Hotcha Does Locus!

Hiya guys…

My pal Hotcha has done it again.  This time, he’s drawn Locus taking it up the arse for the first time the way he did in Rapture #2.  That would be Captain Jung and Disco double dipping our favorite lean, green sex machine!  I just love this latest image!  Hotcha is truly talented and nails my guys (no pun intended, I swear!!!) every time he draws them!  I encourage you all to check out his gallery! He’s drawn some extremely sexy stuff.

And if you’re just tuning in, check out his rendition of Zahn getting some much needed attention from Drake, Hotcha’s very own tattood creation!

Thanks for this latest image, Hotcha! As I’ve said before, you rock my friend! Feel free to draw my Boytoons ANYTIME! As for this yummy illustration, I think it really does go to show that though it may not be easy being green, it can definitely be a lot of fun! LOL! ;)

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXO

Illustration by Hotcha. © Copyright 2008.

Locus, Disco & Captain Jung © Patrick Fillion/Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. Oh my~ That’s super ubery duper hawt. Hotcha did a great job! ;]


  2. I couldn’t agree more, Ralts! :)

    Hugz + Kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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