Tumblin’ With patrick Fillion!

Hi Gang!

Great news! Fraser and I have just finished setting up my Tumblr account. Check it out: Tumblin’ with Patrick Fillion!

You might also like to follow Fraser’s Tumblr account, and the official Class Comics Tumblr Account.

Enjoy, my friends!
Patrick! XOXOX


  1. musclsvg says

    Checked out all three sites. FANTASTIC!!! Each entry hotter than the one before. With all the erotic artwork and photos they’re going to have to rename this site “Cumblr”!

  2. How come you dont have an ask box? I was gonna leave you a message but i couldnt =(

  3. Patrick, grrrreat stuff! As always. I’m especially digging the looks at your “cutting-room-floor” panels, your illustration of Wonder Woman playing the role of dom to Superman’s sub, and your highlighting of that GIF of extreme sounding (a.k.a. male urethral penetration). :-D

  4. Have to admit I’m really enjoying this posting. It’s easy access to all three Tumblr sites and makes checking them for updates really easy.

  5. zerhjzetjrszij

  6. You should check this guy out, unless you are already watching him. Great art, characters, and story line. Maybe even add him to your links. http://herotoon.blogspot.com/?zx=6f7468a382ace797

  7. I should watch you on tumblr! (Although I have no idea what Tumblr is really for. Thus far I’ve stuck to blogging hehe)

    And three at once! You’ll be biz-zay

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