BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #216 – The Long Road to the Sea!

Sick of Winter? Well, take a comic book vacation and get away from it all with our first release of the 2012; Joseph Hawk’s incredible “THE LONG ROAD TO THE SEA”You deserve some sun and sand! The Long Road to the Sea is available in Printor Digital format and is available from Amazon as well. It’s an exciting debut comic that has been written and illustrated by Joseph Hawk, the artist for Robert Fraser’s The Initiation, 2010?s TLA Video Best Gay Comic of the year!

Joseph Hawk's "The Long Road to the Sea" is now shipping from Class Comics.

The book features Aki, a sexy young ( and VERY horny) Asian guy who just wants a nice day of lounging on the beach, where he can catch some sun without the worry of tan lines, swim buck naked in the sea, and beat off a few loads on the warm white sands!

Instead it will turn out to be one unexpected sexual encounter after another! Nothing could have prepared him for the moments of pleasure that await him at each turn in the road. While it wasn’t what he set out for, it will be a day that Aki will remember for the rest of his life.

Joseph Hawk's "The Long Road to the Sea" is now shipping from Class Comics.

Brimming with overwhelmingly HOT men, The Long Road to the Sea is just what the doctor ordered to ward off those Winter Blues.  Joseph Hawk delivers a terrific, exceptionally hot and beautifully crafted comic, which serves as a delicious reminder that sometimes a really GREAT SEX COMIC can be about non-superhero, normal guys, doing what guys love to do best.  If you’re a fan of the Initiation series, you cannot miss The Long Road to the Sea. Hell, you can’t miss this book no matter what!!

The Long Road to the Sea is available right now as a printed comic book and as a digital comic book!  For more information on this title, as well as some AWESOME goodies like wallpaper for your computer and free artwork,check out the official title info page .

Joseph Hawk's "The Long Road to the Sea" is now shipping from Class Comics.

The LONG ROAD TO THE SEA and all related characters and art are © Copyright and TM 2012, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved. 

All art created by Joseph Hawk. © Copyright 2012.

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