New Fan Art by INMOMAKURO!

Hey folks…

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

To celebrate,  I thought I’d share some gorgeous new Diablo and Camili-Cat fan art created by the amzingly talented Inmomakuro.  These pieces are sooooo beautiful, and I think you’ll agree with me that he captured the essence of the characters perfectly.

Fan art of Class Comics’ sexy DIABLO, drawn by Inmomakuro.

Inmomakuro’s take on Diablo is very sensual, and I love that he opted to make him uncut for this image — so it’s sort of a sexy cross between Diablo and his son, Incubus. A very sexy touch!

And his Camili-Cat is no less sexy. OMG — that butt, that chest!  Cam looks mighty fiiiine wading around in that crystal blue water. This one’s got 2 beautiful versions — 1 in color and 1 in black and white.

Fan art of Class Comics’ sexy CAMILI-CAT, drawn by Inmomakuro.

These are two superb pieces of Class Comics fan art, and Inmomakuro is an extremely talented artist whose work I never get tired of seeing.  See more of his beautiful art here, here and here!

Thanks for making these, Makuro! I absolutely LOVE them!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. More from me soon!

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXOX


Diablo and Camili-Cat © Copyright and TM 2012 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. Fan art © 2012 Inmomakuro. 

Dynamite Entertainment pays homage to Class Comics?

Hey Gang…

Here’s a fun little noggin’ scratcher for ya! A few days ago, a fan sent me an email with an attachment of the Dynamite Entertainment “LORD OF THE JUNGLE” #3 cover by the fantastic Lucio Parrillo.  I immediately understood why.  There are some striking similarities between Parrillo’s Lord of the Jungle cover and Class Comics’ ZAHN #2 cover.  The pose, the setting, even the color choices — all are strikingly similar.  Check it out!

Is the cover of Dynamite Entertainment's LORD OF THE JUNGLE #3 an homage to Class Comics' ZAHN #2 cover?

For the record, Zahn #2 came out  two years ahead of Lord of the Jungle #3.  Zahn #2 was released August 24, 2010. Lord of the Jungle #3 was released April 11, 2012.

I choose to see this as one of two things.  Either it’s a complete coincidence that these 2 covers are so alike… or it’s a wonderful homage to Class Comics on Dynamite’s and Parrillo’s part. Either way, the I think both covers are totally HOT and pretty darn awesome! LOL!

But you decide! :D

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

ZAHN © Copyright & TM 2010, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

LORD OF THE JUNGLE © Copyright and TM 2012, Dynamite Entertainment. All rights reserve. 



BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #217 – Class Comics FAN ART Special!

Hello, Hello folks! :)

Yes, I’ve been pretty absent lately, and as a result, there’s a ton of stuff I’ve been meaning to post here.  It’s been piling up and today I figured was a good day to start getting my butt in gear and actually post some of this awesome stuff.

So without further delay, here is a very special CLASS COMICS FAN ART issue of BTM.  The artists that have sent me these beautiful pieces have all waited so patiently for me to post them.  I MUST to apologize for the delay.  All I can say is that just because it’s taken me a really long time to actually get around to posting your work does not mean I love it any less.  It’s all gorgeous stuff and greatly appreciated.  Thanks to each and every one of you who sent me your take on my characters and those who populate the Class Comics Universe. You guys ROCK!

Super Dynamic Camili-Cat fan art by the incredible Anthony Gonzales! Love that Cam has his new look here, but his uncut cock remains! VERY SEXY! XD

Another brilliant piece of Camili-Cat fan art by the incredible Anthony Gonzales! These Cam pieces and the ones of Wade below were made for Fraser and I by Anthony as Wedding Gifts... and we LOVE THEM (and him!) :D

He may be mean, but he sure is hot! Wade of the Zeta Mega Phallus Fraternity in (and out of) his wrestling gear . Fan art by the amazing Anthony Gonzales!

