BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #205 – Happy 2011!!

Time sure flies when you’re moving.  I know, I know – who’s ever heard of people moving into a new home in the middle of December, January?  Well, it does happen.  I just did it.  And boy am I glad it’s over!! I’m very pleased to announce that I am now happily settled into my new digs and I am absolutely over the moon happy.

Of course you know what else comes with happiness, don’t you? That’s right.  Creativity!  And boy-O-boy am I feeling a crap load of that right now… which is good, because I have some really exciting plans for 2011.

I thought I’d kick the New Year off with a new look for Boytoons Magazine.  The cover of this issue sports the new logo treatment and I must confess, though the change is quite drastic – cutting down from the name of the mag to it’s bare initials – I am finding it nicely refreshing.

Locus' impressive wares are inspected by two potential customers in Class Comics' up-coming "LOCUS #1", with art and story by Patrick Fillion.

Look for Class Comics' up-coming "LOCUS #1" in early 2011!

And while I will give you a much more in-depth look at up-coming projects like “Locus #1” in the coming weeks, for now I will simply settle for whetting your appetite with a little hint of the filthy pleasures to come this year.

So yes. “Locus #1”. I am so in love with that book and I can’t wait to share it with you.  If all goes well, I am hoping to see the issue hit the stores by March/April of this year.  I really feel it’s high time Locus got his own title, and this comic will finally give him the lime-light he deserves.  Don’t expect Locus to get off easy, either.  This issue definitely puts him through his paces! And as an added bonus, you’re gonna get to see how how he and Camili-Cat met for the very first time. Jolly good times!

Has Diablo met his match? The School Girl sure thinks so! Excerpt from the up-coming Class Comics title "GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #1". Art by Jacob Mott. Story by Patrick Fillion.

Also coming up this year is the long-awaited “Ghostboy and Diablo #1”, written by yours truly and brilliantly illustrated by the fantastic Jacob Mott.  This issue is gonna be really big, and is finally going to give you a closer look at the two lead characters, as well as expose you to the most intimate details of their personal lives.  Oh and did I mention the sex in this book is nothing short of spectacular?! Yup. S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R!!! Just you wait and see! ;) All that and some awesome character cameos are gonna make for a scorching-hot first issue!

Prince Allen enjoys being the King in Javi Cuho and Silvanno up-coming "LOST KINGDOM #1".

The incredibly talented Javi Cuho and Silvano Cernunno team up to bring us the absolutely breathtaking “Lost Kingdom #1”. This action-packed title blends mystery, fantasy with torrid sex and chronicles the struggle between the Kingdom of Piros and the Kingdom of Paggo.  These two peoples have been at war for countless years, and now they’re hoping that the marriage of their respective royal heirs, the hunky and passionate Prince Allen and the enigmatic Princess Naiah (who is not all “she” appears) will at last put an end to the bloodshed and strife.

Allen better watch his back side, or his rule as King will be cut very short in "LOST KINGDOM #1". On sale soon from Class Comics.

Of course nothing ever goes according to plan, and Turgoloth, a mysterious interloper crashes the wedding and all Hell breaks loose as he unleashes his horrific hordes onto the happy couple.  I freakin’ LOVE LOVE LOVE this comic!  I am not just saying that, either!!  I am literally DYING to see it in print! It’s a fantastic read and an INSTANT turn-on!! I’ll have more for you on this superb series in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, there are several other wicked projects planned for 2011, and I’ll fill you in on those later as well, but before I go for now, I thought you’d like to know that the STRIPSHOW episodes are also heating up in 2011.  Watch closely as Mako Finn gets his own adventure, and look for more Zahn and Space Cadet mini stories this year as well.

Mako meets marine biologist Akeno Mori in an up-c0ming epsiode for Class Comics' "STRIPSHOW". Art by Jacob Mott. Story by Patrick Fillion.

That’s all for me today, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this teasing look at what’s in store for the New Year. Stay tooned, my friends, ‘cause I’ll have some more cool stuff to share with you very soon!

Hugz + kisses and a Happy 2011 to you all!!

Patrick XOXOX

All Class Comics characters and artwork © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. Woah ! Thumbs up for each and every new project coming !!! It all look truly awsome, i can’t wait ! And it seems that Jacob Mott is busy these times and it’s good news because i’m a total fan !

  2. Wow impressive! What a great way to start the new year. Big fan here too! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Wow Patrick, as always I am amazed til no end! I`m surely looking forward to Locus, Ghostboy and Diablo and hope to hear some news from Stephanes funhouse of fornication either, which definitely waked my interests with two of my favorite characters Stephane and Spot represented. Can`t wait to have the next preview of all those and keep up your awesome creativity!

  4. Giant Locus-Cock is always a big pro :D

  5. Looking forward to the Ghostboy and Diablo issue! Especially with Schoolgirl appearing – it will wet my appetite until we get more Cube!

    Speaking of Guardians of the Cube – any news? ;)

  6. Appreciate thiis post. Will trry it out.

  7. Dude, right on there brtrheo.

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