Because we can all use some potty humor! A post a day – OVERTIME! Day 10

Hey Gang…
I came across this little parody of Laday Gaga’s “Bad Romance” while browsing one of my favorite photography Blogs, Pink and Wrinkly! I confess, I feel kinda guilty (not to mention a bit silly) laughing at this since it’s quite crass and pretty disgusting… but I just can’t help it! It’s just so damn well done!  Great job Sherry Vine! LOL! ;)
See ya tomorrow folks!
Patrick XOXO


  1. mort de rire! j’adore! je partage ça sur facebook!

  2. Jonah Falcon says

    Sherry’s a great friend of mine.

  3. Hey there Jonah Falcon…
    That is so cool! Be sure to tell Sherry I think she’s absolutely brilliant and incredibly talented. PLUS I’m still signing her version of the song — it’s totally stuck in my head! LOL! :oD
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  4. Bonjour Nico…
    En effet, je suis mort de rire aussi. HA! HA! HA! C’est vraiment genial et superbement realiser. :o)
    A bientot, mon cher!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. LMFAO!!! That was hilarious. I’ve seen some good shows in Sydney, but that takes the cake! So bad. It gets stuck in your head just like Gaga’s version. Loves it! Thanks Patrick.

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