled 2010.  See ya soon!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

PS — Yes, I know that the illustration I used up above is from 2006… but it goes so well with this posting.  And since I’ve drawn nothing new this year to date, I suppose it will have to do!  LOL!  Enjoy! :)

Yours truly, pooped after a whole day of touring Vieques on foot!

Yours truly, pooped after a whole day of touring Vieques on foot!

The Gay Comic Geek needs your help!

Hello Folks…

Paul, the fabulous Gay Comic Geek needs your help!  He and his partner Steve have entered Interactive Male’s Big Gay Kiss contest, and they need your vote!  And why wouldn’t you vote for these two very sexy boys?  They are make a very hot couple and deserve the win!

Check out Paul’s video below, and then head on over to Interactive male’s BIG GAY KISS website to see Paul’s official entry and to cast your vote by rating his video!  Vote more than once if you like — Hell, vote 5 flames as many times as you can!!!  You can do so until November 9th, 2009!

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