BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #131 – Boytoon Adventures revealed!

Hey everybody….

Hope you are all well.  I am buried in boxes up to my eyebrows.  HA! HA! HA!  As you know, Fraser and I are moving into our new digs – on Thursday of this week in fact – and we’ve been busy little campers trying to get everything in order and ready to be moved.  So before I go off line for a few days, I wanted to say one last quick hello and bring you a little more info on Boytoon Adventures!

A little while ago, I was reading some of my beloved Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures, and it occurred to me how fun, cutting edge and sleek the style of those comics is.  In fact, that style of drawing seems quite popular lately.  You see it in a ton of DC cartoons and comics, and Marvel seems to be adopting it to some degree as well.  So I thought, I want to try my hand at this.

I began to doodle and soon it became pretty evident that the style (or my version of it at least) was really working for me.  Next thing I knew, Fraser and I were loving the results and soon after that, we started making plans for an actual Trade Paperback or Digest format book called “Boytoon Adventures #1”.

Now this is the part where you might think I am a bit nutty, but so as not to confuse folks, (because I most certainly am not about to give up my traditional style of drawing), I am going to use a public pen name for Boytoon Adventures.  While drawing in this style, I will be doing so as “Bryce Peters”.  Why Bryce Peters you ask?   Well, here’s a little bit of background info for you.  WAAAAAY back at the start of my career as an artist of gay male erotic comics, I seriously considered using a pen name.  Bryce Peters was the name I came up with.  Obviously, I decided not to go with a pen name for my art back then… but for the Boytoon Adventures stuff, it seems like a fun and appropriate alias!

Anyhow, back to the book itself.  The Digest will be roughly 70 full-color pages and feature four complete 15-page short stories.

The first story features Locus, Flamer, Disco and Jung, and picks up at the point where Locus joins Captain Jung’s crew.  I introduce a cool new villain in this story which I found lots of fun! The second story is a Ghostboy story, which will also feature Diablo.  The third is a Zahn story, which will focus on a scene barely touched upon in Zahn #1 – prepare to enter into the swamps of Lyrria.

As for the fourth story, Fraser has penned that one.  It features some of the characters from the Initiation.  This is exciting for us because it marks our first real collaboration on a comic together.

The really fun thing about Boytoon Adventures is that for me as an artist, it is a liberating change of pace.  My usual style is so precise and painstaking, and this new way of drawing is a little more carefree and loose.  Suffice it to say that this has come at a great point in my life.  I’ve been feeling the need for a little freshness in my art, and Boytoon Adventures is really providing that!

Also a real plus about this style is that I can generally turn out about 2 – 3 pages per day, fully penciled and inked.  My usual style can take a full day just to ink.  So again, big difference! LOL!

I am an artist that enjoys working on lots of different things at once.  Right now I have Felinoids #3, Deimos #2, Rapture #3, A new Cube book and a few other projects on the go… but Boytoon Adventures has been a really great way to keep creative while doing so in a very different way from what I am used to.  That rocks!

Just so you know, this title is cartoonier, but it is no less adult.  I have made a point of coming up with scripts that are super sexy and filled with loads of man-sex.  The cum is still spurting, and the Boytoons are just as hard.  The stories are no less important to me in this project either, and each one fits into the continuity of the featured characters perfectly.  In this case “cartoony” will certainly not equal “silly”!

So if all goes according to plan, Boytoon Adventures #1 should be available by the end of 2008.  That may seem ambitious for such a new project so late in the season… but consider this.  I am already 30 pages in! Not bad for something I started a mere few months ago!

I hope you will stay tooned dear friends, ‘cause I will post more artwork from Boytoon Adventures #1 as I get more done.  And I hope that even though the style is more cartoony that you will all give it a chance.  I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, I must get back to packing up so that I am ready to go when the Movers arrive.  Wish me luck and I’ll be back as soon as I am settled in.  I’ll have more goodies for ya then, and I’ll get around to answering all of your wonderful comments on the Ali and Sean Z post then too!  Talk to you soon!

Hugz + Kisses to all of you!
Patrick XOXO

Locus, Ghostboy, Diablo, Zahn and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2008, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Looks awesome! I’m definitely looking forward to it. ^^

  2. Wow this certainly looks like an intresting idea Patrick.. or should I say Bryce? hehe.
    I did like the animation in those justice league, batman and x-men evolution series, its cartoony but enough to make something serious out of it. Always thought batman was hawt in them.

    Its been a bad few months for me, but it always cheers me up to see new work you have planned.

    Good luck to you and Fraser on your move, and hope you get settled in nicely.

  3. I’ll be real honest I’m more of a fan of your other art, I can’t really see myself getting into this even though I’m a big cartoon nut. Odd hu? Maybe it’s the way their bits are drawn because that seems to be the only thing that really bothers me.
    Best of luck to you as always anyway and hope all goes well with the move!
    -Vaughn M.

  4. Midnigt Sun says

    I dont know… this style is ok for ordinary comic book heroes, but if I buy an erotic comic your usual art is far far far better!

