New Fan Art by INMOMAKURO!

Hey folks…

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

To celebrate,  I thought I’d share some gorgeous new Diablo and Camili-Cat fan art created by the amzingly talented Inmomakuro.  These pieces are sooooo beautiful, and I think you’ll agree with me that he captured the essence of the characters perfectly.

Fan art of Class Comics’ sexy DIABLO, drawn by Inmomakuro.

Inmomakuro’s take on Diablo is very sensual, and I love that he opted to make him uncut for this image — so it’s sort of a sexy cross between Diablo and his son, Incubus. A very sexy touch!

And his Camili-Cat is no less sexy. OMG — that butt, that chest!  Cam looks mighty fiiiine wading around in that crystal blue water. This one’s got 2 beautiful versions — 1 in color and 1 in black and white.

Fan art of Class Comics’ sexy CAMILI-CAT, drawn by Inmomakuro.

These are two superb pieces of Class Comics fan art, and Inmomakuro is an extremely talented artist whose work I never get tired of seeing.  See more of his beautiful art here, here and here!

Thanks for making these, Makuro! I absolutely LOVE them!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. More from me soon!

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXOX


Diablo and Camili-Cat © Copyright and TM 2012 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. Fan art © 2012 Inmomakuro. 


  1. His artwork is awesome! Inmomakuro’s version of Diablo is pretty good, and the original is still as great.

  2. Inmomakuro is so gifted. I’m such a fan. :)

  3. awesum!

  4. This still your current blog Patrick? No posts in 2 months :(

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