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Before I post the Halloween 2011 issue, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite new obsessions: The gorgeous art of the verily talented MONKEYGOGO!

How I love Monkeygogo’s beautiful work! You know, I really have a thing for art that can be as playful and fun as it is sexy, and that is something I adore about Monkeygogo’s art. It’s a perfect blend of this. The boy’s got skillz!

Monkeygogo's super sexy interpretation of HE-MAN is dedicated to the Gay Comic Geek!

Monkeygogo draws the ever-sexy LION-O from THUNDERCATS!

Another aspect of Monkeygogo’s work that I find brilliant is how he creates several variants of an image. For example, if you check out his amazing TOP 10 Muscle Men series, you’ll be treated to several different versions of some really studly pop culture male heroes. Lion-O, He-Man (which he dedicates with love to the fabulous Gay Comic Geek) and Link from Zelda are just a few hunks Monkeygogo expertly takes on, but each one is portrayed in various stages of undress and arousal. SO SEXY… SO CREATIVE… and so very skillful! He even takes on LOCUS, and Good Lord, does he ever do a fantastic job drawing my Lean, Green, Sex Machine! Oh how I LOVE his interpretation of Locus!

Monkeygogo includes LOCUS as part of his TOP 10 FAVORITE MUSCLE MEN series.

Even though I’m quite sure most of you are familiar with Monkeygogo’s beautiful work, I simply HAD to talk about him today. And if you’re not familiar with Monkeygogo’s art, you’ll really love discovering it, so I will leave you to rush over to his Blog and explore to your heart’s content. But one thing is for use, this is another gifted artist who is well on his way to big things. Watching him (well, yeah the man in question as well as his art – ’cause he is mighty easy on the eyes too! LOL!) and his amazing and super sexy artwork is a true delight, one I look forward to enjoying for years to come!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

All art © Copyright 2011, Monkeygogo. All rights reserved. 

All characters © and TM 2011 their respective owners. 

Locus © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 


  1. Thank you so much Patrick! This has caught me completely off guard. This has given me a permanent smile on my face now ;)

  2. Monkey, you’ve always been big, congratulations on your work. Tut pleaseee. :D haha

  3. well deserved ^_^ boy’s got skillz!

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