Hey Everybody!

The amazing MONKEYGOGO is currently holding a poll on his website. He’s completed hisTop 10 Guys series of illustrations, and now he wants you to vote for your fave.  He’ll draw the 2 winners together in a “sex pairing shot of absolute AWESOMENESS”!!!!

So I would LOVE IT and greatly appreciate it  if you good people went on over to MonkeyGoGo’s site and voted for LOCUS!  Yup, the lean, green sex machine is part of Monkey’s Top 10 Guys, and I think he deserves a lot of love! :D And besides, how frikkin’ HAWT would it be to see Locus paired up with say, Lion-O or He-Man? LOL!

Vote for LOCUS in MonkeyGoGo's "Top 10 Guys" poll!

So go vote, vote, VOTE!!!!!  LOL!  VOTE HERE!  Vote Green! VOTE LOCUS!!! MonkeyGoGo draws him so well, and I for one think it would be awesome seeing another Locus piece by his hand! :D

Thanks guys and gals! Lotsa luv all around!
Patrick XOXOX

Locus © Copyright & TM 2012, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

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Illustration by MonkeyGoGo, © Copyright 2011.

Character Appreciation Week – Day 07 – GROUP ROUNDUP!

Character Appreciation Week - Group Roundup - 1680 x 1050

Character Appreciation Week - Group Roundup - 1280 x 1024

Well Gang, it’s been a heck of a week! Welcome to day 7, the final day of Character Appreciation Week.  As promised, here’s a group shot of all 6 characters I drew for this fabulous little event.  I’ve assembled them together for you as wallpaper designs for your computer screens.  They’re available in standard and widescreen formats.

While putting these 6 new pin-ups together has been a lot of work, it’s also been a ton of fun, and you can bet this will not be the last time I do a Character Appreciation marathon.  But I had better get back to my regular Class Comics work for the next little while if you want to see more new books by yours truly come out this year!  LOL! XD

I also wanted to tell you all how much I’ve appreciated all your fantastic comments and all the Facebook “LIKES” (I LOVE those!!!). It’s really been rewarding reading from you and seeing how much you enjoyed this past week’s offerings.  So again, a million “thank yous” for your infectious enthusiasm and kind support.  You guys and gals totally ROCK in my book!

Enjoy the wallpaper and I’ll see you all again very shortly!

Much love to all!
Patrick XOXOX

Darque, Locus, Cam, Deimos, Trip and Zahn  © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Character Appreciation Week – Day 05 – LOCUS

Locus Felxin'. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Welcome to day 5 of Character Appreciation Week, my friends.  Today’s Special – The always delicious Lean, Green Sex Machine, LOCUS.

What can I say about Locus that he hasn’t already said about himself? LOL! He’s gorgeous, clever, funny, sweet and next to Bob, the most amply endowed Boytoon in the Class Comics universe. Oh yes! This green hunk of a toon has it all.  And sure he’s arrogant… but I dare say that’s part of what makes him so darn appealing. Why do we always go for the bad boys? LOL!

Locus Flexin'. Pencils by Patrick Fillion.

I always talk about how Camili-Cat has been with me for over 25 years, but I tend to forget that I created Locus back in 1991, a whole 20 years ago. That’s something to celebrate!  And while Locus didn’t get a commemorative “20th Anniversary Special” book the way Cam did, he did end up with his very own title, which is definitely cause to celebrate.

If I’m to be honest, I was a bit afraid of giving Locus his own book.  Sales matter you know. These comic books don’t print themselves and they are frikkin’ pricy to produce. If a book sits there like a steamin’ pile of crap, it’s pretty disastrous.  Fans are disappointed (I HATE that!), money is wasted and second issues become very unlikely. It’s a bad situation all around.

Locus Flexin'. Inks by Patrick Fillion.

I was worried about LOCUS #1 because although I knew Locus has a HUGE fan base – and that he’s one of my top three fave Class Comics heroes – he is, nevertheless unconventional.  He’s an alien for starters. He’s green, he’s got spots and has a uniquely shaped cock head that some readers who aren’t into science fiction might not find appealing. I worried that all those factors might keep his book from being successful.

Seems I worry too much! XD

LOCUS #1 is HOT HOT HOT! I’m overwhelmed by the amount of enthusiasm and excitement people have shown for this book.  I’m also relieved, because this tells me that the likelihood of a LOCUS #2 is very high! It also confirms that I’m not wrong – or alone – in my love for this strangely magnetic and irresistibly attractive character who’s just a bit too impressed with himself, but is nevertheless all heart.

Locus Flexin'. Colors by Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

So you can imagine the pride I feel in presenting you this new Locus pin-up today.  I love this character with all my heart, and the fact that you the fans have embraced him completely warms my heart. Thank you for your openness and sense of adventure. Today, Locus is all yours!

Much love to all!
Patrick XOXOX

Locus © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.



Hey Guys…

Just thought I’d give you a head’s up and tell you that LOCUS #1 is now available on Amazon! If you love buying Class Comics books through now you can add the Lean, Green Sex Machine’s first book to your shopping cart! Enjoy my friends!

Hugz + kisses to all! Patrick XOXOX

Class Comics' LOCUS #1 now available through Amazon!

LOCUS and all characters, © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

LOCUS #1 is now shipping!

