BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #156 – Heroes in Peril!


It’s no secret – I occasionally like to see my Boytoons in some pretty hair-raising tight spots!  These “heroes in Peril” scenarios, as I like to call them, can be oddly titillating. Over the years, I’ve placed my characters in a number of these scenarios.

From Camili-Cat’s memorable run in with those horny bounty hunters, the Djinns, to Naked Justice’s nut-numbing throw-down with Icecap, and to Zahn’s mistreatment at the hands of the Almesti… peril seems to be a predicament I rather enjoy depicting.


A number of artists who create male erotic comics seem to love this type of genre as well.   Gengoroh Tagame, one of Japan’s most gifted creators of male erotica, is undoubtedly the king of us all when it comes to pushing the limits of peril.  He is completely brilliant, but despite my absolute love for this man’s incredible talent and gorgeous artwork, I have often found myself cringing at the treatment some of his subjects are forced to endure.

There are varying degrees of peril, you see. Some creators push the envelope quite, QUITE far, and though I completely respect their art and creativity, I find that I personally can only be cruel to a certain extent.  Incredible as it sounds, I have limits!  No blood please!!!  And oh yeah — I like my boys to keep their penises and balls attached to their bodies!  LOL!

Camili-Cat may be overrun by rugged, roaming Djinn hands, but the truth is that he revels in the little Bounty Hunter’s exploration of his body.  He’s their toy and he loves every minute of it!!!


So am I a wimp for making a point of establishing that my Boytoons love the rough stuff?  As their writer, I like to explore all facets of my characters’ sexuality.  They are not entirely vanilla, and at times the darker side of things can entrance because to some extent, I think it reaches most of us in a place we don’t always acknowledge.   They go places we don’t dare go ourselves.

So what is it about a gorgeous hero being overrun by monsters that is so damn sexy – if it’s sexy in your eyes at all, that is!


I have a couple of opinions on this.

The first is that in contrast to the nasties, our heroes are even more beautiful.  Surrounded by the knarly Djinns, can there be any question that Cam is stunning?

Another possible explanation is that we like Heroes who are powerful, but still sort of human.  So what if we know they will eventually get out on top as it were, seeing them in peril humanizes them.  It’s terribly sexy to know that heroes have a delicate side to them.  To some degree, it brings them down to a level that makes them seem more attainable to us.

I really don’t spend hours trying to figure out why I like to draw this type of scenario all that much. Maybe it has to do with how we comic book lovers are conditioned early on to see our fave spandex-clad heroes in the clutches of serious trouble.  Think Spider-Man wrapped up in Doc Oc’s tentacles?  How many times have you dreamed of seeing the good doctor shred that skin tight suit right off Spidey’s scrumptious bod?  The hero falling victim to the villain is a common trend in comics.  When it’s adult comics, well… it’s only natural it should get a little naughty!


Whatever the cause, I am well aware that sexual fantasies are exactly that – fantasies – and that’s why they’re so fun.  I love it when my Boytoons are the ultimate sex toys, and that’s good enough for me.

Why do I bring this up today, you may wonder?  Well, I’ve recently been invited to participate in Bruno Gmunder’s “Stripped: The illustrated man” volume 2.  I am told this volume is a bit more hard core than it’s predecessor, and I’ve been asked to draw some naughtier material.  I’ve begun to create a series of illustration, aptly titled “Heroes in Peril” for the book.  Today’s cover illustration of Cam getting re-acquainted with the Djinns is part of the series.  So far I’ve depicted Locus getting chaimed up by Slavaa’s henchman, Garganzo.  Naked Justice has been rimmed by evil!?!? And Zahn should be more careful where he steps when walking in the deserts of Varda!


It’s been great fun creating this set, and though I can’t say for certain that all of these images will appear in Stripped 2, I can tell you that just having a reason to create htem has been a blast indeed.

Have a great weekend, dear friends.  More from me shortly!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat, the Djinns, Naked Justice, Icecap, the Almesti, Zahn, Locus, Incubus & Jon Dazy are © Copyright and TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

The Patient © Copyright and TM 2002, Gengoroh Tagame.  All Rights reserved.


