Skin Tight: RE-EDUCATION, Saturday Sept 27th!

Hiya Spandex lovers!

I am pleased to announce the next SKIN TIGHT USA party!  Here are the details:

SkinTight USA Fall Edition…

The time: 10PM

The Date: Saturday September 27, 2008

The Place: The Stonewall Inn

The Address:
53 Christopher Street, NY, NY, 10014 (6th Ave. South in Greenwich Village)

The Number: 212-488-2705

The Cover: $5
Hosted in person by Matt

Get your Fetish Re-Education from Skin Tight USA and

And below is the official Re-Education ad, with artwork by Matt of Leaky Pen Productions, based on an image by yours truly! Enjoy the party, folks!


  1. Heh, this seems interesting… Although I’m only commenting to say the dorm I live in is Stonewall Hall, and yes, it is LGBT-themed. :3

  2. Hey Rarutos…

    WOW! Your dorm sounds really cool! From the sound of it, you seem to be settling in okay! That’s awesome! Have a great weekend, dear friend!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Yeah, the people there are all nice~ It’s nice to hang around other people like me. :3

    And thanks Patrick, I hope you’re having an awesome weekend yourself! <3

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