Crash Course and Tug Harder mini sites now live! A post a day – Day 4!

Hiya Gang…

Fraser and I are getting ready to officially ( I say “officially”, because they are already available on the Class Comics catalog — the official release announcement will come this weekend ) release our first 2 books of the new year: Tug Harder #2 and Crash Course #1. I’ll be doing write-ups on both of these amazing comics in the up-coming days… but tonight I thought you might enjoy a look at the official mini sites.

The newly updated Tug Harder mini site... check it out adn view the official Tug Harder series animated trailer!

The newly updated Tug Harder mini site. Check it out to view the official series animated trailer.

The Tug Harder mini site has been completely updated to include free previews of issue #2.  It also has new goodies for ya, featuring art from the second book — and best o fall — you can view the WICKED animated Tug Harder trailer! You gotta check this out.  It’s total coolness, my friends.  Tug Harder #2 features more stunning art by series creator Butch McLogic and takes the story in places you have to read to believe.

Dive into the sexy world of Crash! Check out the official Crash Course series mini site.

The Crash Course mini site is gorgeous, and was superbly designed by my pal, Nookiedog.  He did a terrific job, and I urge you to rush on over to the site right now and dive right in to discover this wonderful series created by Johnny Murdoc (writer) and TJ Wood (artist).  The colors are lovingly provided by Lizz Ventura.  Crash Course is an incredibly sexy science fiction odyssey that will introduce you to a gamut of iconic new characters, such as Crash himself, the sexy, blond and buff space-faring adventurer.

Have fun surfing, my friends.  I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Hugz  + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Tug Harder & Crash Course © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Tug Harder © 2010 Butch McLogic.  All rights reserved.

Crash Course © 2010 Johnny Murdoc and TJ Wood.  All rights reserved.

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