New Class Comics trading cards! A post a day – Day 6

One of the things I love doing most for Class Comics is what Fraser and I affectionately refer to as coming up with “Freebies” for our readers.  As a consumer myself, I like to get a little extra for my buck when I order stuff online, so in return I love that clients who order directly from Class Comics get cool extras as well.

The new Class Comics Universe Heroes trading cards -- get some free with your order.

The new Class Comics Universe Heroes trading cards -- get some free with your order of comics!

In the past, we’ve done a lot of advertising cards and stuff, but I’ve been wanting to put together a new series of Class Comics trading cards ever since we released the Bottom Deck a few years back.  Folks seemed to love the Bottom Deck.  It was pretty cool!  But these new trading cards are even cooler. Lemme tell you why.

First of all, this series of cards is called the “Class Comics Universe Heroes” series, which means it features not only my characters, but also characters from other creators and series that Class Comics publishes.  But even better, these cards are actually “biography” cards.  On one side you get a cool image of the character in question, and on the other side you get a cool bio on him.  Way more fun than the Bottom Deck that really only featured one sided images.  Check out the 4 examples I’ve posted above.  They’re just a few of the ones we’ve already produced!

So how can you get these new cards? Well, you’re gonna get a few free with each order you place for comics through the Class Comics website.  Meanwhile, I can’t quite say how many cards will be in the series and which characters will make appearances, because honestly right now, I’m just having fun putting these little suckers together.  BIG fans be advised: the Class Comics Universe Heroes cards are here, HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and they are way cool. Plus the first few are shipping out now with Tug Harder #2 and Crash Course #1!

See ya tomorrow, gang! Have a great Saturday night!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

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  1. Cool! I always love those little freebies.
    Something more to look forward to. ^_^

  2. Hey Mike — that’s so awesome! I think you’ll enjoy these cards very much. They’re loads of fun! :o)
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  3. You guys are always so amazingly nice to your customers. I love opening up my Class Comics packages and seeing what great bonuses you stuff in there. Feel like a kid opening a box of cereal and reaching for the prize! These cards are gonna be really fun to collect!

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