Another gorgeous illustration of Wade from the Zeta Mega Phallus Fraternity. Fan art by the amazing Anthony Gonzales!

Glow Worm upside down! Beautiful fan art by CCYaoi!

The super sexy Size King! Stunning fan art by Inmomakuro!

The Son of Winter, ZAHN! Superb fan art by Pol Romano!

Deimos is some serious trouble. Delicious fan art by the one and only HOTCHA!

Camili-Cat plays with Aza the Tolarian! Gorgeous fan art by Lay, commissioned by Dinosaurprince.

Another wicked illustration of Aza the Tolarian by the wonderful Caravaggia.

Camili-Cat hangs out with Gene! A lovely piece of fan art by Skyboy16. Gene is Skyboy16's OC!

A very horny piece of Diablo fan art by the wonderful Dragon Fang Studio!

Space Cadet ready for the taking! Superbly sexy fan art by the one and only Choklit Daddy!

Flamer and his beautiful butt. A superbly sexy piece of fan art by Cray!

Strider mounts Space Cadet. Fabulous fan art by Zipopen, commissioned by Dinosaurprince.

A lovely piece of Felicia fan art as drawn by the fabulous Gilbie!

And last but not least, this breathtaking piece of Camili-Cat fan art by the incredible Luxuris!

For more on these amazing and talented artists, please check out the following links: Anthony Gonzales. CCYaoi. Inmomakuro. Pol Romano. Hotcha. Lay. Dinosaurprince. Caravaggia. Skyboy16/Gene Lightfoot. Dragon Fang Studio/Thundercock. Choklit Daddy. Cray. Zipopen. Luxuris.

Thanks again to all the wonderful artists who sent Fraser and I these incredible works of art. You guys are truly loved! XD

More from me shortly — see you again soon!

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXO

All characters (with the exception of Gene who is © Gene Lightfoot) are © Copyright and TM 2012, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.  


Hello Boys and Girls!

Before I post the Halloween 2011 issue, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite new obsessions: The gorgeous art of the verily talented MONKEYGOGO!

How I love Monkeygogo’s beautiful work! You know, I really have a thing for art that can be as playful and fun as it is sexy, and that is something I adore about Monkeygogo’s art. It’s a perfect blend of this. The boy’s got skillz!

Monkeygogo's super sexy interpretation of HE-MAN is dedicated to the Gay Comic Geek!

Monkeygogo draws the ever-sexy LION-O from THUNDERCATS!

Another aspect of Monkeygogo’s work that I find brilliant is how he creates several variants of an image. For example, if you check out his amazing TOP 10 Muscle Men series, you’ll be treated to several different versions of some really studly pop culture male heroes. Lion-O, He-Man (which he dedicates with love to the fabulous Gay Comic Geek) and Link from Zelda are just a few hunks Monkeygogo expertly takes on, but each one is portrayed in various stages of undress and arousal. SO SEXY… SO CREATIVE… and so very skillful! He even takes on LOCUS, and Good Lord, does he ever do a fantastic job drawing my Lean, Green, Sex Machine! Oh how I LOVE his interpretation of Locus!

Monkeygogo includes LOCUS as part of his TOP 10 FAVORITE MUSCLE MEN series.

Even though I’m quite sure most of you are familiar with Monkeygogo’s beautiful work, I simply HAD to talk about him today. And if you’re not familiar with Monkeygogo’s art, you’ll really love discovering it, so I will leave you to rush over to his Blog and explore to your heart’s content. But one thing is for use, this is another gifted artist who is well on his way to big things. Watching him (well, yeah the man in question as well as his art – ’cause he is mighty easy on the eyes too! LOL!) and his amazing and super sexy artwork is a true delight, one I look forward to enjoying for years to come!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

All art © Copyright 2011, Monkeygogo. All rights reserved. 

All characters © and TM 2011 their respective owners. 

