BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #200 – Celebrating 200 issues, and ZAHN #2!

HOLY CRAP! 200 issues of Boytoons Magazine! And even more postings to this Blog than I can actually count. WAH-HOO!!! Honestly, I never thought I’d stick with Blogging this long, but you know what, I am really glad I did.

Over the past four years I’ve had the opportunity to share some really cool stuff with all of you. We’ve discovered new artists together. We’ve enjoyed beautiful and erotic artwork together. We’ve laughed, and we’ve “seriously” discussed. I’ve certainly appreciated sharing my projects with all of you and showing off my latest works for your viewing pleasure. In a nutshell, it’s been a lot of fun.

How nice that the release of Zahn #2 should coincide with the 200th issue of Boytoons Magazine! I was DYING to put that image of Zahn spreading his muscular legs for us on the cover, because in many ways, it not only captures the essence of Zahn #2, but it also perfectly embodies what Boytoons Magazine is all about: Sexy, hung male cartoons, turning us on and entertaining us.

You will notice that Zahn #2 (as well as the recently released Naked Justice: Beginnings #2) is actually available as both a printed and a digital edition. I was that eager to share the book with all of you good people. Also I’ve come to understand that there is a vast majority of you that are digital clients, and it’s not right to make you wait. So you have your choice of formats.

Class Comics' ZAHN #2 now shipping!

I thought long and hard about what to talk about for the 200th issue of my Blog. It’s a big achievement after all. In the end, I decided that Zahn #2 was what SHOULD be discussed. I’ve been hard at work on this book for such a long time now, and you’ve all been so enthusiastic and supportive all the way during my creative process… it just felt right. I also sort of feel that Zahn is no longer an “infant title”. It’s officially a series now, with 2 issues to its name, and a third one – yup already – in the planning stages. I felt like celebrating that.

Zahn and Jonah pose for the back cover of Class Comics' ZAHN #2.

You might be interested to know that Zahn as a series actually gave me back my joy of drawing erotic comics. The truth is that before coming up with Zahn, I was worried that my work was getting a bit stale. I wanted a new challenge, something to really sink my creative teeth into. By that I mean, I wanted to create something with a really captivating story and narrative to it. Something that had brains, not just cock! I needed to see if I was still capable of doing this as an artist.

Step by Step: A page from ZAHN #2, from pencils to inks to colors. Art by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Golden Key.

Whether folks agree with me on this or not is their own personal right, but my feeling is that I managed to accomplish this goal with Zahn. And not only that – but Zahn has sort of renewed my inspiration and interest in writing story-rich, hard core erotic comics.

I wanna thank Zahn for helping me do that. And I wanna thank you guys for being so supportive and for making Zahn one of your fave Class Comics heroes. I think it’s only fair to say that your enthusiasm and love for the character have definitely fueled my own appreciation of him.

Well – Zahn #2 is done, and I have already started scripting out the third issue. The poop really hit the fan in issue #2, and I can’t wait to show you what comes next. If you do pick up Zahn #2, (and I HOPE you do! LOL!) I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Your comments are always very important to me.

The poop really hits the fan for Zahn and his pals in ZAHN #2!

As for Boytoons Magazine… you guys have been really great and super supportive and I’ve appreciated you more than words can say. Believe it or not, after 200 issues, I still have a bunch of stuff to say and a ton of goodies to share with you. Stay tooned, dear friends… and again, many thanks to all of you!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Zahn, Cauldron, Uogo, Selar, Lyrus, Meezok, Jonah, Maymay and Zijnayu © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. Well wasn’t that a fantastic pic to greet me when I loaded your web page, lol! And you can bet I’m ordering my copy right now!

  2. Patrick, re you saying you feared your art was becoming stale. Your artistic style is easily one of the best I’ve ever seen – and I don’t just mean erotic comics, or even comics in general. Your style is instantly recognizable, but never leans on that. I love your detours with things like the new Naked Justice series, but your signature style will never get old!

  3. With the creation of Zahn, you’ve stuck the dive, ripped the entry and racked up a perfect score of all tens. He is a primitive that appeals to everyone. There is something so erotic about a well built, near naked male dealing with the dangers of uncivilized world and the adversaries that would dominate him. Authors like Burroughs and Howard have created similar characters, but could only allude to their obvious carnality. As Zahn’s saga unfolds, we see a nude, almost feral male meeting the challenges of his quest with an incredible, physical prowess that is matched by an equally potent sexuality. The latter being an Achilles’ heel as there are many who would try to trap this near perfect specimen by turning the force of his own lust against him. That is when Zahn is at his most erotic. Battling the foes without and the primal urges within that are both bent on his capture and enslavement.

  4. Hey Patrick!

    Sorry I though I filled in all the boxes before I posted the previous message about Zahn. So Anonymous is me, musclsvg, and I stand by my comments. Zahn is one hot, erotic manbeast.

  5. Patrick, I love ur blog

    But if you are a fan of Storm and Wonder Woman you should check out this video.

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