Spot and the Funhouse! A post a day – Day 3

Spot is a brand new character to Class Comics.  Look for him in "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication #1"!

Spot is a brand new character to Class Comics. Look for him in "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication #1"!

Hello my friends…

I’ve been meaning to tell you a bit more about one of my up-coming projects, Stephane’s Funhouse of Fornication.  I’d like you to meet Spot (for those of you who haven’t done so already).  Spot is a brand new character that will be introduced in the Funhouse #1. He’s a dog-boy of sorts, but don’t expect him to be anything like CamSpot’s got a very different story ahead of him.

Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication page 04 inks.  Wilson meets Spot for the first time!

Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication page 04 inks. Wilson meets Spot for the first time!

I toyed with the idea of a dog dude for a long time, and finally Spot was born.  He’s a towering 7 feet tall and built like a brick shit house… He gets rescued from his abusive owner by the geeky neighbor, Wilson… and the two, shall we say, hit it off.  Of course there is much more to it than that, but I don’t want to give everything away!  LOL!

Rough pencil sketch of Spot.

Rough pencil sketch of Spot.

Each issue of the Funhouse will feature new short stories, many of which will introduce you to new characters.  With Stephane of the Satisfaction Guaranteed series narrating, you know it’s gonna be raunchy!  LOL!  Though issue #1 is still a little ways away, I will keep you posted as I work on it. Till next time, friends!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

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  1. I keep imagining a meeting between Spot and Cam… The obvious potential for the dog chasing the cat situation and Cam saying, “Don’t even think it dog boy!”

  2. He would look a little better with a snout sort of face I think, but it’s a great concept!

  3. I love your take on “Give a dog a bone”, Patrick. I expect nothing less than an excellence when viewing your work, but you always seem to catch me by surprise with your subtle jokes thrown in there.
    Great piece and nice new character, Patrick!

  4. Kent Toney says

    I LOVE LOVE yer work. I really wish you guys would foray into the cartoon world. THAT would be hotter than…what was I saying…? Very hip, very cool, VERY HOT and keep it up! :D

  5. Hey Patrick – you seriously are the king of animal-bois! Spot looks fantastic (especially tied up and drooling ;-)) and we cannot await his adventures!!

    Keep up the great work and stay the way you are!

  6. August Aquila says

    LOVE IT! Spot is super sexy. I am dying for him and Cam to get into some steamy cat and dog action. i really think ur fans would go crazy if u did that, but please continue to show more spot. Hes my favorite of all ur characters! MORE MORE MORE!!


  8. Hiya Louis…

    Thanks so much buddy! Glad you’re liking ol’ Spot! And oh yes, a “meeting” between he and Cam is certainly NOT out of the question. I’d just have to work out the logistics of it, since Spot is on Earth and Cam is waaaaaay out in outer space… but it’s comics, and in comics, anything is possible… including really sexy dog dudes that are hung like donkeys! HA! HA! HA!

    Loads of luv to ya, buddy!
    Patrick XOXO

  9. Hello Anonymous…

    Thanks for the comment. I am really glad you like Spot’s concept. As for the snout thing, I did consider it initially, but ended up going with a traditional nose instead because I realized I wanted Spot more “Humanoid” than “Anthro”.

    Thanks for taking the time to write! :o)
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  10. Hiya Jezza…

    Thanks so much, buddy! I am really touched by your very kind words! Well, you know I just try to do my best is all. I try to put stuff out there that I think I might like to see… So it’s sooooo cool to hear that you guys really dig it. :o)

    As for Spot, I am thrilled you like him. I think he’ll be loads of fun to work with, and so you can count on seeing more of him in th every near future.

    Loads of luv to ya, buddy!

  11. Hello Kent…

    Thanks so much for the very kind words, my friend. It was greatly appreciated. I’m thrilled you enjoy my work and the stuff Class Comics puts out…

    And trust me, I’d love it if we could do animated cartoons too! But that isn’t out of the realm of possibility. New software and programs are making it easier to do stuff like that, and we’re always keeping an eye out for a viable way of animating our guys. So stay tooned, but you never know… you may see Class Comics hunks come to animated life in the near future!

    Thanks again for taking the time to write! :o)
    Big Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  12. Hey there Dirk…

    Awwww– you’re too kind, my friend. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment. You know me, I just like to draw stuff I find hot myself, and that includes sexy anthro bois!

