BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #150 – Celebration time!

Good morning Gang!

So here I am at 150 issues and counting… Never thought it would come this far, this little Blog of mine.  But today, rather than wax eloquent about how wonderful it is to have blogged quite this much, I am going to share something with you that I find very frustrating as an artist.

Yes it’s true… I am currently feeling a touch of artist block!

Okay, so, not like that’s the end of the world… EXCEPT that this ailment seems to hit me EVERY TIME I am close to the end of a project.  In this case, it’s Boytoon Adventures #1 and Felinoids #3.

There could be a few reasons for this.  Maybe it’s because I draw stuff out of order, working on all the pages that inspire me the most first.  Maybe it’s because I work for too long on the same project and need a change of pace in order to keep on creatin’! (Isn’t that what Boytoon Adventures was supposed to be?!?!) Maybe it’s just because I’m being a whiny, flaky bitch… WHO KNOWS!  It may even be all of the above.

The truth is that I get SO EXCITED when I am near the end of a project, I think it makes my head explode, causing some sort of brain blockage that shuts down my drawing drive.  I get this way for several reasons, not the least of which is how much I look forward to sharing new books with you guys!  You realize you good folks are like, my fuel, right?  LOL! ;)

This is not meant to  pressure you in any way!  But if I were drawing for myself alone, that would hardly be any fun, would it!

I think when I stop and really think about it, there is a healthy case of nerves happening.  I will let you all in on a little secret – artists can be very insecure about their work sometimes and I am no exception.

Oh sure, I know what I’m doing.  God, I hope so after all these years!!!  But I want everything to be as perfect as possible… for me AND for you.  I thrive on making us all happy!

There was a time, back when I worked at Avatar for example, where I could put myself on “automatic” and just draw, draw, draw.  The difference then is that it wasn’t MY STUFF – it was someone else’s.  That meant thinking it to death WAY LESS because it wasn’t my own creation.  Seems that when it comes to my Boytoons, I second guess constantly!  Surely, I am not the only artist who does this, but man-o-man can it be a pain in the ass.

So this morning, I am looking at Boytoon Adventures #1 and Felinoids #3 and wishing I were working on Zahn #2!  WTF?!?!  Well… okay… the REAL truth is I wish I were playing “Left 4 Dead”, but that’s not gonna happen ‘cause I gots me a business to run!  LOL!

Don’t feel bad for yours truly, and please do NOT worry.  These dry spells never last very long with me.  I’ll be inspired again before you know it, and we’ll all see Boytoon Adventures #1 and Felinoids #3 in print soon enough. This is just how it works with me, I’m afraid.

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be a celebration of coming this far with Boytoons Magazine if I didn’t thank all of you for sticking around and for being so supportive.  You all rock, and I luvs ya! So… thanks for the fuel, dear friends!  Ours is a symbiotic relationship! ;)

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

PS – That’s Cal on the cover of today’s issue.  He’s just one of the new Felinoids you’ll meet in Felinoids #3! I love his little spots! Toodles!

All characters © Copyright & TM 2009, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hey Patrick !
    First off, i’m so sorry i never comment on your blog and feel so terrible about it XD ( how can i not support one of my favourite artist )
    Anywho, i sure hope the artist block will soothe itself out like you said, but i laughed when i read this, because i can totally relate to the feelings of artist block ! and you’re lucky you second guess your Boytoons, i lost count of my guesses for my characters.

    lol, so best of luck to you, and Congrats on the 150th Post by the way ! Cheers and lotsa love !

  2. Damian & Trent says

    Thanks for stayin’ with it, even while dry. Juices will flow again, as always. Relax & let it happen. Your regiment of fans believes in you.

    Damian & Trent

  3. Patrick, Cal is just beautiful.

    Hope the artists block goes soon! :)

  4. Dear sweet Patrick: Please don’t dismay. I can’t begin to comprehend the amount of creative energy it must take to do what you so eloquently and seemingly effortlessly. Remember you’r not a machine and regardless of your physical drive sometimes we must put the tools down and take a breather We evolved in a natural world where stress ebbed and flowed dynamically and so must you conduct your work and life. Love ya–Robert!!!!

