BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #208 – Birthday Bash!

Hiya Folks! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! :D

Every year when my birthday rolls around, I am ALWAYS spoiled by tons and tons of AMAZING gift art from friends, fellow artists and fans. These gift arts always feature some of my characters and you know how much I LOVE that.

This year I received a massive bounty of stunning artwork and I absolutely HAD to share it here with you on BOYTOONS MAGAZINE!!!

Camili-Cat fan art by Leon de Leon!

My undying LOVE and APPRECIATION goes out to my pals Dinosaurprince and Leon de Leon for their boundless thoughtfulness and generosity, and to all of the other fantastic folks who so sweatly treated me to these gorgeous gifts: Hydaria, Caravaggia (Gâ-l Pinga), FallenAngel, Aneros, Ivanhormy, MioWorks, Sirio, AD140, Raúl from the Rainbow Boys, Karulox and Maduinshorn! You wonderful guys and gals have made this a magical birthday and you are all deeply adored. I can’t thank you enough for these incredible works of art! I love you all! SMOOCHES all around!

Locus, Camili-Cat and Space Cadet fan art by Gâ-l (Caravaggia).

Zahn fan art by Karulox (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince)

Locus and Camili-Cat fan art by Aneros.

Cody, Guy and Naked Justice in "FINAL FIGHT"! Fan art by Ivanhormy. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince)

Zahn fan art by Fallen Angel. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince)

Space Cadet meets Carlos! Art by Hydaria (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Space Cadet meets Carlos "Variant". Art by Hydaria (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Locus meets Jotaro! Art by Sirio (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Camili-Cat meets Rikuo! Art by AD140 (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Zahn meets Dimata! Art by Maduinshorn (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Kayxon and Blue fan art by MioWorks! (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince)

Mako Finn services Lil' Deep! Art by MioWorks (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Zahn Fan Art by Raúl from the Rainbow Boys. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Cock to cock! Lyrus and Meezok docking 01! Art by Hydaria. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Cock to cock! Lyrus and Meezok docking 02! Art by Hydaria. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Cock to cock! Lyrus and Meezok docking 03! Art by Hydaria. (Commissioned by Dinosaurprince).

Locus Fan Art by Dinosaurprince!! :D

Meanwhile, the Incredible Dinosaurprince and FallenAngel created an AWESOME Camili-Cat comic called “Special Delivery” for me. It’s SUPER HAWT!!! I’ve only posted 1 page from the comic here, but you can see the entire comic over on Dinosaurprince’s Blog! Don’t miss it!!!

Camili-Cat meets the Super Sexy Egyptian Mice in "Special Delivery" -- a birthday mini comic written by Dinosaurprince and illustrated by Fallen Angel!

Well, this really was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! HA! HA! HA! Thanks to you all, and I’ll see you here again shortly with some more HOT Boytoons-related goodies!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

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