    I’m so thrilled you like the look of Spot… I think you’ll enjoy his adventures! I’m having a blast working on them!

    Loads of luv to ya, my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  13. Hiya August…

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. I truly appreciated your message! :o)

    I’m so pleased you love Spot so much. That’s such a big compliment to me, given that I’ve only really shared just a few images with you guys. Your words are very encouraging and make me feel like I am on the right path with this character! Thanks again so much! :o)

    As for Spot and Cam, it’s beginning to look as though a lot of folks would like to see them get together… And you know me… I aim to please… so it’s certainly a possibility for the future. Stay tooned! Once Spot gets his formal introduction in the Funhouse #1… the sky’s the limit! ;)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX

  14. Hiya Siskoone…

    Thanks so much for the wicked comment, and very kind words, my friend. All were greatly appreciated!

    And yeah, it does seem like Spot and Cam would make a fun pairing… I will definitely keep that in mind. Once I’ve introduced Spot officially in the Funhouse #1, there are no ends to the possibilities… that’s what’s so great about writing and drawing comics! LOL!

    Big time Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  15. I dunno… pains me to say it, but I think Spot is awfully dumb-looking. Maybe pointy dog ears would have been better than the floppy. And I think he might have worked a lot better if he were slender and more boyish, like an anime puppy boy. Bulky but with this silly cartoon doggy face is kind of creepy. Dogs just aren’t as sexy and easy to anthro as cats.

  16. Hi Ben…

    Thanks for your comment. I guess the old saying is true… ” You can’t please everyone”. And that’s okay. But I do think that you need to give old Spot a chance before you dismiss him. I think it’s the fact that he is such a big puppy dog that works.

    Also, I didn’t want to make a typical Anthro dog boy with a the head of a dog and the body of a human. I wanted to give him my own twist.

    In any case, everyone is most certainly entitled to their opinions. I’m glad you shared yours with me.

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  17. No, I don’t mean furry style, with the whole dog head. Kind of the opposite. Anime style, with a pretty boy that just has dog ears and a tail, and sometimes paws. Like this.

    It’s the only way I’ve seen to make an attractive dog anthro. For him to be barely dog, and to have a slender build and pretty face. The dog aspect can be played up in his behavior, instead of his physical characteristics. A face as cute and silly as spot’s on one of the largest builds you’ve ever drawn really creeps me out somehow. Do you remember Pound Puppies from the 80s? Spot looks just like them, and it makes me feel like you’re going for a child audience.

    I’m sorry to criticize you when I’m such a huge fan, I have all of your books and LOVE your work … except Spot and Sethan. ;) I think a clown character could also really work if he had a slender build, and much more stylish high-fashion makeup and clothing. Have you seen Alan Cumming as the Emcee in Cabaret? Like that. Or club kids. You achieve clownish makeup and colorful hair that was fashionable, not silly. With really sexy, edgy, but over-the-top and clownish clothes.

  18. Whoops! I meant Stephane, not Sethan! Sethan has the kind of dark, super-stylish edge I really wish Stephane had. Must’ve been a Freaudian slip.

  19. Hi Ben…

    Again, thanks for your opinion. I appreciate criticism as much as I appreciate praise, as long as it comes from a respectful place.

    Obviously, you aren’t fond of Spot and Stephane. That’s your prerogative. I am fully aware that I won’t be able to please everyone with every single comic and character that I write and draw. I’m not trying to. That’s why I have several different titles and characters. I try to offer a little something for everyone.

    These two characters are as they are, and that’s how they are going to appear in the Funhouse. If they creep you out so much, you just don’t have to read anything that Stephane and Spot are featured in.

    I can appreciate and respect that they are not your cup of tea, so my advice is to steer clear of the Funhouse title.


  20. Thanks, Patrick. You’re awesome.

    I guess I should practice my drawing, and design a sexy stylish clown and twinkish dog boy the way I want to see them done.

  21. August Aquila says

    Ben ur insane! LOL Spot is his hottest character EVER! MY ALL TIME FAVE! i think a big part of that is because hes so Big and Beefy. This is patrick’s biggest and most muscular character yet. I’m dying to see Spot get into all sorts of hot beefy man sex. Patrick u should make Spot more of a bottom than top. A beefcake as big as him getting fucked in the ASS would be like a dream….im “drooling” over this character so to speak. LOL

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