Me in my Locus costume… or lack thereof! A post a day – Day 12

Patrick Fillion "photomanipulated" as Locus!

Hello Gang.

I realize that some of you have seen this pic of me “photomanipulated” as Locus over on my Face Book fan page, but I felt it would make a fun posting here on BTM.  Consider this my Halloween Costume… if I, you know, had the actual GUTS to go out dressed (or rather, “undressed”) like this. HA! HA! HA!

Originally, I created this silly little photo in celebration of LOCUS #1, which I am happy to report is a mere 1 page away from being completed!  YIPPEE!!! But it also seems to be very “festive” considering that it’s the Halloween season. LOL!

Incidentally, I invite you all to come and join my Face Book page if you haven’t already done so. I’ve recently taken to updating it as often as I can and it’s always great to see you guys there!I hope you’ll join me.

Have a great evening, my friends, and be sure to come back tomorrow when I FINALLY post my SPECIAL HALLOWEEN ISSUE of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE! It’s gonna be spook-tacular!!!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Teleny and Camille by Jon Macy – A post a day – Day 11

Hiya Boys and Girls…

Recently Charles “Zan” Christensen, co-creator of The Mark of Aeacus, launched a publishing company called Northwest Press. Their goal is to introduce lesser-known LGBT writers and artists to the whole world and celebrate them.

Northwest Press’ first release is  a trade paperback entitled “Teleny and Camille”. Lovingly illustrated by Jon Macy, the book is based upon the novel “Teleny” by Oscar Wilde and Circle.

The cover to Northwest Press' first release, "Teleny and Camille" by Jon Macy.

“Camille, a wealthy young gentleman in Victorian London, falls in love with the handsome and mesmerizing pianist Teleny. While Teleny performs on stage, the two star-crossed lovers discover they share a psychic link in the form of an erotic vision. While Camille struggles to resist his homosexuality Teleny is being pursued by others.

After telepathically witnessing the erotic encounters Teleny has with both sexes, Camille attempts suicide. Teleny rescues Camille physically and emotionally with his rapturous love forsaking all others. In this newfound happiness Camille tries to forget that Teleny owes much of his success to the generosity of the women who desire him.”

Below are a few page samples fro your viewing pleasure.

This is a true graphic novel in every sense of the term! It’s an incredible 250 pages of seductive storytelling that presents treats for both the eyes and mind to linger on.  If you enjoy a great story filled with sex, then give it a try!

You can get Teleny and Camille at Amazon, but what they would REALLY prefer is if you could order it through your local Comic Shop! The Diamond Order Code is SEP101088! My personal copy of this amazing graphic novel currenlty resides on my nightstand.  It’s been a wonderful read so far, and I am savoring ever page, loving  Jon Macy’s whimsical and striking art style.  Teleny and Camille is a fantastic book, and a fabulous first offering from Northwest Press.

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Teleny and Camille © Copyright 2010, Jon Macy.  All rights reserved.

I am NOT HAPPY with Amazon at the moment! A post a day – Day 10


So I have been patiently waiting since AUGUST 31st — that’s when I placed my order at y’see — for the Clone Wars season 2, officially released in North America yesterday, the 26th of October. Yes. Patiently.  Which is really saying something for me, considering what a nut for all things SW I am.  But I figured if I place my order nice and early, the moment it’s released, they will mail it and I’ll get it lickety split!

This morning I wake up to an email stating the following: “We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on August 31 2010, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Complete Season Two”. Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. You’ll still be able to cancel at any time before we ship it. If you want to cancel the item now, please click the link BLAH BLAH BLAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Book Cover

They’ll “keep trying”??

WTF is that?!?!?


Ok.  But seriously.  Is this not a major mainstream release?  What gives? “Still trying to obtain” indeed!  Listen Amazon, just fucking give George Lucas a call.  I am sure he’ll be more than happy to take your money and mine for the Goddamn thing!!!!  He usually is!  I mean really!  How hard to “obtain” can this frikkin’ set be???  I would understand if this were something completely obscure… but it’s STAR WARS merchandise!!!  I’m surprised I can’t buy a copy at the local McDonalds with my Happy Meal!!!