Locus © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

FAN ART by Astasia 666

Hello my friends…

I’ve been meaning to post these two gorgeous pieces of Class Comics fan art, buy the very talented Astasia 666 for a few weeks now. I find they are perfect for the season in their beautiful colors and style.

Lanor fan art by Astasia 666.

Astasia really did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of both Lanor and Devilhound, and of also stylizing them beautifully. Her style is so elegant and graceful, and I love the hand-painted look and feel of these two stunning pieces.  They’re truly exquisite. Hats off to Astasia… this is SUPERB WORK!!!! The color choices are sublime and there’s a real “ethereal” feel to both of the works that I love very much!  They both feel very “classical” in many respects. It’s really lovely and sensual all at once.

Devilhound fan art by Astasia 666.

Really beautiful work Astasia, thank you so very much! And to my pal Dinosaurprince, a HUGE thank you as well for making these happen and sending them my way. You guys know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving fan art of my characters, and Lanor and Devilhound were a truly welcome surprise.

Enjoy these lovely boys from Astasia, my friends, and stay tooned. The Halloween 2011 issue is coming up, and you are NOT gonna want to miss this one. HEH! HEH! HEH! See you soon!

BIG BIG Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

Lanor and Devilhound © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

Illustrations by Astasia 666, © 2011. 

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #198 – The art & blog of JEZZA SMILEZ!

You know, when I started Boytoons Magazine back in May of 2006, there really didn’t seem to be a ton of other Blogs devoted to gay male erotic art and the artists who create it. I remember thinking what a pleasure it was to write about all of these amazing creators whose work I found so inspiring, and genuinely hoped that Blogs of this nature would take off and become more abundant. I wanted to share my love of the genre with all of you.

Flash-forward to more than 4 years in later, and the internet is full of Blogs featuring gay erotic art. Many are absolutely terrific and checking them daily is a part of my morning routine. But it strikes me that few of them actually discuss the gay erotic art community beyond their own contribution to it. Now that’s not a bad thing! It’s wonderful to see Blogs that are dedicated to a single artist, usually the Blog owner — I LOVE that! But every so often you find a Blog that is truly committed to the gay erotic arts community and to an even greater degree, to bringing you information on the artists who are responsible for creating the art.

Zahn fan art by Jezza Smilez.

The Blog of artist Jezza Smilez, JEZZ LOADS is such a Blog. Jezza is a fabulous artist who loves what he does. He also has a deep love and respect for his fellow artists. He’s an artist AND a fan. His love has led him to conduct amazing interviews with virtually dozens of creators of gay erotic art.

From Logan to Joe Philips, BelascoJacob Mott and Iceman Blue, to name just a few, Jezza’s interviews are always fabulously in-depth. He covers topics from the industry – how to make it as a professional artist – to what inspires his fellow creators to do what they do best. He even manages to get up close and personal with his questions. Trust me, Jezza recently interviewed me, and the stuff I told him surprised even me. He’s that good! And I think that’s because he himself is such an up-front, down to earth guy. You can’t help but feel comfortable enough with him to spill all of your raunchy beans! LOL!

Camili-Cat fan art by Jezza Smilez.

I see Jezza as a solid and very important pillar of the gay erotic arts community. He’s managed to do something that few artist/bloggers have – he’s managed to bring us all closer to the artists we love. And through his love of the scene, he’s become one of it’s greatest assets and sources of info. That’s actually quite a HUGE accomplishment.

Art is a competitive field. There are a ton of really talented people who are trying to make a go of it, and that can be a very isolating thing. You can get pretty focused on your own struggles and adventures. It’s fantastic to see that someone like Jezza create a Blog that is truly devoted to opening up the gay erotic arts community and to bringing all of us, creators and fans alike, closer.

Naked Justice fan art by Jezza Smilez.

