A renewed sense of hope!

Good morning my friends…

And what a great morning to it is!  You know me, I rarely get political, but I have to tell you how thrilled both Fraser and I are that Barack Obama made history and won the US Presidential Election yesterday by a whopping landslide.  Okay, so he gets sworn in in January, but in our minds and the minds of millions of people, he is now PRESIDENT OBAMA.  It’s amazing!  The first African American president of the United States!!! WOW!!!  I have been so giddy all night, I hardly slept!

Move over Darth Bush!  Your time is up!

Obama’s victory speech was so eloquent and so moving.  I doubt I was the only one who got all tingly at hearing him include Gay people in his speech.  We are significant people, and to be recognized as such along with everyone else by Obama was truly monumental.  With all of this Prop 8 garbage, to be counted and respected as fellow “human beings” by the future leader of the United States is a huge, despite the early results of prop 8.

The preliminary results look bad for Prop 8 , but please remember not to give up and to keep fighting for what we all know if right.  We won a tremendous victory yesterday, but there are plenty of other victories that need to be won now.

Despite this, I have renewed faith in the Human Race, and for the first time in a long, long time, I have real hope that our world really can change for the better.  There’s still a whack load of hard work and tough times ahead, but at least there now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

My sincere thanks to everyone who supported President Obama in his campaign and who voted yesterday!  Much love to you all, and a huge congrats to all my American friends.  Congrats to us all really, ‘cause this is a victory we can all be proud of!

Now if only our own election had gone as well here in Canada… Next time, baby!  Next time!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

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