Tattooing Colin – A post a day – Day 7

Happy Sunday, boys and girls!

Yesterday afternoon, Fraser and I ventured down to ADRENALINE TATTOO on Vancouver’s Granville Street to meet up with Colin, a long-time fan of my comics and characters.  He invited us to sit in on his latest tattooing session and naturally we couldn’t resist. Not having any tattoos myself (I am MUCH too fickle for that!), I was eager to see firsthand how this craft is done, and of course I was thrilled to meet Colin in person, and see his NUMEROUS Class Comics Boytoon tattoos for myself.

Here I am with Colin at Adrenaline Tattoo on Granville Street in Vancouver.

Colin shows off his sexy legs, AND his beautiful Boytoon Tattoos!

Colin is a hugely devoted fan, and has spent over 20 hours getting Camili-Cat, Jon Dazy, Ghostboy, Flamer, Diablo and Naked Justice beautifully tattooed onto his legs.  Once these are completed, he wants to get Deimos, Locus, Felix Himner and another Naked Justice done!  WOW! As I said, HUGELY devoted!  I love it! :oD

His tattoo artist, the lovely Stephanie is INCREDIBLE at her art, and I have to say, if I ever did find the courage to get a tattoo, I would DEFINITELY want her to be the one to do it.  She’s absolutely amazing, and Colin’s tattoos are sublime. Stephanie has done a magnificent job reproducing my images from paper to skin.

Colin's right leg has Flamer and Diablo on it.

Colin's left leg has Naked Justice, Ghostboy Jon Dazy and Cam -- all still in progress and awaiting shading.

On Colin's left leg, his Cam tattoo is the most compelte to date.

I was thrilled to get to sign Colin’s tattoos and to actually get to tattoo parts of my signature myself.  Thrilled — and a bit NERVOUS! LOL! I’d never tattooed anyone before, and tattoos are for life.  What if I messed it up? Thankfully, all went well, and I am very proud to say that I personally took part in Colin’s beautiful tattoos.

The lovely Stephanie is hard at work and explains how the process works.

Stephanie explains that she finds drawing on skin even easier than drawing on paper. Colin grits his teeth as the tiny needles bore into his skin. That's courage!

OK. It's your funeral, Colin. Doctor Fillion is ready to ink ya! HA! HA! HA!

Here we go...

Stephanie is kind enough to assist!

LOOK! I did this... uhm, well ok... a tiny line of this! LOL! But it's a start! ;)

These are some of the photos from yesterday afternoon, some taken by Fraser, some by Colin, but most by Colin’s very sweet friend Kris (most of the good ones were taken by Kris!  Thank you Kris! :D ), who kindly agreed to accompany her friend to his session.  Thanks again so very much to Colin and Stephanie for inviting Fraser and I to see this amazing process in action.  Colin, you ROCK buddy! I look forward to seeing the next tatts you have planned.

Unlike Stephanie, I still find drawing on paper easier than drawing on skin! Thank goodness for Colin, she is a far better tattoo artist than yours truly!

Meanwhile, if you are in the mood for a tattoo and live in the Vancouver area, I strongly recommend you call Stephanie at Adrenaline Tattoo.  She’s amazing at what she does, and her work is incredible. Plus Adrenaline itself is a gorgeous shop where the people are all super nice and welcoming!  They make you feel very comfortable and right at home!

In the end, a good time was had by all... Thanks Colin and Stephanie!

See ya tomorrow, folks! XOXO

Well, tomorrow is Monday, and so begins WEEK 2 of my latest “A post a day” marathon.  See you then, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Camili-Cat, Jon Dazy, Ghostboy, Flamer, Diablo and Naked Justice © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. I love all the characters but not enough to cover my body with them (I’m also much to fickle).Loved reading this and seeing the pics.Thanks for sharing.BoyToons Rawks my Sawks!

  2. HA! HA! HA! Thanks so much Dennis! Glad you enjoyed the posting!

    Yeah, I always figured I’d get bored with ANY tattoo image I’d choose to get (ESPECIALLY if I am the one to draw it), and then what the Hell would I do? LOL! So no tatts for me… but I really enjoyed seeing the whole process in person. I figure I’ll live vicariously through people like Colin where tattoos are concerned! LOL! ;)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Hey Patrick….

    Colin here :D Thanks again for coming down and sharing the experience with me! It was great to meet you and Fraser.


  4. i wouldn’t mind a cute little kitty guy on my leg haha. not that big but wow they looked cute :D

  5. Wow! I just recently spent around 20 hours with a group of friends as they were all tatted. That’s devotion!

  6. Right on Colin! fantastic work =)

  7. you are cute :)

  8. wow there are some serious mental issues going on to have all that done

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