BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #129 – Ali where are you?

I have always loved Freshmen magazine.  The men are always hot and the photography is not only a turn on, but it’s also executed with a very artful eye.  In many ways, it’s one of the best gay adult magazines out there.  But I think what I love best about Freshmen is that  the magazine also features some really wicked artists and illustrators of gay erotic art.

In the late 1990s, Freshmen began running comics by an artist named Ali.  The awesomeness of this artist struck me right away.  This was an illustrator with a great deal of style and a very unique line.  His stories were always very short and simple (that’s what happens when you only have a few panels to play with per issue!) but they were always very lovely to look at and quite effective… If you catch my drift.

The scenarios always left so much to the imagination because in one panel, Ali would set events in motion, and you as the viewer would get to imagine what happened next.

His men are beautiful and there is a certain “perfect” aesthetic to them.  The way you might expect that a store mannequin would be perfect with flawless skin and features… that’s what Ali’s guys make me think of.  Well, mannequins with huge, perfect cocks in any case!

What more can I tell you about Ali?  Sadly, nothing!  I wish I knew more.  I wish I had had the privilege of being in contact with this amazing talent.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  So Ali, if you happen to read this, please contact me via Class Comics.  I think you and I could have a ton of stuff to talk about!

And to you my dear readers, I say, if you happen to know of a website for Ali, please do let me know.  I would love to see what he is up to these days.

Meanwhile, despite the appalling lack of info I have on this fine talent, I do have a modest collection of his strips from Freshmen.  I have posted a few of them here today in order to share with you my complete love of them.  The joy and freedom Ali must have felt while creating these fabulously naughty little strips is quite evident in every line.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have, and as much as clearly, Ali did when he created them.

PS – On a personal note, it had to happen… Fraser and I are once again preparing to move.  Things have been a bit on the hectic side here because of all of that, but rest assured, I have some more cool stuff planned for BTM.  I hope you will all bear with me if it takes me a few days between posts to get new things posted.  Meanwhile, this particular issue has been a LOVELY break in an otherwise psychotic day!  LOL!  I hope you are all well, dear friends!  More from yours truly very shortly!

Hugz + kisses,

Patrick XOXO

All artwork in this post© Copyright 2008 Ali.  All rights reserved.

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