Wonder Woman VS Superman – A post a day – Day 2

Wonder Woman VS Superman by Patrick Fillion. WW shows ol' Supes who's boss!

Hiya Gang…

Today, I give you Wonder Woman VS Superman.  This is an illustration I whipped up for the latest Wonder Woman Day charity auction.  I couldn’t help it… I had to do something a little cheeky!  LOL!  See I figured that a Wonder Woman auction was bound to draw a few Female and Gay bidders, and I thought, why not offer them something saucy to bid on?  I dunno if it’ll get any real attention, but it sure was fun to draw.

And for your viewing pleasure, I whipped up a naughty version and did a simple flat color treatment for it.  Nothing fancy, but sexy nonetheless.

Wonder Woman VS Superman by Patrick Fillion. Superman loses a little more than the battle!

I love a strong Heroine, and Wonder Woman is totally triumphant in this pic, which is as it should be!

If you’re interested in bidding on this piece of original arts, it’s for a great cause, so please visit the official Wonder Woman V Museum for details… and while you’re there, take a look at all the other amazing WW themed artwork in the auction.

See ya tomorrow, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Wonder Woman and Superman © Copyright & TM 2010, DC Comics. All rights reserved.


  1. Great pic Patrick!

  2. My two favourite supers! I’m loving Superman’s ripped suit, sooooo hot! Don’t mess with Wonder Women ;) As great as always Patrick x

  3. Another beautiful piece.

    Reminds me of a Superman documentary from a few years ago. Dean Cain was interviewed, and he talked about when they started Lois & Clark, there was this big issue about whether or not Superman should have a codpiece . A codpiece having perfect symmetry and.. uhh… hiding detail. Then once they decided a codpiece was the way to go, how big should it be? I mean he’s Superman, right? They then showed a montage from the first few episodes with the codpiece going up and down in size along with longer and shorter briefs. It was pretty funny.

  4. You always draw GREAT superhero pictures. We never see enough new ones, so this is a great surprise :D

  5. Hello Ryld…

    Great to hear from you, buddy! Thanks for the kind words! Hope all is going well!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  6. Awww…thanks so much Cymon. I am so pleased you liked my take on these two amazing characters. I really appreciate the kind words, buddy!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  7. HA! HA! HA! That is a hilarious story, Louis. I am DEFINITELY gonna have to find that clip somewhere. The incredible bulge of Superman being scrutinized and changing in size before my very eyes is absolutely something I need to see for myself. LOL!

    Thanks for the kind words, my friend and for taking the time to write.

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  8. Hiya Mike…

    Seriously, thank you so much for the very kind words. I really appreciate it. I wish I had more time to draw mainstream superhero characters from time to time… but Class always has to come first. LOL! HOWEVER, as part of this recent “A post a day” marathon, I have some other new Superhero images to share with you. Stay tooned!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  9. OMG Superman is so hot! LOL his expression is priceless. Ha, being your boytoon I have a funny feeling he would be much happier with one of your Men of Marvel, then Wonder Woman! (Just kidding.) Your Wonder Woman is nice and sassy. It’s nice to see her in control. :P

  10. Patrick, I’m 99% sure this is the documentary with Dean Cain talking about the codpiece, “Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman”:

  11. I am loving those 2 pics! Especially the revealing one! I have been waiting soooo long to see your take on some DC characters!

    Can Batman or Green Lantern be far behind? :)

  12. vicky215 says

    Amazing work as usual. I just love everything about this pic especially superman foreskin cock. Could we possibly seen in the future a hot solo pic of Superman or one that Superman shows Superboy how to masturbate SB foreskin cock. Can I ask you something as a comic artist I think that you might help me out with something. My friends have been debating whether if in the comic work if someone your clone does that make them you child or sibling?

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