  1. mmm I love it all, Now if only these where desktop backgrounds! :)

  2. I do agree with your viewpoint – I can’t read some of the really intense Japanese material asI find it too extreme for my tastes. For some reason I’m quite protective of the heroes I love – If Superman gets mashed by villain-of-the-week I get quite irked by it, the same with Spidey, Bats and Wonder Woman. I think with your heroes (as in the ones you write), there’s a slightly more relaxed set of game rules for me – I think it’s because I know these are adult comics, with adult themes, and the heroes are going to get into these sexual situations – and as that’s a given then I’m fine with it. Zahn’s my favourite hero of yours, and as you so rightly said I know he’ll cum… er… come through his battles and win in the end, so the sexual peril is safer and more enjoyable as I’ve almost bonded with him. Nice entry (oh dear, another double entendre) Patrick!

  3. I’m not really a huge cartoon fan but this is an incredible site.

  4. That is one damn hot picture of Cam and the Djinns! I would like to see the full pic someday. I have seen some of Tagame’s work, and while there is no questioning his talent, some of his work has caused the need for me to have a long tie down.

    However I really like these situations when your heroes are in peril. In fact the first time I saw your work was when I discovered some pics of Cam vs the Djinns on the interweb many years ago, and I can defenitely understand the appeal of scenes like that. Generally we like to be in control of things, but if someone or something takes over, the loss of being in control gives us a thrill, especially when it comes to our bodies and/or sex, which is seen as something private and intimate. By letting someone else take control we feel even more exposed, adding to the excitement. It’s a bit like riding a wardrobe down a flight of stairs, you’re never quite sure what might happen but you are in for one hell of a ride on the way down.

    Take care!

  5. Beautiful as always Patrick! I agree that it is kind of fun to see your heroes that way sometimes, it does make them more human in a way…

    Keep up the good work Patrick! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your blog all that much lately.


  6. Seeing a strong and powerful male in peril and/or bondage is very provocative being he superhero or not. I remember a Saturday matinee screening of “Tarzan’s Fight for Life”. In it Gordon Scott as Tarzan is captured by a tribe of hostile natives. Bound spread eagle to a rack by his captors he is transported back to their village between two canoes. Upon arrival he is tied to a yoke and led humiliatingly like tethered livestock. He is then imprisoned in a hut to await being sacraficed in a pagan ritual. Seeing Scott overpowered and his massive physique tied up and sadistically displayed was incredibly exciting. It’s still a film sequence of tremendous eroticism. An eroticism unsurpassed until the capture and torment of hot, hung, hard muscled heroes like Camili-Cat, Naked Justice and Zahn.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I’ve given it some thought as well, I’ve found that what makes for a really steamy situation is to find characters in roles at the opposite end of the spectrum from where they would normally find themselves. Seeing a ruthless, powerful villain in total submission, or some arrogant, prettyboy model stud finding himself the sexual slave to some unkempt plus- sized guy who’s just flat out filthy… It all just taps into these far away fantasies that drive me wild!

  8. I kinda like those boys in peril too! The Almesti scene is particularly vivid!! heh ;p

  9. You know, I love dudes that are in trouble and being manhandled. I love it to the point where there’s no blood whatsoever. That’s the point of my enjoyment, cause once there’s blood, I lose my thrill for it and it just becomes torture and it’s hard to keep watching it. I think you handle the balance pretty well and don’t get to the point where people are cringing at the site of disgust. I love your Camili pic!

  10. hi patrick,

    you have outdone yourselves (again) with the newest cover! cam looks like he’s in real big doodoo this time ;-) any chance we will get the djinns+cam-adventure colored (maybe with the superbigextreme-edition of felinoids #3?).

    on topic, i think the “babes in peril”-theme clicks a button within any of us because it’s just beautiful and gorgeous to see a beauty in bondage, “desperately” trying to get out of a sexed-up situation. i also agree on the “dont go too far”-part. gengoroh tagame is an incredibly gifted artist and i injoy his art immensely. however (remember, this is nothing but my own opinion), i find some of his stories a bit too extreme. castration and the likes go too far for me. on the other hand, i have to admit that some of his harder bondage-stuff is very sexy and appealing.

    the whole slave-and-master-theme is attractive to many people – and especially is it’s done by an artist who not “only” knows how to draw but also knows how to transport a story with his characters. that’s why i like class comics the best: the characters are insanely beautifully drawn but also very strongly written: there’s a reason for any of them why they behave a certain way. as shakespeare always suggested: the character’s motifs have to be understandable for the reader/audience.

    did i drift off from the bondage-theme…??? ;-)

    all the best, guys, keep up the great work (and keep publishing the electronic versions of your comics!! they rule!!)

  11. hi patrick,
    check this out!!!
    i hope you like it!!!

