BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #211 – Johnny M reviews GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1


If one thing is constant in the universe — any universe — it’s change. Nothing stays the same forever, and this is especially true when it comes to humanity. Hearts and minds can change on a whim, and often without explanation. Change is also at the heart of Ghostboy and Diablo #1.

At first glance, Ghostboy and Diablo may seem to be an unlikely combination. The very much gay Ghostboy and the presumably straight Diablo may have been one of the last couples that one would expect to find in the Class Comics universe. However, after Ghostboy’s personality took a slight turn for the harder after he had his body usurped by Daddy Longlegs, the two of them seem highly compatible. Even then, it was a huge surprise when their story in Boytoons Adventures #2 ended with a passionate kiss.

GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #1 now available from Class Comics.

The two heroes do work well together, both in daring deeds and in romance. Their rapport is established very quickly in the pages of their first comic as a couple, and it seems entirely natural almost immediately. After breaking up with the much more flamboyant and occasionally flippant Naked Justice, Diablo’s more steady and steely personality seem like a better match for Ghostboy, and this is clear even in the mostly dialogue-free love scene in the middle of the book. This isn’t just sex: it’s passion.

What also brings the two together is the fact that both of them are not 100% out of the closet. Ghostboy’s never told his mother, and Diablo is just now starting to question his sexuality…and how to break the news to his wife. As in the lives of many gay men, the truth comes out in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. We’ve all had speeches prepared, worked our courage up to say “I’m gay” to our loved ones, often to have the whole thing backfire when we’re outed under much less controlled circumstances. Circumstances couldn’t be less controlled than what happens here.

Ghostboy and Diablo's relationship feels like a "First Love". Excerpt from Class Comics' GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1.

Like in all Class Comics, there’s a strong degree of sympathy for the reader in the pages of this book. All of us have been in Ghostboy’s or Diablo’s shoes, at least when it comes to the proper time, place, and way to come out. Even though both Ghostboy and Diablo have both had relationships before, this feels like a first love for them both, and it has all the hallmarks of the beginnings of that first, heady relationship that most of us know. Sure, one of these guys can walk through walls and the other is literally a horny devil, but we can all see where they’re coming from.

Ghostboy and Diablo: Together at last!

The story isn’t the only great thing about the book, though. Jacob Mott does fantastic work here, giving Patrick Fillion’s story the same vivid immediacy that he did for the Naked Justice Beginnings series. Like those books, this title has a style a little less detailed than Patrick’s signature look, but it’s nonetheless compelling and eye-catching. It’s Disney-esque in all the best ways, from the curls on Ghostboy’s head to the literally tooth-shattering blow Diablo gives to a thug. It compliments the words beautifully and gives the book an exciting energy.

Hope you know a good dentist!

Patrick has also laid the seeds for what may prove to be one of his most interesting titles. The unusual combination of Ghostboy and Diablo, as well as the almost effortless chemistry that the characters seem to have, make their romance very intriguing. The revelations about Ghostboy’s past also spark a lot of questions that you’ll just be dying to have answered. There’s a lot going on under the surface here, and it’s going to be difficult to wait to see what happens.

Ghostboy and Diablo have effortless chemistry! Excerpt from Class Comics' Ghostboy and Diablo #1.

In the meantime, I plan on studying the full-page panel on page 11. What? It’s purely academic, I swear. It’s not just because it’s one of the hottest, most erotic pictures in the Class Comics universe ever. Why don’t you believe me?

Johnny M, October 2011.

Johnny M recently penned the six-part series of insightful essays, “Thursdays with Patrick”,  based upon the characters of the Class Comics Universe for the FANBOYS OF THE UNIVERSE website.  His recent JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS retrospective is not only inspired, but it will propel you back to your childhood with panache and flare. A million thank yous to ya Johnny for this wonderful review of GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1! Smooches to you, my friend!  — Patrick XOXOX


GHOSTBOY, DIABLO and all other characters © Copyright and TM Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Art by Jacob Mott. 

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