I LOVE Halloween – A post a day – Day 9


I love it as much, if not more in some ways than Christmas. It’s so much fun with all the candy and the costumes and the horror movies and the golden opportunities to draw special Halloween-themed illustrations!  I love it all.

Camili-Cat celebrates Halloween! Art by Patrick Fillion.

In the past, I’ve always created a special illustration of one of my boys for the Boytoons Magazine Halloween issue cover ( not to worry, this year’s Halloween issue is coming up in just a few days), but this year, I thought I would go even further and create a BRAND NEW CHARACTER for the occasion.  You’ll be meeting JACKO the HALLOWEENER (yes. Pun intended!) very soon, and I promise you he is all about the Halloween spirit — spooky, but being a Class Comics character, also VERY hot!! LOL!

Sweet Treat, a Halloween Themed illustration by Patrick Fillion for the pages of Black Inches, 2005.

Jacko is even gonna meet SPACE CADET for the first time in this month’s STRIPSHOW episode, which will premiere with the October 2010 Class Comics newsletter, heading out later this week (be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. That way you won’t miss the episode!).  I thought, why not really get into the Halloween spirit this year and do a bit more than just a solo image for the occasion.  The other awesome thing about this STRIPSHOW episode is that I did it in my BOYTOON ADVENTURES drawing style (BELIEVE ME! it REALLY suits the Holiday), and it’s the very first time we get to see Space Cadet in that style (beyond being a poster in a dorm room!)!  How cool is that?

Stephane celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

There are still a few days to wait for Jacko to arrive on the Halloween issue cover, but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to revisit a few of my past year’s Halloween illustrations! I hope you enjoy my Halloweenized Cam, Stephane, Ghostboy and of course my “sweet treat” African-American Halloween Hunk.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 10!


Ghostboy celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Camili-Cat, Stephane, Ghostboy and Sweet Treat © Copyright & TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics.  All rights reserved.


  1. Sooo hot <3 you are a master Xoxo


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