Space Cadet #1 is HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Hello my friends.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

I’ve got some great news for you today!  Hot off the press, Space Cadet #1 is now shipping!

Class Comics' SPACE CADET #1 is Hot Off the Press!

Ever since his first appearance way back in “the Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #2”, Space Cadet has been a fan favorite.  He is a powerful, handsome hero with a unique look and personality which many readers can identify with.

Now in his very own mini series, Space Cadet will prove once again why he is so popular with fans.  Called upon to help liberate the oppressed satyrs from the evil Baron Von Phallus, Space Cadet dives into action employing his amazing new super powers to fight the good fight.

Space Cadet #1 picks up after the events in Rapture #3, and plunges Space Cadet deep into the mystical realm of Ordovica.  You’ll meet sexy new characters, such as Strider, the King of the centaurs and get re-acquainted with familiar faces such as Vallan and Baron Von Phallus.

The official SPACE CADET mini iste is now live!

Space Cadet #1 is written by yours truly, and beautifully illustrated by Class Comics newcomer, Bob Grey.  I also created 4 new art pieces for the front, back and inside covers of the book.  For more info on this wicked new mini series, check out the official Space Cadet Mini Site.  It was designed by Nookiedog and he did a gorgeous job with it.  It’s absolute eye-candy! And to learn more about Space Cadet, check out his newly updated character bio.

Enjoy the comics, my friends.  I’ve got some cool new stuff coming up for ya shortly.  And that Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 preview is coming up soon too, so stay tooned!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

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