BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #221 – Sanity Breaks and LION-O!

Hello boys and girls…

Well, the artistic SANITY BREAKS continue! This time I thought I would draw a different kind of Felinoid… LOL! I give you LION-O of the THUNDERCATS! I sorta drew this one for my Fraser since he LOVES the Thundercats, particularly Lion-O SOOOOO MUCH … but of course, I had to share him with the rest of you too!

For the nude version, I chose to make him uncut since I figured they probably didn’t practice circumcision on Thundera! LOL!  But I thought he should be wearing his boots just to add a little splash of color. The costumed version is underwear and belt only. I couldn’t bear to cover up his muscular chest! LOL!  In any case, I hope you will enjoy my take on this classic character… and the wallpaper designs I put together for ya! More from me shortly, gang!

All the very best, Patrick XOXO

PS — To see the full version of my LION-O illustration, check out my artist website! Cheers! ;)

LION-O fan art by Patrick Fillion – WIDESCREEN wallpaper – 1680 x 1050

LION-O fan art by Patrick Fillion – STANDARD wallpaper – 1280 × 1024

LION-O fan art by Patrick Fillion – Costumed Variant – WIDESCREEN wallpaper – 1680 x 1050

LION-O fan art by Patrick Fillion – Costumed Variant – STANDARD wallpaper – 1280 × 1024


Lion-o is © Copyright & TM 2012, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Illustration is © Copyright 2012 Patrick Fillion, and intended as loving fan art. 


  1. I love classic Lion-O/Thundercats and these pics are fantastic!!! And pardon the cheese but his other ‘Sword of Omens’ is definitely something to HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! about !:D

    Can’t wait to see your other sanity breaks, would love to see Panthro (who were they trying to kid with that spiked leather gear he wore, WOOF!) or Bow from She-Ra.

  2. sorry I haven’t post any comments in a good while I just been in a funk your he-man and lino-o pics freakin amazing love that you gave the guys hot uncut cocks love you so much xoxoxoxoxo

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