See you at BENT-CON!

Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser of Class Comics to attend BENT-CON 2011!

If you’ve been to the Class Comics website lately, you’ll have noticed that Fraser and I are going to be in attendance at this year’s fabulous BENT-CON convention, and we’re really looking forward to meeting all the fans that can come see us. It runs December 3-4th at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California, the heart of the media, gaming, comic and pop-culture world!

BENT-CON is the convention for encouraging, celebrating and appreciating LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic-book artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors and producers, creating media targeted directly to LGBT audiences or as part of the larger realm of mainstream pop-culture as a whole.

Fraser and I will be there to meet and chat with fans, sell and sign comics, hand out Class Comics promo freebies and other fun stuff. We’re also gonna take part in some awesome panels and discussions, and I’ll even be one of the official judges for the Fanboys of the Universe sponsored Costume Catwalk contest.

Other amazing Class Comics creators such as Zan Christensen and Mark Brill, the creative team of the award-winning the Mark of Aeacus, will also be in attendance and you won’t want to miss them either.

BENT-CON is the perfect convention environment for Class Comics. For the first time since it’s creation, Class will be on site in all it’s glory and with no holds barred, ready to connect with its fans.  We’ll even debut 2 brand new comic books, WAY AHEAD of their intended 2012 release dates! How cool is that? Supplies are limited, so come early!

The weekend event will be filled with tons of exhibitors, guests, panels, film-viewings and parties and attended by names you’ll recognize from various creative industries.

For more information on BENT-CON, check out the official BENT-CON website, and if you live in the Los Angeles area, or are gonna be there on the weekend of December 3rd and 4th, be sure to attend and drop by and see us.

For a detailed list of the panels we’re gonna be on, as well as other events we’ll be involved in at BENT-CON, check out the Class Comics website.

See you there!  Patrick XOXOX

Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser of Class Comics to attend BENT-CON 2011!


  1. This is fantastic news! Class Comics’ Dynamic Duo on The Left Coast. Here’s hoping that all of your time won’t be spent indoors at Bent-Con and that we have some of our unusually warm December weather. That way you’ll be able to sample some of what SoCal has to offer. There are so many different angles to the City of Angels. I’ve often wondered which of the bulging Boytoons’ men you would use to express your impressions of Venice’s Muscle Beach. In any event, I hope it turns into “Patrick and Fraser’s Excellent West Coast Adventure!”.

  2. Thanks so much, musclsvg!!

    I’m sure we’re going to have an awesome time, although I dunno how much of the city we’ll get to visit unfortunately. I think we’re gonna be pretty busy with BENT-CON itself and the activities revolving around it. But I’m really looking forward to being in LA again, even if it’s just for a few days! Hopefully we’ll see you at the Con! Smooches to ya, and thanks again for taking the time to write!

    BIG Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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