  5. WoOoOoW so Cute =D

    love them so much … Good work …

  6. I’m all for exploration of new styles, I actually like the way your characters look in this style.

    While I infinitely enjoy your usual style of drawing this does have a particular freshness to it.

    Looking forward to the publication.

  7. Heeeey Patrick! Or should I call you, “Bryce?” LOL!
    Great new work—it is nice to you unafraid to experiment and take on other drawing styles! I definitely, like what I see so far—and look forward to seeing the final cut. :)



  8. Damian & Trent says

    We’re cool with it. Doesn’t match the beauteousness of your usual work, but then what could. Ghostboy looks best in this group. He looks good ALL the time!

    Damian & Trent

  9. Wow, this seems like a really fun comic! Chibi-like art style is always fun~

  10. Hi Patrick…
    I really love your new style…its so clean and dynamic! you´re really versatile
    Hugs (im finishing Captain´s script and story:))

  11. Cool, very sharp!

  12. Great job Patrick on adapting this fresh new style! I’ts nice to see that you can change it up a bit. It shows versatility on your part and that you are not just a “one note artist”!

    It’s a good thing to explore other styles. Be careful though as not to lose yourself in emulating a certain style, it can begin to look stagnant and contrived. You can still maintain the “look” by keeping a part of you that is Patrick Fillion the artist along with the artist who is Bryce Peters, if you get my drift.

    So let it flow man, and keep doing what you do! I’m looking forward to some Boytoon Adventures in all it’s Bryce Peters glory!

    Love & Peace,

  13. …..I forgot to mention how much I LOVED the Diablo toon! Great lines=form=action! I think “Dynamic” is the definitely the key here when using this style.

  14. I just enter your site, it´s great, sure I will periodically check this blog out.
    Moreover, I decided to add your is as link on my blog, hope its ok with you. Mine shows my original drawings about mostly masculine hairy men….

  15. uups!
    Just found out…mine os on yout link…
    Thanks Patrick!!!

  16. Sweet! I’m ordering the digest as soon as it comes out. I think the toonish look is going to mesh well with your comic wrighting. Hope the big move goes as quick and painless as possible.

  17. wow, dude. This looks like it’s gonna be super fun. The new style is totally unrecognizable as signature Patrick Fillion stuff, so not only is it a big shock that it’s really you, it’s also a welcome change of pace. I’m glad that someone who draws as realistically as you can also appreciate more cartoony work. I hate when certain artists and art fans consider cartooning a lower art form. I don’t think it’s lower or less labor intensive– just different. So thanks again BRYCE for one again pioneering a new artistic standard in our industry! GO CARTOONING!!

  18. Hey, Patrick! I love your work, and I thought you might like a couple of tributes to Camili-Cat that I painted in AppleWorks. I’d e-mail them to you but I can’t find an e-mail for you, but the paintings will be on the first page of my blog,, a little later today and all this week.

    Would you like to exchange links? I already have a link to at my blog.


  19. Well welcome to the world of tv animation styles. lol Warner bros should hit you up for a series. OOOO maybe logo would do it, late night tv of course. you may have to redesign the costumes a tad for tv but hey , you never know. How did your move go ? I hope your new place kicks ass! I will have an image for the next skin tight party soon boys. you will like it.
    “Skin Tight USA: Re-Education”
    some day you guys will come down for one of the parties and be the guests of honor.
    I cant wait to see the final book of these toons. sexy sleek and horny! just what every cartoon addict gay guys needs. Hey I admit it I got hard form thundar and he-man. lol
    Keep up the great work guys, it just makes sure that we can “keep it up” too :-)

  20. I’ll be buying a copy.

    (…does Bob appear at all?)


  21. Oh I’m loving your pen name Patrick. Bryce Peters… It just rolls off the tongue. I look forward to purchasing this Boytoon Adventures when it is released in mass. I was also wondering could we see Satisfaction Guaranteed continuation sometime? Maybe the previous owners trying to ruin the corp to get back at the new owners? Just a thought. Oh maybe a special on 300 as well? Love to see the hunky Spartans fuck the Persians to death hehe. Good luck with the move.

    Love Martin

  22. Hey Reedhana…

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I really appreciate it. Take care and stop by anytime you like! :)

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  23. Hey charlie…

    I hope things are going better for you now, my friend! :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I agree with you, Batman is way hot in the animated style. I think if the style is cool and the stories are serious, this sort of thing can work quite nicely! At least, that is what i am aiming for! LOL!

    Thanks so much for the well-wishes! you take care of yourself!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  24. Hey Vaughn Michael…

    Thanks for the comment my friend. Well, I knew when I set out to do this that it wasn’t going to be for everyone… and that’s totally cool! Each to their own. :)

    Much love to ya!
    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  25. Hey Midnight Sun…

    It’s a good thing I haven’t dropped my usual style then! LOL! No worries my friend. As I told Vaughn Michael, this project won’t appeal to everyone and that’s okay! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  26. Hey Fouad…

    Awww… thanks so much! Glad you like the look of them! :o)

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  27. Hey there Raasbwoy…

    So good to hear from you! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I couldn’t agree more — Exploring new styles is always very fun, and I really do feel good about this different direction — and it really is just for fun. I have no plans to dump my classic style! LOL!

