BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #198 – The art & blog of JEZZA SMILEZ!

You know, when I started Boytoons Magazine back in May of 2006, there really didn’t seem to be a ton of other Blogs devoted to gay male erotic art and the artists who create it. I remember thinking what a pleasure it was to write about all of these amazing creators whose work I found so inspiring, and genuinely hoped that Blogs of this nature would take off and become more abundant. I wanted to share my love of the genre with all of you.

Flash-forward to more than 4 years in later, and the internet is full of Blogs featuring gay erotic art. Many are absolutely terrific and checking them daily is a part of my morning routine. But it strikes me that few of them actually discuss the gay erotic art community beyond their own contribution to it. Now that’s not a bad thing! It’s wonderful to see Blogs that are dedicated to a single artist, usually the Blog owner — I LOVE that! But every so often you find a Blog that is truly committed to the gay erotic arts community and to an even greater degree, to bringing you information on the artists who are responsible for creating the art.

Zahn fan art by Jezza Smilez.

The Blog of artist Jezza Smilez, JEZZ LOADS is such a Blog. Jezza is a fabulous artist who loves what he does. He also has a deep love and respect for his fellow artists. He’s an artist AND a fan. His love has led him to conduct amazing interviews with virtually dozens of creators of gay erotic art.

From Logan to Joe Philips, BelascoJacob Mott and Iceman Blue, to name just a few, Jezza’s interviews are always fabulously in-depth. He covers topics from the industry – how to make it as a professional artist – to what inspires his fellow creators to do what they do best. He even manages to get up close and personal with his questions. Trust me, Jezza recently interviewed me, and the stuff I told him surprised even me. He’s that good! And I think that’s because he himself is such an up-front, down to earth guy. You can’t help but feel comfortable enough with him to spill all of your raunchy beans! LOL!

Camili-Cat fan art by Jezza Smilez.

I see Jezza as a solid and very important pillar of the gay erotic arts community. He’s managed to do something that few artist/bloggers have – he’s managed to bring us all closer to the artists we love. And through his love of the scene, he’s become one of it’s greatest assets and sources of info. That’s actually quite a HUGE accomplishment.

Art is a competitive field. There are a ton of really talented people who are trying to make a go of it, and that can be a very isolating thing. You can get pretty focused on your own struggles and adventures. It’s fantastic to see that someone like Jezza create a Blog that is truly devoted to opening up the gay erotic arts community and to bringing all of us, creators and fans alike, closer.

Naked Justice fan art by Jezza Smilez.

What could be better than that? Well, how about the fact that Jezza not only offers you all of this cool stuff I mentioned, but he also treats you to his super-sexy artwork too! The guy is incredibly prolific, and his studs are all sooooo damn HAWT! He drew a TON of cool Class Comics fan art to accompany the interview he did with me that I absolutely HAD to share it with you today — like the GORGEOUS Deimos illustration he drew that I simply HAD to put on this issue’s cover!

Incubus fan art by Jezza Smilez.

Believe me when I tell you that Jezza Smilez is an artist you will want to follow for two very important reasons… his artwork is über sexy, and his Blog is quickly becoming one of the most important sources of info on all your favorite gay artists. I for one am extremely excited to see Jezza and his Blog grow even further. JEZZ LOADS is the Entertainment Weekly of gay erotic art Blogs!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Deimos, Zahn, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice and Incubus © Copyright & TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

All artwork © Copyright 2010 Jezza Smilez. All rights reserved.


  1. Awesome, Awesome,AWESOME!!! I am so glad to see and read about Jezza’s amazing talent! And even moreso, that he’s being showcased by you Patrick.




  2. So, I’m thanking you through every venue I have access to ya. That’s how grateful I feel.
    It is an amazing feeling to be recognized and appreciated by someone I am such a big fan of.
    Thank you for your kind and uplifting words, Patrick Fillion.
    You ROCK!!!

  3. Jezza is the bomb

  4. Jezza, I really love this series of pieces on the Class characters. I love that they are all similarly composed in terms of cropping and placement- and yet each character has his own personality showing through. These kinda go beyond yer typical fan-art and start treading academic character study ground… nice work!


  6. Thank you so much Marcelo! You are so sweet! BIG BIG Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX :)

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