My SPACE:1999 #1 Comic Cover!

Patrick Fillion covers the 1975 SPACE: 1999 #1 comic book cover.

Hi All!

I may have spoken about my love of the classic Sci-Fi program SPACE: 1999 in the past.  I loved the show so much as a kid. I found it exciting and inspirational, and I still do today.

For a bit of fun, I “covered” the original Space:1999 #1 comic book cover, published in 1975 by Charlton Comics. Because an erotic artist can’t live from nudity alone, drawing Barbara Bain as Doctor Helena Russel, Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig and, my own special addition to the cover, the lovely Catherine Schell as the fabulous Maya was a great deal of fun, and a great way to “recharge” my batteries! :)

I hope you like my take on this classic cover… and just for fun, I’ve posted the original version drawn by Joe Staton. Enjoy my friends.

More from me shortly!
Patrick XOXOX

The Original Space: 1999 #1 comic book cover by Joe Staton. Published by Charlton Comics in 1975.



  1. love this i have the complete series on dvd but i never realized there were comics, ebay here i come! lol

  2. m4si4o????????? ?????

  3. Also a huge Space: 1999 fan and LOVE this – you’ve captured John, Helena and Maya beautifully.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words, March! I really appreciate it. AND it’s always great to hear from other fans of the show. I’m really pleased you feel I did the actors justice. :D

    BIG Hugz + kisses to you!
    Patrick XOXOX

  5. Have you seen the new 2 issues series about Space 1999? It’s being published by Archaia Black Label.

  6. Hi Patrick. Here is one of your spanish fans that keeps enjoying your awesome works and that of the talented people at CLASS COMICS (Love Mako Finn BTW!). Being a long time fan of SPACE 1999 since it aired in Spanish TV in the 70’s (and then I was 10 years old) I love your comicbook cover with Koenig, Dr. Russell… and of course the amazing shapeshifter MAYA from Psychon. I’ll add this cover to my Space 1999 memorabilia collection. THANKS!

  7. Albert Leon says

    Your work is phenomenal. SPACE:1999 is my favorite and I LOVE Maya. It is such a treat to see your SPACE:1999-based artwork, especially Maya. BTW, your Emma Peel and Wonder Woman artwork are favorites of mine as well. Hope to see more!

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