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Every now and then I come across a new artist that blows me away with his talent, his concepts and the ease with which he creates. The fabulously talented EVO SAPIEN is such an artist.  He’s someone who seamlessly infuses a beautiful mixture of mainstream comic book flare with hot, cutting edge male erotica into his work . The results are pretty darn superb!

Sexy studs getting dirty in the shower. Beautiful artwork created by EVO SAPIEN!

The delicious APEX, one of Evo's OC's. I do so love sexy Bug Boys! Art by EVO SAPIEN!

Spidey pounds the Human Torch! Super sexy Marvel fan art by EVO SAPIEN!

When you first look at his portfolio, you may get a sense that Evo has an appreciation for the late Michael Turner, comics (of course) as well as Japanese Animé art, and that’s absolutely not a bad thing because those are great inspirations to have. But Evo takes his inspirations and adeptly weaves in his own special touch, creating unique art in a wonderful style all his own, with powerfully potent results. There’s a very clean elegance to his work.  Evo’s well-rounded artistic ability allows him to create extremely accessible gay male erotica that has such a beautiful mainstream flare to it, you’d expect to be able to buy his work off any comic book rack. That’s something I truly love about his stuff – it effortlessly bridges the gap between mainstream and erotica!

An excerpt from EVO SAPIEN'S superbly HAWT Spider-Man fan art comic "SHOOTERS"! Check out the rest of the comic on Evo's website.

Look at his illustration of Spidey giving it to the Human Torch. It could be the cover to an issue of Marvel Team-Up and the art easily measuring up to anything Marvel has put out. And if you love Evo’s take on Spidey (as I’m sure you do!), you’ll love his SHOOTERS comic, in which he pits a hopelessly outmatched Spidey against the incredibly horny Venom who wants nothing more that to bone his arch-nemesis in every way imaginable! It’s the wet dream cum true of every Spider-Man fan who’s ever fantasized about seeing their friendly neighborhood web-slinger getting down and dirty. Trust me, it’s FREAKIN’ HAWT!

Evo seems equally comfortable drawing Furry guys as he is drawing human dudes. In fact, his furry art is some of the most striking I’ve ever seen. It’s playful and sensual, and always drawn and colored with super skill.  Who’s a good dog? The hunk below sure is! ;)

Fabulous Furry Dog-Boy art by EVO SAPIEN!

EVO SAPIEN'S line art and his beautiful colors make a winning combination. What a view!

And so, all of Evo’s beautiful Spider-Man art, his fabulous Furry work and of course his massive collection of scorchingly sexy male art made me absolutely want to work with him on some Class Comics projects. This is an artist who is as professional as he is talented, and our first project together was the STRIPSHOW episode “The Voodoo that you do”. Evo’s take on Ghostboy is wonderful, and his rendition of the Prick, a character that has been absent from recent Class Comics is truly fantastic. Part one is superb, but just wait until you see part 2 (and be sure you’re signed up to the Class Comics monthly newsletter — that’s where you’ll see it first!). Evo draws Diablo for the first time in part 2 and he looks absolutely delicious.  Just wait and see!

GHOSTBOY falls prey to the PRICK in "The Voodoo that you do" part 1 of a 2-part STRIPSHOW. Art by EVO SAPIEN. Story by Patrick Fillion.

You know, I could go on and on about this artist that I love as a creator and as a new pal. His work is so lovely and always brings a big smile to my face and a big bulge to my pants! LOL! But again, why take it from me when you can see for yourselves. His website is absolutely brimming with stunning art, and Evo himself is really great at up-keeping his Blog entries, keeping us abreast of his latest projects and showing us the latest art he’s creating. I love that about him – so talented and so prolific. It’s a great combination in an artist.

"Twisted Fate" illustration by EVO SAPIEN!

So check out this artist who is so adept at drawing, coloring and conceiving of this amazingly sensual art. For my part, I promise you’ll see more of his work with Class Comics very soon. When someone is this gifted and this great to work with, I just can’t stay away. He does all this wonderful artwork, AND also reviews cool Gay interest and comic book stuff on his site as well. EVO SAPIEN’s talents are diverse and I’m a big fan for life!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

All artwork and original characters © Copyright 2012, Evo Sapien. All rights reserved.

Ghostboy and the Prick © Copyright & TM 2012, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

Spider-Man, Venom and the Human Torch © Copyright & TM 2012, Marvel Characters Inc. All rights reserved. 


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