  5. Hello Patrick,

    boy, do I understand how you’re feeling: I am not an artist, but I love my job and every time I’m in a new project, I start out with the parts that I enjoy the most, leaving the less-interesting parts in the future. However, as time goes by, I learned that a good mixture between joyful/exciting and “boring”/less-interesting is always working with me, so I try to cram some of the boring stuff into my daily schedule.

    Concerning your art, I can do nothing else but assure you: your creations rule supreme. I learned aboot (isn’t that the Canadian spelling? ;-)) Camili-Cat in 2004/2005 and I immediately fell in love with him: the insanely beautiful body (his legs, omg… these leeegs ;-), his naivity (spelling??), his beautifully erratic character (yelling at Locus in Cams 20th birthday-special!), etc…. He inspired me for a little personal “creation” (it’s stolen from you, but you know me – I just loooove Catbois! ;-)) and I developed a character, background, outfit, etc. right along Cam himself. You could say, Cam, Dane (yummy++), Locus, and all the other Class-bois are more than “just” comic book-characters, they are inspirations and beautifully rendered creatures (that I daily lust after, sorry… ;-)).

    After you posted about being shipped via Diamond Comics, I ordered your books through a “regular” comic book store of my trust. Nonetheless, as soon as Felinoids 3 is done, I plan on a shopping spree @ Class Comics directly like you wouldn’t believe! ;-)) This also shall not produce any pressure on you, my friend ;-))

    All the best, relax and enjoy life.


  6. Hi, Patrick.
    I’ve never written to you, but I’ve always been a really big fan. Your work is too incredible for words. It’s so overwhelming sometimes I can’t even look at it. As an artist, I know about the insecurity thing, too. I understand. But, look at how much work you have behind you. 150 issues!!! And, it’s okay to take a break. Just don’t call it a “block.” Don’t give it too much power over you. It will pass. Just take a deep breath. You are one of the greatest!!!

  7. Congrats on issue #150! Artist’s block isn’t so bad. Give yourself a little break for the time being. It’s all good, you deserve it. All that means is that when you do go through this break, you’re gonna wow us with something totally unbelievable! Speaking of which, I love Cal! He’s awesome! I was wondering about the other Felinoids in the universe and what they all looked like. Keep up the badass work that you’re doing! I can’t wait to read your new books!

  8. Hey Patrick, you have no idea how much I’m look forward to Boytoons Adventures. Hehe. By the way, why does Cal bare such a resemblance to GayComicGeek? Hmmm…

  9. LOL! Wow, if a Fillion superman-hottie character was based on me, I’d be so filled with excitement and giddy right now.

  10. 150 already!?! Man, congratulations! Seems like not long ago we all came on over to the blogosphere! hehe.

    OMG Cal does kinda look like Paul! hehe! I’m trying to make him blush!

    Artist’s block, schmartist’s block. Patrick Fillion & Class Comics even in uncreative mode is still more exciting than any other media I consume!


  11. Heya Patrick! :)
    First off, gratz on 150 issues of Boytoons Mag! I am glad and excited to see how far you’ve come over the years! As for the artist block? You know I know your pain! LOL! But hang in there — you and I both know it’s temporary…you’ll be back at full creative awing before you can bat an eye. :)



  12. Hey there Kerry!

    Thanks so much for the terrific comment. And please do not feel bad for always commenting on my posts. It means a lot just knowing you read them faithfully! LOL!

    Yeah, artist block can be a real pain, but at least, it’s passed for now. And as artists, we are definitely our own worst enemies. I have to stop at second guessing, otherwise I’d lose count too! LOL! We gotta remember to be kind to our art and ourselves I suppose!

    Thanks so much again for stopping by, and the kudos!

    Hugz + Kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  13. Hiya Damian and Trent.

    Thanks so much, boys! And you’ll be pleased to know that the artist block passed and now I am back on the creative band wagon! LOL!

    Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

  14. Dear, lovely Sarah…

    Thanks so much for the well wishes. Glad you like the look of Cal. I look forward to showing you more of him in Felinoids #3.

    Hugz + Kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  15. Dear Robert…

    What a sweet comment that was!! :oD Thank you so very much! I really appreciated your kind words and will try to follow your very good advice! :o)

    Thanks again for being so supportive… and for taking the time to write. It means a lot to me!

    Big hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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