BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #194 – DOKKUN is here! A Post A day – Day 3

Hello my friends…

My brothers in Erotic art, Fabrissou, Lex, Veebee, Gigan and Silencio have teamed up to create DOKKUN, France’s very first fanzine of gay erotic art and comics… and it is FANTASTIQUE!

DOKKUN features work that the Japanese call Bara, an all-male erotic genre created by gay men for gay men.  The point of DOKKUN is to cater to a public that is all too often ignored, and to serve up what that public craves: quality stories and art portraying male on male sex! Muscular guys, Cubs, Bears and Chubs are all featured prominently in DOKKUN!

I have had the privilege of seeing an advance preview of DOKKUN and I can tell you I am extremely impressed.  Not only does it look great, but it’s a superb collection of talent.  I mean where else can you get super-sexy comics by the crazily-talented Fabrissou, Lex, Veebee, Gigan and Silencio all in one wicked publication?

The official cover to DOKKUN #1. Art by Fabrissou.

DOKKUN will be officially launched at the 11th Japan-Expo in Paris (July 1 to 4, 2010) and although it is only available in French for the time being, those not fluent in French can enjoy the magazine for it’s incredible art.

I invite you all to check out the official DOKKUN site and lend them your support.  There’s a ton of cool downloads and other goodies available at the site that you’ll really enjoy as well.

Personally, I want to wish TEAM DOKKUN all the very best and much success!  What they have done is nothing short of brilliant and I for one look forward to years of DOKKUN with great excitement!

See you all again tomorrow, gang!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

PS — Today’s cover sure caught your eye, didn’t it?  That’s because it features and illustration of Dead Rising’s Frank West doing what he does best… KILLING ZOMBIES! That, and because it’s a stunning fan illustration lovingly created by the incredibly talented Silencio.  This guy is just overflowing with talent!!  The image is all part of the DOKKUN fun, and is available as a collector’s card!  Check out the DOKKUN website for details!


  1. Greetings Patrick!

    I’m a big fan of bara, in fact I wrote an article about yaoi and bara on my blog a couple of years ago. Bara has been steadily gaining in popularity outside of Japan thanks to the increasing availability from online shops as well as sites like y!Gallery and websites where scanlations are freely available, although the sharing of these are down to debate as far as support for the original artist goes.

    Even though I don’t buy quite as much bara as I used to (mainly down to the lack of space to keep it all) I still buy the occasional “d?jinshi” featuring my favourite artists.

    DOKKUN is defenitely something I’ll keep an eye on.

  2. Can you believe it: I’m fench, leaving in France and never heard about all those artists!!!! Thanks for the link and news, dear! I will watch carefuly to this! Xx Nico

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