BIG news about Space Cadet #2 – A post a day – Day 5

Hello my friends!

Every year around this time, Fraser and I get together and have a BIG Class Comics meeting to figure a few things out.  We look at the-up of books for the coming year, and we look at the books we’ve released in the past 10 to 12 months or so.  We see what titles did well, what books received the best reception from you guys etc, etc…  You know, essentially, we plan.

We’ve made a decision in regards to the Space Cadet series. I will be WRITING AND DRAWING SPACE CADET #2.

It seems that although Bob Grey did a great job illustrating Space Cadet #1, most folks ABSOLUTELY expected that Space Cadet should be drawn by me.  I even received a few emails from fans that stated I “HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to draw Space Cadet”.  WHOA!  How can I possibly ignore a statement like that?!

The truth is that I intended to draw Space Cadet #1 all along, but because of time constraints and other projects on the go, I felt that we’d all see Byron get his first book faster if I passed him along to another artist.   But it seems that unlike a lot of my other characters, such as Deimos and Naked Justice, Space Cadet is expected by my hand!

Space Cadet met Vallan officially in RAPTURE #3. They'll be reunited in Space Cadet #2, with art and story by Patrick Fillion.

And you know what?  I take that as a great compliment and I thank you all for voicing your opinions.

I absolutely LOVE Space Cadet. As a character, I find him a great joy to write.  He’s infinitely complex and has so much potential and all of this cool untapped backstory.  It’s so exciting to see him rise to the front of the Class Comics lineup of heavy hitting characters.  It’s absolutely where he deserves to be.

The official cover to SPACE CADET #1. Cover art by Patrick Fillion. Interior art by Bob Grey.

Drawing him is a dream.  He’s a beautiful Boytoon, striking in every way.  There’s a fluidity – an exotic essence about him that I just love depicting. I am so stoked about this and really looking forward to drawing SPACE CADET #2.

So as you can see, your messages and comments do not fall upon deaf ears. You spoke, Fraser and I listened. You felt strongly that Space Cadet is a Fillion creation and you want to see me draw an entire Space Cadet comic… You feel it’s my DUTY to do so!!! Well my friends, brace yourselves, because I am stepping up!  I ‘ve completed the script for issue #2 and it’s gonna be completely INSANE!

Prepare yourselves for Space Cadet’s showdown with the twisted and evil Baron Von Phallus, my way.  I’m gonna give Space Cadet all my love and attention and deliver a SPACE CADET #2 that will (hopefully) blow your socks (and underwear) off!  HA! HA! HA!

There is something insanely sensual about Space Cadet! Drawing SPACE CADET #2 will be an absolute pleasure!

I’ll keep you nice and posted on the book’s progress, but if all goes right, Space Cadet #2 will be out next year! Stay tooned, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Space Cadet, Vallan, Baron Von Phallus © Copyright and TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again of all your creations Space Cadet is my favourite and I can’t wait to see you drawing him again.

  2. Thrilled! Can’t wait! Of all your characters (next to maybe Cam) Space Cadet is the one who looks the most… “very specifically from the hand of Patrick Fillion.” Jacob brings his stamp to NJ just as Logan puts is spin on Demios and both seem to fit those characters. But Cam and Space Cadet use such unique… “Patrick Fillion design tricks,” it’s hard for anyone else’s versions to capture them as strikingly as you!

    Not to say that I didn’t enjoy SC #1- Cuz Bob Grey’s art is really fun and whimsical. But we all have to admit- what Patrick brings to Byron is… quite… special ;)

  3. Thanks so much Raas Bwoy!

    I really appreciate the kudos. Truthfully, I am super excited about getting to draw SC in an entire comic. I have such fun things planned for him! LOL! I hope to get this one done for early to mid 2011 release!

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  4. Hiya JC…

    Thanks so very much for the kind words, buddy. HUGELY appreciated! :)

    It’s funny, because I’ve heard other folks say the same thing about Space Cadet AND Cam specifically. Seems that I can get away with having other artists draw some of my boys, but others, I just can’t. And that’s okay. It’s quite a compliment when I hear that people think the characters are just so closely associated with me that they HAVE to be drawn by me. And you know how much I love Byron. I am really excited about drawing his second book. It’s gonna be a BLAST!!!!

    Hugz + kisses to ya, my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Of course this means all the other characters in the series get the magic touch, too. Hallelujah! I can’t wait. Thanks for manning the helm!

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