OK.  Done venting! Sorry, I am DEAD SERIOUS about my Star Wars. Heh Heh!

While I wait for Amazon to apparently travel to Tatooine “to obtain” a copy of the Clone Wars Season 2 from the clutches of frakkin’ Jabba the Goddamn HUTT himself, here is a little picture of the lovely little Ahsoka Tano I drew in anticipation of the set. I hope you will enjoy it more than I am currently enjoying the customer service at!

Have a wonderful evening, dear friends… yes, even YOU good folks at Amazon, too! ;)

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Ahsoka Tano fan art, lovingly drawn by Patrick Fillion.

AHSOKA TANO © Copyright and TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  All rights reserved.

PS — I’d like to point out that I have always been more than satisfied with the service Amazon provides.  God knows I’ve ordered plenty of stuff from them.  This little rant is all in good humor and really, all will absolutely be forgiven once Amazon ships me my DVDs!  HA! HA! HA!  Cheers! XOXO

I LOVE Halloween – A post a day – Day 9


I love it as much, if not more in some ways than Christmas. It’s so much fun with all the candy and the costumes and the horror movies and the golden opportunities to draw special Halloween-themed illustrations!  I love it all.

Camili-Cat celebrates Halloween! Art by Patrick Fillion.

In the past, I’ve always created a special illustration of one of my boys for the Boytoons Magazine Halloween issue cover ( not to worry, this year’s Halloween issue is coming up in just a few days), but this year, I thought I would go even further and create a BRAND NEW CHARACTER for the occasion.  You’ll be meeting JACKO the HALLOWEENER (yes. Pun intended!) very soon, and I promise you he is all about the Halloween spirit — spooky, but being a Class Comics character, also VERY hot!! LOL!

Sweet Treat, a Halloween Themed illustration by Patrick Fillion for the pages of Black Inches, 2005.

Jacko is even gonna meet SPACE CADET for the first time in this month’s STRIPSHOW episode, which will premiere with the October 2010 Class Comics newsletter, heading out later this week (be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. That way you won’t miss the episode!).  I thought, why not really get into the Halloween spirit this year and do a bit more than just a solo image for the occasion.  The other awesome thing about this STRIPSHOW episode is that I did it in my BOYTOON ADVENTURES drawing style (BELIEVE ME! it REALLY suits the Holiday), and it’s the very first time we get to see Space Cadet in that style (beyond being a poster in a dorm room!)!  How cool is that?

Stephane celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

There are still a few days to wait for Jacko to arrive on the Halloween issue cover, but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to revisit a few of my past year’s Halloween illustrations! I hope you enjoy my Halloweenized Cam, Stephane, Ghostboy and of course my “sweet treat” African-American Halloween Hunk.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 10!


Ghostboy celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Camili-Cat, Stephane, Ghostboy and Sweet Treat © Copyright & TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics.  All rights reserved.

Tattooing Colin – A post a day – Day 7

Happy Sunday, boys and girls!

Yesterday afternoon, Fraser and I ventured down to ADRENALINE TATTOO on Vancouver’s Granville Street to meet up with Colin, a long-time fan of my comics and characters.  He invited us to sit in on his latest tattooing session and naturally we couldn’t resist. Not having any tattoos myself (I am MUCH too fickle for that!), I was eager to see firsthand how this craft is done, and of course I was thrilled to meet Colin in person, and see his NUMEROUS Class Comics Boytoon tattoos for myself.

Here I am with Colin at Adrenaline Tattoo on Granville Street in Vancouver.

Colin shows off his sexy legs, AND his beautiful Boytoon Tattoos!

Colin is a hugely devoted fan, and has spent over 20 hours getting Camili-Cat, Jon Dazy, Ghostboy, Flamer, Diablo and Naked Justice beautifully tattooed onto his legs.  Once these are completed, he wants to get Deimos, Locus, Felix Himner and another Naked Justice done!  WOW! As I said, HUGELY devoted!  I love it! :oD

His tattoo artist, the lovely Stephanie is INCREDIBLE at her art, and I have to say, if I ever did find the courage to get a tattoo, I would DEFINITELY want her to be the one to do it.  She’s absolutely amazing, and Colin’s tattoos are sublime. Stephanie has done a magnificent job reproducing my images from paper to skin.

