Jotto’s “Red Riding in the Hood”!

"Red Riding in the Hood" by Jotto.

I love Fall. Autumn is my absolutely favorite season. The colors are fantastic, the weather is cool yet pleasant, and Halloween, one of my favorite Holidays is just around the corner. Another thing I love about Autumn is that it always seems to inspire most artists of male erotica to create a slew of beautiful illustrations drawn in the spirit of the season.

Just the other day, I was thrilled to find “Red riding in the hood” in my email intray.  This superb image is by none other that the always-amazing JOTTO. You all know how much I love Jotto and his fantastic artwork, and this particular piece is quite striking. It’s simple brilliance and elegance really work for me.  Red is total eye candy — what an attitude! Let’s hope Granddaddy teaches him a little lesson!  Heh! Heh! Heh!  His musculature is perfectly rendered with great care and detail, and I want me a pair of them awesome leather boots! The striking contrast between his red hoodie and the starkness of the creepy, snowy landscape is pure genius!  Happily, Jotto was kind enough to allow me to post it for all of you to enjoy.

This is a gorgeous interpretation of the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tale, and by far, my favorite version of Red Riding Hood, like, EVER! Thanks so much Jotto! Another superb piece.

Enjoy, boys and girls. I have more coming up for ya shortly!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Illustration © Copyright 2011 Jotto. All rights reserved.


  1. Joto’s “Red Riding in the Hood” is the perfect graphic to kick of BTM’s new look. The color scheme seems tailor made and flows seamlessly with the new surroundings. As usual Jotto’s work is fantastic. The red hoodie sets off the hardbodied physique and takes contol of your gaze. Showcasing the domed delts that cap the loaded guns with bis and tris ready to fire. Framing the pecs and abs and leading your eye downward to Red’s open basket of goodies. A savage schlong arcing over a nasty set of nads. Hot blooded genitals obviously uneffected by their cold surroundings. Red’s eyes burn like two coals from within the shadow of his hood. This isn’t an innocent on his way to Granddaddy’s house. No this is a male stripped all but naked to bait his own trap. Confident that he can attract and enrage the lupine lust of the predator that is known to dwell within this wood. A feral creature that falls upon his prey to satisfy, and gratify, more than just his hunger. Can you imagine how Jotto would illustrate such a brute in all his carnality? Or, how he would depict the erotic conflict between man and beast and that moment when the naked combatants realize there is no difference between them

  2. Sorry! Make that “Jotto’s “Red Riding in the Hood” is the perfect graphic to kick off BTM’s new look”.

  3. Wow, nice sexy picture by Jotto. I really hope he expands on the character in the future!

  4. Always the best content from these proogiidus writers.

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