I know you guys like me to tell ya when a new book is released, so let me just shout this from the mountaintops right now… LOCUS #1 is NOW SHIPPING! WAH-HOO!  You can get your copy in print or as a digital edition from the Class Comics website.

Class Comics' LOCUS #1 is now shipping! Get your copy today!

I do hope you’ll check it out.  I’m pretty proud of this comic. Locus may be green and extraterrestrial, but I’d like to think that his story sexiness make for an engrossing read.  And hey, if you want to help Locus get a second issue, spread the word about the series. Check out the cool Class Comics press section for an awesome Locus press capsule you can download. It’s full of images you can repost, ready to use text and banners and stuff.  And you know how much I appreciate the plug, guys! :D Oh yeah, the press section has literally TONS of wicked stuff for most of the other Class Comics titles too… so be sure to check the other capsules out as well!

The back cover to Class Comics' LOCUS #1. Art by Patrick Fillion.

And before I go, I just want to mention that the new Locus Title page is live on the Class Comics website.  I’ve put together a ton of fun Locus-themed wallpaper designs for your computers, so feel free to download those goodies as well!

That’s it for me for today.  I’ll be back shortly with more cool stuff!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

Locus © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hello my friends…

Here’s a little (or a rather sizable) something green for you on Saint Patrick’s Day!!  Ah Locus, ever so cocky… but can we blame him?  LOL!  Meanwhile, Locus #1 is almost back from press.  Expect it VERY SOON! I can’t wait!!!!  Enjoy the wallpaper and I’ll see ya again shortly!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Hugz + kisses to you all!
Patrick (who is not such a saint! LOL!) XOXO

WIDESCREEN 1680 X 1050


LOCUS © Copyright & TM 2011, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #206 – A closer look at Locus #1! A post a day – Day 03

Howdy Gang!

Okay. Locus #1 reveal time! Sort of… LOL! I mean I don’t want to spoil the book for you guys by showing TOO much art from it. I want you to be surprised when you read it. Because a lot of the art from book actually gives much of the plot away, I’ve carefully assembled a collection of pages and panels from the book that I think you’ll enjoy without any big juicy spoilers.

Locus makes a living as a male prostitute on planet Suktamimus in Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

My favorite page from the book. Excerpt from Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

What’s important for me to convey about this book is that creating it was pure self-indulgence. Locus #1 was an absolute labor of love and I would like to think that the results speak of that love. I didn’t place any huge pressure on myself the way I usually do when I create a book. I just set out to draw one of my favorite characters in his first solo book. I set out to have a great time, and I did just that.

That’s not to say that Locus #1 is vapid. At least, I hope it’s not. I was careful to craft a story that paints an intimate portrait of who Locus is, where he comes from, what his thoughts and beliefs are etc.

In Class Comics' LOCUS #1, Locus encounters the same three alien Thugs Cam once did. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Until now, Locus has always been Cam’s sidekick, and though that’s worked really nicely, I needed to see who Locus was separate of Cam… well mostly — because you can’t really have a book that sheds light on Locus’ past without seeing Cam pop up once or twice. So Locus #1 actually shows you how Locus and Cam met for the very first time.

While I explore his past, I also look at his future… and now I wonder if I’ve set events in motion that will demand a Locus #2. I never planned for that. See, Locus #1 was originally intended as a one-shot. But I guess these things can never truly be set in stone. And let’s face it, I’m in love with my Lean, Green Sex Machine. So if fan support and demand is there, I’d jump at the chance to do a second book in a heartbeat.

...and just because I NEVER get tired of posting this image...! Locus gets gang banged in Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Out of the fire and into the frying pan. Locus is "saved" from the alien thugs by Captain Beedal and his Sektan Guards in Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Locus offers himself to Captain Beedal. Will the Captain seize the opportunity? Excerpt from Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Apparently the Captain isn't stupid! Locus and Beedal get it on in Class Comics' upcoming LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

And speaking of the fans – of YOU GUYS – I just want to say an enormous THANK YOU to you all for your always uplifting and inspiring support of this unusual looking and yet oh-so-sexy green character of mine. Ever since I reintroduced Locus in Rapture #1 (‘cause believe it or not, Locus has been with me since 1992!) I’ve wanted to see him in a solo project, but always feared there might be little to no reader interest. You guys TOTALLY proved me wrong… and both I AND Locus thank you for that! Enjoy the previews, my friends. The book is due out mid-to late March, providing all goes well at press.

Much love and thanks!
Patrick XOXOX

Locus and all other Class Comics characters and artwork © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

LOCUS #1 the cover REVEALED! A post a day – Day 01

Howdy-ho folks!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! It’s time for another one of my 7-day posting blitzes, and to kick things off, here is the cover to LOCUS #1, revealed at last!

The official cover to Class Comics' LOCUS #1. Art and story by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Yes.  Locus is indeed WANTED!  The book will be out soon, and I ‘m so excited about it! This was DEFINITELY a labor of love. LOCUS #1 is sexy and very raunchy, and best of all it gives us better insight into who Locus is and the things that make him tick!

I’ll give you a closer look at the comic this week, and I’ll reveal more of the full color art from the comic to whet your appetite! So while we wait for that, I hope you enjoy the Lean, Green Sex Machine on the cover of his very own title. Prepare for some major green peen ’cause it was about time this character got to star in his own book!  HA! HA! HA!

See ya tomorrow, my friends!
Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

LOCUS © copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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