  12. Pedro Abad-Alvarez says

    Hi Patrick…how can I subscribe to BTMag?…or at the very list, I would love to be on the mailing list…thanks, PAA

  13. Hey Vaughn Michael — Thanks for the kind words, my friend. And you know me and my love of wallpaper. Maybe someday this series will end up being anew desktop series! ;)

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  14. Hey there DW — thanks so much for the really wicked comment! I greatly appreciated your point of view!

    I think you are right — I too get very protective of my heroes — both the ones I love from Pop Culture and the ones I’ve created. I like a little spice and danger, but I don’t want to see them REALLY get hurt. That sort of takes the fun out of it for me.

    Thanks again for the really great words! Catch ya later!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  15. Hey there Dee — thanks so much for the very kind words. That is high praise indeed, and it is very much appreciated!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  16. Hiya Reikro!!

    My friend, you totally NAILED IT ON THE HEAD with your observations. It’s so true that it is all about pushing our excitement that much further. I’ve just never read an explanation for this quite so well worded before. Thanks again for that! :oD

    As for Cam and the Djinns — I so LOOOOVE that that particular strip holds such an important place in your heart. I think you’ll be seeing the full version of this new illustration VERY soon!

    Loads of luv to ya!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  17. Hey there Ralts — Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments!

    And buddy, please don’t worry about a thing. I know how busy life can get! It’s just always great to hear from ya and I know you drop by whenever you can! It’s greatly appreciated!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  18. Hey Musclsvg…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I totally have to check out “Tarzan’s fight for life”!! I looked up some scenes on YouTube and I must say it does look MIGHTY appealing! Mmmmm — Gordon Scott — I’d love to swing on his vine!!!! LOL! ;)

    I really appreciated your kind words about my boys in peril too. It really means a lot that you find them so appealing! :o)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  19. Hey Hotcha — great of you to drop by my friend — and thanks for the wonderful comment!

    It really sounds like you and I share some fantasies in common when it comes to our artwork! LOL! :o) But it truly is very hot to see a character pushed to his erotic limits! That’s also something I really love about your art, my friend! :)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  20. Hey Sarah — thanks so much for the compliment my dear.

    Interestingly enough, a lot of folks found the Almesti scene in Zahn #1 really shocking. I guess I just never saw the Almesti as animals and always considered them to be furries in a way. But each to their own. It’s nice to know that at least you and I (amongst others) enjoyed it! HA! HA! HA!

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  21. Hey GayComicGeek… Thanks so much for the great comment. I agree with you –my personal limit seems to be the blood thing. I sort of lose interest at that point too!

    But I appreciate that you feel I do the “Heroes in Peril” thing well. it really means a lot! Also, glad you like the Cam pic.

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  22. Hey Dirk…

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I am really glad you enjoyed this issues’ cover. And to answer your question regarding a color version of the Cam and the Djinns comic strip, lemme just say that it is planned for a full color “best of” Cam trade paperback book. I wish i could give you a time frame for that, but alas… suffice it to say we are working on it! LOL! :o)

    Yeah, the whole blood mixed with sex thing doesn’t really do it for me either. It pushes my meter a little further than I comfortably like to go! LOL!

    I think as far as peril goes, I like it best when my heroes complain on the outside, but love it on the inside! HA! HA! HA!

    Thanks again so much for all the kind words, dear friend. And thank you for your great observations! It’s always greatly appreciated!

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  23. Hiya Sunny….

    WOWWEE!!! Thanks so much for creating that gorgeous Camili-Cat fan art!!! It’s a gorgeous illustration and I LOVE IT!!!! I’ve left a longer comment on your Blog, my friend!

    Loads of luv to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX

  24. Hello Predro…

    thanks for dropping by! :o) You can use Google Reader to subscribe to Boytoons Magazine. Since it’s strictly a blog magazine (and not an actual print one) you can be sure to get all the new issues and posts directly that way and never miss one!

    Enjoy! And thanks again for stopping by! :o)
    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  25. Stumbleupon says

    I stumbled upon this website today and I really like these images!

    Totally awesome!!

    When I was around 12 years old I had this amazing fantasy about being stranded on a deserted island (Like Lord of the Flies) with these other 3-4 boys…he he We were on a boat or plane that crashed and only the 5 of us survived, NO ADULTS… We find fresh water and the island is like a true paradise, very beautiful, lots of fruit to eat and no dangerous animals, just fish, etc. The beach is beautiful and it’s just us 5 boys all by ourselves, all of us around 10-12 years old but we are not scared, we are very mature and we all quickly realize how AWESOME our situation is because all 5 of us are GAY!!

    You can imagine the FUN we get into on the island… Imagine if they made a movie about this… wow.

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