More Birthday Gift Artwork!

Hello Folks…

Wow!  This year was the birthday that just keeps on giving! I am truly spoiled this year! LOL!  Here are three AWESOME birthday Art Gifts I received recently from my pals JC Etheredge, Sunny and Jotto.  I think you’ll agree that their takes on Camili-Cat and Deimos are pretty WICKED and crazy sexy!  Check ’em out!

JC Etheredge draws Deimos!

Jotto draws Camili-Cat as the main attraction at an Andorian tea party!

Sunny and Cam in a very sweet bedroom scene!

Camili-Cat and Deimos © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Andorians © Copyright and TM 2010, Paramount Studios.  All rights reserved.

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