Colin's right leg has Flamer and Diablo on it.

Colin's left leg has Naked Justice, Ghostboy Jon Dazy and Cam -- all still in progress and awaiting shading.

On Colin's left leg, his Cam tattoo is the most compelte to date.

I was thrilled to get to sign Colin’s tattoos and to actually get to tattoo parts of my signature myself.  Thrilled — and a bit NERVOUS! LOL! I’d never tattooed anyone before, and tattoos are for life.  What if I messed it up? Thankfully, all went well, and I am very proud to say that I personally took part in Colin’s beautiful tattoos.

The lovely Stephanie is hard at work and explains how the process works.

Stephanie explains that she finds drawing on skin even easier than drawing on paper. Colin grits his teeth as the tiny needles bore into his skin. That's courage!

OK. It's your funeral, Colin. Doctor Fillion is ready to ink ya! HA! HA! HA!

Here we go...

Stephanie is kind enough to assist!

LOOK! I did this... uhm, well ok... a tiny line of this! LOL! But it's a start! ;)

These are some of the photos from yesterday afternoon, some taken by Fraser, some by Colin, but most by Colin’s very sweet friend Kris (most of the good ones were taken by Kris!  Thank you Kris! :D ), who kindly agreed to accompany her friend to his session.  Thanks again so very much to Colin and Stephanie for inviting Fraser and I to see this amazing process in action.  Colin, you ROCK buddy! I look forward to seeing the next tatts you have planned.

Unlike Stephanie, I still find drawing on paper easier than drawing on skin! Thank goodness for Colin, she is a far better tattoo artist than yours truly!

Meanwhile, if you are in the mood for a tattoo and live in the Vancouver area, I strongly recommend you call Stephanie at Adrenaline Tattoo.  She’s amazing at what she does, and her work is incredible. Plus Adrenaline itself is a gorgeous shop where the people are all super nice and welcoming!  They make you feel very comfortable and right at home!

In the end, a good time was had by all... Thanks Colin and Stephanie!

See ya tomorrow, folks! XOXO

Well, tomorrow is Monday, and so begins WEEK 2 of my latest “A post a day” marathon.  See you then, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Camili-Cat, Jon Dazy, Ghostboy, Flamer, Diablo and Naked Justice © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

A reminder – Meet Iceman Blue! – A post a day – Day 6

Meet Iceman Blue, creator of the super sexy MIDNIGHTMAN, Sunday October 24th, at the Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood!

Happy Saturday, my friends!

If you’re free tomorrow and in the Hollywood area, you will definitely want to head on over to the Antebellum Gallery and meet the awesome Iceman Blue, creator of the supremely hot MIDNIGHTMAN.

The Midnightman trade paperback has just been released and it’s hot, hot, HOT and filled with super fun, raunchy adventures. So bring your copy along with you so that Iceman can sign it personally, or if you don’t have it yet, you can pick one up at the gallery directly. [Read more…]

BIG news about Space Cadet #2 – A post a day – Day 5

Hello my friends!

Every year around this time, Fraser and I get together and have a BIG Class Comics meeting to figure a few things out.  We look at the-up of books for the coming year, and we look at the books we’ve released in the past 10 to 12 months or so.  We see what titles did well, what books received the best reception from you guys etc, etc…  You know, essentially, we plan.

We’ve made a decision in regards to the Space Cadet series. I will be WRITING AND DRAWING SPACE CADET #2.

It seems that although Bob Grey did a great job illustrating Space Cadet #1, most folks ABSOLUTELY expected that Space Cadet should be drawn by me.  I even received a few emails from fans that stated I “HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to draw Space Cadet”.  WHOA!  How can I possibly ignore a statement like that?!