    But I too look forward to seeing where it will take me. I guess we’ll only know for sure when the book is complete! LOL!

    I appreciate the kudos, my friend. Take care! :o)

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  28. Hiya Sean…

    Thanks so much my friend. I am really enjoying working on Boytoon Adventures. It’s a fun challenge to make my hand “draw” differently than it used to! LOL!

    Hope you are doing well, dear friend! Lotsa luv to ya!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  29. Hey Damian and Trent…

    Thanks boys! I appreciated your comment! I guess the truth is that I am really trying not to match my usual style here, but to develop something new that is erotic in its own unique way. I am glad you are open to the idea! :o)

    And I think you’ll really enjoy the Ghostboy story in the book once it comes out. ;)

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  30. Hiya Rarutos…

    Glad you like the look of this so far, my friend. I think I can safely say that the boys are really cute, but also pretty sexy in the context of the stories. I think folks will find that the book will still have the same sexual impact event if the style of my drawings is all “Bryce Peters”! LOL!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  31. Hey Ivan…

    Thanks so much, dear friend. I appreciate your vote of confidence and compliments a lot! :o) And I can’t wait to see the completed Captain Eclipse! I just know it will be amazing!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  32. Hey Sarah…

    Thanks so much, sweetie! Glad you like the look of Boytoon Adventures so far!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  33. Hello Dave…

    Wonderful to read from you, dear friend. I really appreciated your comment. I think you are right that it is important not to lose my own personal artistic style while I work on this project… that’s why I am pacing it and working on it while I work on other projects. That way I can sort of switch between my 2 styles. It helps to keep me on my toes! LOL!

    Glad you liked the Diablo image too! He’s actually my fave of the group I think. I loved drawing him and I really like how his pose turned out!

    Hope you are well, dear friend! Much love to ya and thanks again!

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  34. Hey Urge…

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate the link exchange. Your stuff is wonderful too! I look forward to seeing your next images.

    Cheers and thanks again!
    Patrick XOXO

  35. Hey there Chubtoons…

    Thanks so much for the comment. I am so pleased you’re looking forward to this book. I aim to make it as fun and hot as I can! LOL! I also love the toon style and am really looking forward to seeing this sucker in print! :)

    Thanks also for the well-wishes regarding my move. I’m happy to report that Fraser and I are settled in now and really loving our new pad! I hate moving though. Let’s hope this is it for a long, LONG while to come! HA! HA! HA!

    Take care, my friend!
    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  36. Hey JC…

    Good to hear from ya, Dude! I’m so happy you like the look of Boytoon Adventures so far. I couldn’t agree with you more about the whole cartoonier style thing. I think also that it’s always good to challenge yourself as an artist. Helps to keep ya on your toes! HA! HA! HA!

    I am really working hard on this book ’cause I don;t want to miss my shot. It’s the firs tone I’ve done like this so far, and I want it to make a really good impression. I think it’s awesome that you think it looks fun and promising so far! :o)

    Also very cool that you find my “Bryce Peters” style is so completely differnet from my classic style! I love that and honestly, it’s what I had hoped for!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, dear friend.

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  37. Hello Keith…

    AWESOME artwork, my friend!!! I loved your tribute to Camili-Cat! Very fun, playful and sexy!!!! YUMMMY! Thanks so much!!! :oD

    Also, I really appreciate the link exchange. I am happy to report that I have added your Blog to my links section. I really look forward to seeing more of your artwork! Keep on creating! :o)

    hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  38. Hey Matthew…

    LOL! Great comment my friend. It’s cool to know that I am not the only one who found He-Man a real turn on! LOL! ;)

    And yeah, it would be VERY COOL to get to go to one of your parties at some point. I’d love to show up painted up as Camili-Cat! Meeooww! LOL!

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence regarding Boytoon Adventures. I am really having fun with this project and I think it will be pretty cool when it’s done. And hello, if ANY company with credentials approached me to do an animated feature, I’d be more than willing to talk! LOL!

    Much love to ya!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  39. Hey Jody…

    Glad to hear you like the look of Boytoon Adventures and that you’ll be picking up a copy. Although I hope you don’t change your mind when you find out that Bob is unfortunately not in the book! Eeep!

    Thanks for the kudos, my friend!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  40. Hey there Martin…

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. it is much appreciated. I’m thrilled you like the look of Boytoon Adventures so far! :o)

    As for Satisfaction Guaranteed, I actually have been toying with the idea of a continuation of sorts. Nothing is definitive yet, but I’ve got it on the brain! LOL! Stay tooned!

    And Spartans… oh yes… I have been dying to come up with a good way of drawing some of those! YUMMY! Maybe as part of a Satisfaction Guaranteed sex scenario! The Corp would do a great job with that! HA! HA! HA!

    Glad you like the “Bryce Peters’ pseudonym! LOL! I look forward to bringing you guys more of his work soon! ;)

    Have a great evening and thanks again!!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

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