PROMETHEUS Engineer Nude!

NOTE: Possible Small PROMETHEUS Spoilers ahead! 

If you’re like me, you’re a massive ALIEN film franchise fan, and learning that Ridley Scott was making PROMETHEUS, a “possible” prequel to ALIEN sent you squealing in fits of fanboy delight.  I skipped out on work the day that PROMETHEUS opened so that I could see it as soon as I possibly could. Did I love the film? YES! Without a doubt! Did I think it was a perfect film? Well, not necessarily, but in all honesty, I walked into that cinema with expectations the size of the Nostromo. So while it was bound to be hard for it to live up to that, the first hour of the film made me feel like I was actually a part of the crew of the PROMETHEUS, on this insane expedition to LV-223.  It left me absolutely spellbound.

But this is not a review of the film. Fraser and I agreed that the “Engineers” were possibly some of the sexiest aliens we’d ever seen in mainstream science fiction. The opening sequence in which we’re introduced to the “sacrificial Engineer” left both Fraser and I incredibly inspired. We both agreed that I simply HAD to draw an Engineer. This fan art is the result.

I opted for simple cel shading because it offers such a striking contrast on my Engineer’s skin and of course I HAD to do two different versions — one in a loincloth, like in the film, and one completely nude.

PROMETHEUS ENGINEER NUDE variant by Patrick Fillion

PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” NUDE fan art by Patrick Fillion.


PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” fan art by Patrick Fillion.

His physiology completely fascinated me. In the film, he’s very buff, and while he’s also closely human, you can definitely see some anatomical variations that differ greatly from a human being. I played with those, and it’s pretty obvious in my nude variant that this Engineer is very definitely NOT of this Earth… and yet, close enough that we might be distant relatives.

Surprisingly, the background was a ton of fun to draw. I wanted it feeling cold and primordial, the way the setting felt in the film.  Many, MANY layers later, I felt relatively pleased with the result.

PROMETHEUS ENGINEER detail by Patrick Fillion

PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” fan art by Patrick Fillion. Face and torso detail.

Whether you enjoyed PROMETHEUS or not, I do hope you’ll enjoy my take on the Engineer. I for one loved the film and hope to see these tall, pale alien hunks in future movies to come. Thank you Ridley Scott! :D

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO



  1. Your work is absolutely “delicious” for the eyes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative output with the world. As a citizen of the world- I absolutely love it ! And of course, I look forward to your many beautiful future creations.
    Do you think the very buff actor portraying the Engineer in Prometheus was actually human or was it a digital creation (or maybe a combination) ? I looked in the credits of the movie, but didn’t see an actor’s name associated with this movie role.

  2. Thanks so much Brent! I really appreciate the kind words and I’m really pleased you enjoyed my take on the Engineer!

    Yeah, I couldn’t find any actor credit for the Sacrificial Engineer at the end of the film either. But he was soooo smoothly done. My guess is a healthy blend or real actor in prosthetics along with a bit of cgi. The end result was quite beautiful and very impressive!

    Thanks again for the kind words! Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX

  3. I’m going to quote George Takei here… “OH MYYYYYYY!”

  4. Patrick,
    I agree, a wonderful prequel and a super relaunch (I hope) of the series!
    As always you have captured the him beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. About Brent’s question if the Engineer was a real actor or a digital one: Check out this link with lots of pics on the make-up process and costume design!
    There really was an actor playing the Engineer, lots of make up and some prosthetics on his body to mold the muscles! :)

  6. This guy is my dream come true and you did it!

    I had an initial idea on Y!Gallery, by the name of Mars Gauntlet! Check it out sometime!

  7. By the way, what is the name of that juicy, huge, horny and hairy beast? Is he a new Class Character?

  8. Why did you decide to make the Engineer circumcised or without a foreskin? Do you believe it is more advanced not to have one?

  9. Hi Alex…

    Take a closer look. Actually, my Engineer’s uncut, but his foreskin is retracted. You can see it at the base of the head of his cock.

    No, I do NOT think it’s more advanced to have no foreskin. I tend to prefer uncut myself, but diversity makes the world a more interesting place.

    Patrick :)

  10. The why did you cut Cam?! T_T Makes me so sad, but yet, I find it so fucking hot. It is some sort of insanity, haha. I am cut, but I prefer uncut.

  11. Hey Alex — I cut Cam to prove a point! All will be revealed with the release of Camili-Cat: Love Lost $1 later this year.

    Patrick :D

  12. Hi there, I just wanna say that this fan art of The Engineer *drool* is amazing:D

    I like the way you put the background in blur and the choices of the colors, since it was kinda in blue form in the film, and I dig the space ship that was about to hover up. And now on to the front *drool*. The line art is stunning, I wish I could do such good work on Photoshop myself, I am currently training on that. And the muscle work, the way you played with them, is truly how I pictured him in my mind. The shadow work is subtle and sleek and I love it<3
    His eyes are just beautiful and much more prettier here than in the film. When I first saw his eyes in close up in the film, I got kinda scared. But here, they are just…wow…
    Now both of the versions is delicious, and even his over the top sized penis, is wonderful. I just wanna touch it <3 (Pervert? Me? Nah!:P) Overall you are one of the few artist who can actually do oversized penises, and I am glad for that. On y!Gallery, there is too many that is kinda…meh.

    Oh too many words, I'll stop now *blush*


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