The truth is that I intended to draw Space Cadet #1 all along, but because of time constraints and other projects on the go, I felt that we’d all see Byron get his first book faster if I passed him along to another artist.   But it seems that unlike a lot of my other characters, such as Deimos and Naked Justice, Space Cadet is expected by my hand!

Space Cadet met Vallan officially in RAPTURE #3. They'll be reunited in Space Cadet #2, with art and story by Patrick Fillion.

And you know what?  I take that as a great compliment and I thank you all for voicing your opinions.

I absolutely LOVE Space Cadet. As a character, I find him a great joy to write.  He’s infinitely complex and has so much potential and all of this cool untapped backstory.  It’s so exciting to see him rise to the front of the Class Comics lineup of heavy hitting characters.  It’s absolutely where he deserves to be.

The official cover to SPACE CADET #1. Cover art by Patrick Fillion. Interior art by Bob Grey.

Drawing him is a dream.  He’s a beautiful Boytoon, striking in every way.  There’s a fluidity – an exotic essence about him that I just love depicting. I am so stoked about this and really looking forward to drawing SPACE CADET #2.

So as you can see, your messages and comments do not fall upon deaf ears. You spoke, Fraser and I listened. You felt strongly that Space Cadet is a Fillion creation and you want to see me draw an entire Space Cadet comic… You feel it’s my DUTY to do so!!! Well my friends, brace yourselves, because I am stepping up!  I ‘ve completed the script for issue #2 and it’s gonna be completely INSANE!

Prepare yourselves for Space Cadet’s showdown with the twisted and evil Baron Von Phallus, my way.  I’m gonna give Space Cadet all my love and attention and deliver a SPACE CADET #2 that will (hopefully) blow your socks (and underwear) off!  HA! HA! HA!

There is something insanely sensual about Space Cadet! Drawing SPACE CADET #2 will be an absolute pleasure!

I’ll keep you nice and posted on the book’s progress, but if all goes right, Space Cadet #2 will be out next year! Stay tooned, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Space Cadet, Vallan, Baron Von Phallus © Copyright and TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Ryu VS Nightcrawler – A post a day – Day 4

Ryu VS Nightcrawler by Patrick Fillion. How two heroes can lose more than their shirts in a fight!

Hello my friends!

Sometimes in order to keep my sanity amidst all my work with Class Comics, I need a little diversion — a break from my own Boytoons, actually.  This happens rarely, but when it does, I like to go with the flow and draw what I’m inspired to in that moment.

Recently, my buddy Dinosaurprince started up a cool series of images over at his Blog called “Marvel VS Capcom 1970’s“.  The idea is that characters from the 70’s Marvel era face off against Capcom characters of today.

You guys know how much I luvs me some Marvels AND Capcoms… so, needing a little diversion, I whipped up a quick little video-game inspired battle between the King of Capcom fighting, RYU and that sexy and oh-so charming blue Mutant X-Man, NIGHTCRAWLER.

Don't mess with the King of Capcom fighting! Nude Ryu fan art by Patrick Fillion.

I tried to give them a “classic video game character” look.  I didn’t spend endless hours on these boys, and the truth is that I didn’t scrutinize or over-analyze the images endlessly.  I just had at it and had fun, which was really great. Besides, I’d been meaning to draw these two dudes nude for some time, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do so.  And yeah, I couldn’t help it — I had to pierce Nightcrawler’s nips.  They just seemed to beg for it!  LOL!

Nightcrawler proves he's no "elf" in the dick department! Nude Nightcrawler fan art by Patrick Fillion.

The fighting stage is by Capcom, but the hard and naked boytoons are by yours truly.  I hope you’ll enjoy my silly little take on these 2 fine characters… and be sure to check out Dinosauprince’s Kingdom for more wicked Marvel VS Capcom 1970’s fun by me and several other artists including Leon de Leon and JCArtblog! ;)

See ya tomorrow!

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXOX

RYU © Copyright and TM 2010, Capcom.  All rights reserved.

Nightcrawler © Copyright and TM 2010 Marvel Characters Inc.  All rights reserved.

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