Incubus VS Jon Dazy by Sexacholic!

Hi again, Gang!

I received this video from a fan named Sexacholic, like, months ago… just goes to show how busy the summer has been for me, I never got around to posting it.  Well, here it finally is!  Thanks so much Sexacholic for such a cool creation!  It’s so fun!  Sorry for not posting it sooner… but you know the saying — better late than never!  LOL! :o)

Hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll be back with more hot Boytoons for you real soon!

Hugz + kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Incubus and Jon Dazy © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. interesting, real man vs comic man!!. hehe , also have hot music

  2. Wow, that didn’t seem like much of a match. ;) But still really cool and creative! I wonder if the guy has made any more like that with other characters..?

  3. Hiya Jade…

    Glad you enjoyed the film! I think Sexacholic did a fantastic job. And yeah, I love his choice of music too! Thanks for the comment! Drop by anytime!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  4. Hiya Lizzy…

    Thanks for the great comment! I am glad you enjoyed the film. As far as I know this is the only one he has ever put together, but if he ever does do another one with some of my boys, I’ll be sure to post it here.

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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