What could be better than that? Well, how about the fact that Jezza not only offers you all of this cool stuff I mentioned, but he also treats you to his super-sexy artwork too! The guy is incredibly prolific, and his studs are all sooooo damn HAWT! He drew a TON of cool Class Comics fan art to accompany the interview he did with me that I absolutely HAD to share it with you today — like the GORGEOUS Deimos illustration he drew that I simply HAD to put on this issue’s cover!

Incubus fan art by Jezza Smilez.

Believe me when I tell you that Jezza Smilez is an artist you will want to follow for two very important reasons… his artwork is über sexy, and his Blog is quickly becoming one of the most important sources of info on all your favorite gay artists. I for one am extremely excited to see Jezza and his Blog grow even further. JEZZ LOADS is the Entertainment Weekly of gay erotic art Blogs!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Deimos, Zahn, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice and Incubus © Copyright & TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

All artwork © Copyright 2010 Jezza Smilez. All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #189 – Straight to… by Nicolas Brunet! A post a day – OVERTIME – Day 11

Hello my friends…

I trust you’ve all recovered from the Lady Gaga parody I posted yesterday night!  HA! HA! HA!

This morning I have some very cool stuff for you! Some gorgeous hot new wallpaper designs by new-artist/writer-to-Class Comics, Nicolas Brunet.  If you’re not yet familiar with Nicolas and his über-sexy work, you will want to check out his first Class Comics title “Straight to…” #1. It’s an exclusive Class Access Digital Comic and well worth downloading.

The Class Access digital comic exclusive, "Straight to..." #1. Written and illustrated by Nicolas Brunet.

“Straight to…” is about a company that can take any hetero guy and convert him to gay! Hmmm… I bet a lot of us have wished once or twice that this sort of thing were possible, huh? LOL!

In issue #1, we’re introduced to Alex and Richy, two very hot studs who are both pivotal to these sex shenanigans.  These boys are constantly horny and excel at their jobs!  If you guys have missed my Satisfaction Guaranteed series since it wrapped up, you’ll love “Straight to…” because this series features super hot, real guys doing what they love best!

Nico’s put together a sensational first issue filled with intrigue and amazing sex-capades.  And though issue #1 is in black and white, you won’t want to miss it.  Besides, I’ve seen pages from the up-coming second issue and it is in full color, and insanely hot!

Alex wallpaper - 1280 × 1024

Alex wallpaper - 1680 × 1050

Speaking of Alex and Richy, I know you’ll enjoy these amazing wallpaper designs that Nico has put together. They feature the boys in all their sexiness and trust me, they look great on your desktop.

Richy wallpaper - 1280 x 1024

Richy wallpaper - 1680 × 1050

Straight to... wallpaper - 1280 × 1024

Straight to... wallpaper - 1680 × 1050

Aaaaand… because I can’t quite get enough of them, I thought I would re-post Nico’s stunning Class Comics fan art.  You may have seen Cam, NJ and Jon Dazy by his hand before because I’ve posted them once already, but check out this brand new illustrations of Zahn and Cauldron he did.  They’re absolutely DEVINE!

Zahn fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

Cauldron fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

Jon Dazy fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

Naked Justice fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

Camili-Cat fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

So check out Straight to… #1 and discover the lascivious world of Nicolas Brunet.  It’s a fun ride to be certain! And for more of Nico’s artwork, be sure to visit his Blog!

Have a wicked day, folks, and I’ll see ya here tomorrow!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat, Naked Justice, Jon Dazy, Cauldron and Zahn © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.  Fan art by Nicolas Brunet.

Alex, Richy, Straight to… © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc./Nicolas Brunet. All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #186 – The Fabulous Class Comics Fan Art BONANZA!

Boytoons Magazine #186 cover

Well my friends, we’ve come to the end of 2009, and this issue of Boytoons Magazine is the last one of the year.  I’ve received so much fantastic Fan Art this year and I’ve posted a lot of it throughout the past months.  Still I thought it would be really cool to end the year with a BANG!  So today I’ve posted another TON of superb Class Comics fan art by some truly gifted artists for your enjoyment.
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