ilLUSTrations and Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 hot off the press!

Hello my friends.

I hope this finds you all doing well.  I just wanted to let you know that my newest hard cover art book “ilLUSTrations: the art of Patrick Fillion” is hot off the press and available for purchase.  In fact, if you order your copy from the Class Comics website, it will be personally autographed by yours truly.  But just so you know, Class only has 200 copies… and they’re already going pretty fast!

Get your signed copy of "ilLUSTrations: the art of Patrick Fillion" from Class Comics today!

The book looks amazing and I really couldn’t have hoped for better.  Published by Bruno Gmünder, ilLUSTrations is a hard cover volume, and it’s 92 pages of incredibly vibrant full color on high quality glossy paper.  It’s a real thrill seeing my Boytoons printed in such a beautiful manner, and I am very proud of the book.  I whipped up several new pieces for ilLUSTrations and it’s especially wicked seeing some of these images in print for the very first time ever.

Bruno Gmünder interviewed me for the release of the book.  Here’s a link to that if you’re interested. It’s a fun little interview in which I talk more about ilLUSTrations and what it means to me as an artist.

I hope you’ll check the book out and enjoy it.  As I say, it’s truly gloriously produced, and I dare it’s possibly the best collection of my work to date

For more on Bruno Gmünder and the gorgeous art books they produce, check out their official website.

Now shipping from Class Comics: "Naked Justice: Beginnings #2" and "ilLUSTrations"

Also hot off the press is the amazing NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #2 with stellar art by the incredible JACOB MOTT! Oh my God, this issue is simply incredible and I think you will all agree that it is even better and even hotter than NJB issue #1.  You can get it in print or as a digital edition, so don’t miss out.  This is some of Jacob’s most beautiful work to date, and I am very proud of the direction the story is headed in.  And you know it’s a hilarious read too, because Donald MacLean is back as dialog doctor, giving the repartee his own fabulous brand of humor.

I’ll keep you posted on Zahn #2, the Mark of Aeacus #2 and Deimos #2 as soon as I get release info.  It’s a slooooow frikkin’ summer at press man.  Grrrr… but what can you do?  Some things are just beyond our control!

More from me shortly!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Naked Justice faces a new enemy called VANDAL in " Naked Justice: Beginnings #2. Story by Patrick Fillion, art by Jacob Mott.


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  2. fantastic! as soon as I have my new flat with new adress i will order them!

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