BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #164 – Welcome Summer!


So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted!  I cannot get over how quickly time flies.  I swear, these days I wish I could literally clone myself!  That way I could do ALL the work I have piled up on my desk and drawing table in a timely manner, and actually feel like I am on top of things! WAH!  LOL!

But today is June 1st, and I can’t help but look outside and be filled with excitement.  Even though Summer isn’t officially here yet, the weather is FINALLY getting warm and inviting after a dreadfully hard winter that left everything in my yard either dead of mangled beyond recognition!

In other news, I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed of late.  Admittedly I tend to reach this point every summer.  The outdoors starts calling and I, like most other people, feel less and less like working.  But this year, it seems to be a little worse.

I’ve been feeling more swamped than usual.  I think that Class Comics has grown into a wonderful entity, but in doing so, the nature of my work has changed drastically.  I don’t draw quite as much as I once did.  I manage other artists and their projects a lot more than I used to.  Of course, this is very rewarding, and I don’t do this alone, but it still impacts my “creative time” a lot more than it once did.

I’m not trying to complain, or looking for sympathy.  More than anything, writing about this stuff helps me to understand how it all impacts me and how it makes me feel.  You could say that sharing this with you is quite therapeutic.  LOL!

Mostly it comes down to finding a good balance and learning how to split my time more efficiently and in a way that feels right to me.  I cannot lose sight of why Fraser and I created Class Comics originally.  It was so that I could create gay erotic comic books and publish them.  So I guess it is pretty important that I actually create stuff.  LOL!  It’s not only important to Class Comics, but it’s important to me personally.  I have always said that even if drawing comics weren’t what I do for a living, it would be something I do as a hobby anyway.  Next to breathing, it’s what keeps me alive.

So as I look at this issue’s gorgeous cover illustration, created by the extremely talented Dendrilite – whose work I encourage all of you to check out here and here! – I am reminded of the importance of art in my life.  I am reminded that I love creating beautiful pictures of beautiful and exotic Boytoons, and of depicting their adventures!  It’s who I am.

It is soooo important that I remember that!

Thanks for listening, my friends!  More from me very soon.  And thanks to you all for not losing interest in Boytoons Magazine despite the recent irregularity of my posts!

BIG Hugz + kisses to you all!
Patrick XOXOX

PS — Today also signifies the end of GM. To quote Michael Moore “By high noon, the President of the United States will have made it official: General Motors, as we know it, has been totaled.”  You all know that I have some strong environmental opinions and it seems that Michael’s making some recommendations to President Obama about what should happen to the GM factories, and how they should be converted into bullet train, light rail and energy efficient bus manufacturing plants.  Great intentions and a wonderful vision… but will it happen.  Only time will tell what becomes of the remains of the company that invented “planned obsolescence”.

Merman illustration Copyright © 2009, Dendrilite.  All rights reserved.  Used with kind permission.


  1. The good thing about irregular posts, my friend, is the wash of glee when I see a new one waiting. So worry ye not fine artist chap, you’ll always have an audience.

    Cloning ones-self… erm… I’ll see what K-9 has in his databanks for you on that one, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on a good outcome.

    Class Comics is indeed a big project for you and Fraser, but do know that all of your efforts fromyourselves, and from all of your artists and team members is appreciated and loved; and I’m one of many many people who’re very glad you make the effort, so take your time and stress not… the results are worth the wait.

    Lastly, if outside beckons for a bit as a stress release, then go outside for a bit… for me it’s a Doctor Who story or running the Hoover around the flat, but we all need that moment of “other” to help us with day to day life.

    Be safe, be happy, be well, and much love to you and Fraser.


  2. Hello Dale…

    So great to hear from you, my friend… and thank you so much for your very sweet and kind words of encouragement and support. I greatly appreciated them.

    It’s really nice to hear that the stuff Fraser, the team and I do with Class Comics is indeed appreciated. Truly makes me realize what I do what I do… what we all do! :o)

    It’s also great to hear that people don’t give up on BTM just because the updates can be irregular. That’s truly wonderful! LOL! I’d hate to lose my readers just because it can take me a little time to post stuff! LOL!

    And you’re right, that heading out when the outdoors calls is a great thing to do, because we all need a little time off from time to time.

    BIG BIG Love to you, buddy! Thanks again for taking the time to write.

    Patrick XOXOXO

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